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Top 100 Women Bloggers into Power Tools

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A great  blogger always introduces fresh ideas, gives practical advice, provides project inspirations, and continually engages readers with their comprehensive tutorials and creative ideas. ToolsCritic’s editorial team searched the internet and put together a list of winners for Top 100 Women Bloggers Into Power Tools, taking into consideration the quality of the blog posts and their online activity and engagement with their readers.

Those female bloggers keep their readers inspired and motivate them to consider using power tools in their DIY projects as a fun, productive and budget friendly hobby. They  provide readers with great and useful information about specific tools without getting too boringly technical.​

So without further ado, in no particular order, allow us to announce the winners of our first-ever award.

Let us know in the comments section about your favorite female power tools bloggers who aren’t on our list!

Young House Love



Young House Love is the place where Sherry chats about transforming her house, living in it and all the random bits in between. Her and her husband’s obsession with DIY all things home started back in 2006 when they bought their first house. In the summer of 2007, they even DIYed their own backyard wedding. After years of painting, hammering away, the dust cleared and their beloved first house was totally transformed, which meant it was time to move and start all over again.

Favorite post: 45 Tools You Should Own

A Beautiful Mess



Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are sisters and together they own A Beautiful Mess where their motto is: Stay home + make something!

On this blog they share home decor projects, recipes, and crafts, natural beauty, and lots of random bits of their life in the Midwest. As you can probably guess, they are total homebodies who grew up making craft projects together—and nothing has really changed. Their company is dedicated to being a positive force in the world and on the internet. They try to do this by keeping their site focused on positivity and love and their goal is to inspire you to make stuff.

Favorite post: Let’s Talk about Tools




This blog is about DIY at its finest. Cassity is obsessed with it. She loves almost every creative avenue and like to have projects to keep her busy. When it comes to remodeling, she tries to do it on a tight budget. Her motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel”.

Favorite post: How To DIY Even If You’re Terrified Of Power Tools

Shanty 2 Chic



Meet sisters Ashley & Whitney, two power tool wielding DIY queens, on a mission to create beautiful and affordable furniture, turning houses into homes. Self-described coffee enthusiasts and treasure-weavers, the two sisters transformed a hobby into a dream career. The self-taught carpenters post their journey online to inspire other people to “pick up that scary tool and go!” Hosts of HGTV’s Open Concept, and designers of the Shanty2Chic Home Collection exclusively at At Home Stores nationwide.

Favorite post: Our Favorite Tools

Addicted 2 Decorating



Kristi is the owner of Addicted 2 Decorating and is an interior decorating addict. She loves every aspect of creating beautiful, warm, inviting, comfortable homes – paining, upholstering, creating, building, sewing and much more. Addicted 2 Decorating is a place where she shares, taughts and inspires other people to tackle their interior decorating projects on their own.

Favorite post: Essential DIY Tools – Electric Sander

Pretty Handy Girl



Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl is a licensed general contractor, artist, graphic designer, web designer, photographer and lover of doing everything herself. She despises stereotypes and is working hard to break down the stereotype that women aren’t handy. This site is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs, upgrades or become a true do-it-yourselfer.

Favorite post: My Toolbox

Hey, Let’s Make Stuff



Cori is the owner of Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. This blog is full of things to help you create a life you love: crafts, sewing projects, DIY home and decor ideas, recipes and so much more. When people ask her what she blgos about, she usually responds: “I make stuff!”

Favorite post: Ten Tools Every Woman Should Have In Her Toolbox

Thrift Diving



Serena is the face behind Thrift Diving, a blog that inspires you to decorate, improve and mantain your home on a DIY budget. She thinks home should be affordable; all you need is paint, power tools and thrift stores.

Favorite post: Power Tools 101: What to Buy and How To Use Them

Vintage Revivals



Mandi is the owner of Vintage Revivals, a DIY blog that runs on paint fumes and blind enthusiasm! She believes that our house should look like us and no one else. No one but our inner deisgn fairy should dictate the way we should make our house feel. She makes over entire spaces and show us step by step how to recreate if ourselves on our own terms.

Favorite post: The Tools I Will Be Taking With Me When I Die

Thrifty Decor Chick



Sarah loves decorating on the cheap. She started this blog in May of 2008 to share her house projects with family and friends. She never dreamed it would become what it has. She believes everyone should have a home they love, even though they may not have much to spend on it. Since mid-2009 she focused completely on Thrifty Decor Chick and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Favorite post: My Top Ten Tools

Bless’er House



Lauren started this blog more than 4 years ago. Since then, she gave her house a full makeover, sold it and moved into a 1960 colonial that needs a lot of loving!

Favorite post: How to Survive DIY Projects as a Couple

Wilker Do’s



April is the writer of Wilker Do’s, she makes stuff that she wants/need instead of buying it or hiring it out. When she started this blog in Februaru of 2013, she had no idea how to use a power tool – she didn’t grow up working on things or taking a shop class in high school. However, when she couldn’t afford to buy the things she wanted for around the house, she decided to try her hand at making them and that’s what she’s been doing ever since.

Favorite post: How To Make An Axe Handle

The Happy Housie



Krista loves houses, projects, DIY, and decorating seasonally, weekly even! She loves crafts, getting organized and she believes that there is nothing as satisfying as accessorizing a room.

Favorite post: The Ultimate DIY-ers Gift Guide

Centsational Style



Centsational Style is the place where Kate shares her stories and expertise as a renovator, decorat and globetrotter. She writes about great interior design, smart home improvemend and her travel adventures.

Favorite post: My 25 Essential DIY Tools

Little Green Notebook



Jenny Komenda is a Phoenix-based interior designer. Since 2007, she has been sharing her favorite products, ideas and projects on her blog, Little Green Notebook. Jenny has written for Better Homes and Gardens and Babble is currently a contributing editor for Domino Magazine.

Favorite post: DIY Nook Book Shelves and Benchtop

Practically Functional



Practically Functional is a DIY and crafts blog for everyone. Jessi, the owner of the blog, believes that anyone can do crafts and DIY projects, regardless of skill of experience. Whether you’re looking for simple craft ideas, step by step DIY project tutorials, cleaning hacks or just practical organization solutions, you’ll find them here.

Favorite post: Upcycle: Pallet Into Bath Shelf

Rain On A Tin Roof



Jenna is the owner of Rain On a Tin Roof, a place where she writes about DIY and crafts, decorating ideas, furniture makeovers, power tools tutorials, outdoor projects and much more!

Favorite post: Power Tools 101: How To Use a Drill

Reality Daydream



Beth is the face behind the Reality Daydream blog and she is passionate about home design, carpentry and DIY. She strongly believes that there is nothing better than knowing that she inspired someone to create – that’s why on her blog you will find a lot of creative projects, such as room transformations, tutorials and even recipes.

Favorite post: Our Must-Have DIY Tools And Products

My Repurposed Life



Gail Wilson is the author and mastermind behind My Repurposed Life. She is obsessed with finding potential in unexpected places and believe that with a little hard work and imagination, any old thing can be made useful again—herself included!

Favorite post: Getting Over Your Fear of Power Tools

Pneumatic Addict



Elisha is the owner of Pneumatic Addict. She loves building and thrift stores. One of the main goals of her blog is to demystify tools and the lumber section of the hardware store.

Favorite post: Talkin’ Tools

DIY Diva



Kit is the face behind DIY Diva. She is currently in her mid-thirties and single handedly renovating an old farm house and managing a small farm. She spends a lot of time with her power tools.

Favorite post: A Woman’s Place is In The Kitche (With a Hammer Drill,obv)

The Kim Six Fix



The Kim Six Fix is the place where Kim shares her adventures in home improvement. She believes that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. She also wants to empower other women who may be too intimidated to pick up powertools or are too intimidated to step into a hardware to just do it!

Favorite post: How to Clean Your Power Tools

Sadie Seasongoods



Sadie Seasongoods is a blog dedicated to all things upcycling, repurposing, and DIYing using salavaged or secondhand goods. Re-using thrift store items, vintage treasures, flea market scores or garage sale hauls is truly Sadie’s calling in life.

Favorite post: Workshop Favorites

Home Tips For Women



The name tells their story! Home Tips For Women provides women homeowners with “how to” resources to manage their homes with confidence. They strive for homes that support how you want to live, while building equity for your future too.

Favorite post: Essential Power Tools for Women

How To Nest For Less



They love to conquer DIY, home improvement projects, and room makeovers. Follow them as they try to update their latest house one project at a time.

Favorite post: 15 Tools Every DIY Girl Should Own

Addicted 2 DIY



Katie started Addicted 2 DIY to share her journey towards making her family’s house a home. Sometimes it’s a bumpy ride and she wanted to share both the successes and the things she learned from her mistakes.

Favorite post: The 5 Essential Tools To Get Started In DIY

Sawdust Girl



Sandra Powell aka Sawdust girl is a perfectionist and she does almost everything herself. She studied Interior Deisgn in school and for a final project, she had an opportunity to design a room in her own home.

Favorite post: Must Have Remodeling Tools

Domestic Imperfection



Ashley is the voice behind Domestic Imperfection -which is all about DIY decor, home renovation, craftiness and real life.

Favorite post: DIY Concrete Countertops

H20 Bungalow



If you are looking for fresh ideas and DIY projects to pretty up your home, H20 Bungalow is the right place. Wendi, the owner of the blog, is a tool using, paint loving, die hard DIYer and home decorator who loves to show others they can do it too.

Favorite post: DIY Coastal Whale Coat Rack

The Painted Hive



Kristine is passionate about all things home, especially the creative challenge and self satisfaction which comes from decorating on a budget. The Painted Hive is her medium for divulging all that she discovers and learn on her eternal quest for affordable awesomeness.

Favorite post: “New” Blue Cane Chairs Plus How To Use A Paint Sprayer

DIY Show Off



Roeshel always had a passion for DIY, being creative, re-purposing things, designing and decorating her spaces. A limited budget challenges her to be breative. Blogging evolved from a journal of her DIY before/after transformations into a full time career.

Favorite post: DIY Pipe Fitting Wooden Coat Rack Tutorial

Erin Spain



Erin Spain is a blogger, maker, and boy mom living in the Atlanta suburbs. She believes that it’s never too late to learn new skills, and hopes to inspire others to get creative and DIY. She is a freelance writer and public speaker and was named one of the 30 best DIY design bloggers by Domino Magazine.

Favorite post: DIY Pumpkin Stand

Diva Of DIY



By day, Leanne Lee runs a successful home renovation business, Rekindled Spaces, that specializes in breathing new life into existing spaces. Whether you are tackling your first DIY project or considering a whole house renovation, she’s got you covered.

Favorite post: Tools That Every DIY’er Needs

Anika’s DIY Life



Anika is here to inspire you to create a home filled with your unique personality by empowering you with ideas, tools and skills you need. She loves woodworking, painting everything, crafts and decorating her home.

Favorite post: 5 Favorite Woodworking Tools And Tricks

Remodelando La Casa



Cristina started this blog after finishing her kitchen renovation. While going through all that process she promised herfself to let everybody know the steps she was taking to complete that job. There were things harder to accomplish than others because of her lack of knowledge and she wants that to be easier for you.

Favorite post: DIY – Drill Storage Shelf

Funky Junk Interiors



Blogging is Donna’s full time career and she shares her love of decorating with junk on her blog, Funky Junk Interiors. She also tries to encourage others to pick up tools for the first time and follow their own dreams.

Favorite post: 5 Must Have Power Tools

Nourish And Nestle



Lynn is in her happy place when she is cooking, baking, creating, crafting, diy-ing and gardening. If you are, too, then you’re in the right place!

Favorite post: Build A Console Table

The Handyman’s Daughter



Vineta started The Handyman’s Daughter to share the step-by-step instructions on how to make their awesome TARDIS decor, but soon she found she trulo loves inspiring people to create and update their homes.

Favorite post: DIY Miter Saw Dust Hood

Stacy Risenmay



On her blog, Stacy shares her adventures of fixing up her tiny 1938 cottage. Whether it’s big or small, she believes everyone should love their home and she doesn’t think it takes a lot of money to make a space your own.

Favorite post: Easy To Build Toy Box Crate

Prodigal Pieces



Prodigal Pieces is a small business that was formed out of a desire to create unqiue furniture full of character. What started out as a love for redeeming furniture in 2012, evolved into a blog and brand where bringing new life to beautifully created, but otherwise, in need of love, unwanted, or outdated pieces, also is about making your house your home.

Favorite post: Upcycled Louver Door Corner Cabinet

Cherished Bliss



Ashley started this blog just after her daughter was born and never would have expected it to become a full time job, but id did. Originally, she started out sharing projects for her kids as her family lived in rentals and were constantly moving around, but over the years Cherished Bliss has morphed into something she is truly passionate about: building furniture, DIY projects and just overall working with her hands.

Favorite post: Father’s Day Power Tool Gift Guide

Deeply Southern Home



On her blog, Leslie shares DIY projects and ideas for renovating and designing a stylish home on a budget. Her goal with Deeply Southern Home is to share creative, affordable ideas for updating your home with style, livable beauty and purpose. Often, these ideas include building projects with detailed instructions and plans for the designs.

Favorite post: How to Add Moulding to Cabinetry and Built-Ins

Build Basic



At Build Basic, Jenn is out to prove that you don’t need expensive tools or advanced training to make high-end furniture and home goods from scratch, you just have to know the basics. Each week, she posts DIY friendly carpentry projects that cover every step from beginning to end with all the instructions, photos, drawings and measurements you need to ensure your project is a success.

Favorite post: DIY Side Table

Woodshop Diaries



Woodshop Diaries is a DIY blog where Shara documents all the things. And by all the things she means remodeling shenanigans, DIY furniture building tutorials and plenty of other DIY projects she gets herself into.

Favorite post: 5 Tools To Get You Started Woodworking for Less Than $500

Her Tool Belt



Amy, the owner of Her Tool Belt blog, is a tractor driving, tool loving, Mom of three kids. Back in college she studied mechanical engineering. On her blog, she is posting her plans and DIY tutorials so that if you are itnerested, you can build them too.

Favorite post: Father’s Day Tool Gift Guide

School of Decorating



Jackie Hernandez is a self-taught decorator that believes there is a decorator inside everyone. It is her passion and calling to help women discover their inner decorator and gain the confidence to make their home a beautiful reflection of themselves.

Favorite post: DIY Tools: Wood Working

Sawdust 2 Stitches



Corey, the owner of Sawdust 2 Stitches can typically be found hunched over a sewing machine and covered in sawdust, all in the efforts to create a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality in her home.

Favorite post: DIY Trestle Entry Table

The Sorry Girls



The Sorry Girls look at everything from home décor and fashion to Halloween and Christmas and put their heads together to figure out how to DIY (do it yourself) this season’s trends using materials that are easy to access and instructions that are easy to follow. Since starting their YouTube channel together their following on YouTube has grown to over half a million subscribers and they have inspired many to pick up a hammer, get some paint on their hands and #doitforthediy.

Favorite post: DIY Outdoor Pallet Swing

Decor And The Dog



Michelle and her husband are currently living in their second home, which they built it themselves. They’ve pulled plenty of wire, painted every stinking piece of trim ,nailed a million nails, installed cabins and much more.

Favorite post: Curvy Coffee Table Tutorial

Girl In The Garage



Jen, the owner of Girl In The Garage, believes that you don’t have to be naturally artistic or talented to paint beautiful furniture. It is her passion to inspire others to be creative and see the potential in ordinary items.

Favorite post: Favorite DIY Products For Furniture Makeovers

Refresh Restyle



Debbie is a paint brush, frying pan, nail gun hailing woman, a grandma, a wife, a sister, a daughter. She has been known to paint over precious woods and laminate surfaces without even a thought of what she might ruin. She is disorganized and she has a short attention span. She even look sat new things and wonder what she can make out of them!

Favorite post: Vertical Succulent Garden

Jaime Costiglio



Jaime is the face behind the Jaime Costiglio blog. She is a mom to three kids and when she is not busy with them, she likes to build, paint and sew everything. Read more about her projects on the blog.

Favorite post: Toolbox Worthy Household Tools

Create And Babble



Create and Babble is the place where Jeanie shares her love of making pretty things and making things pretty. It’s her place for sharing her latest projects that include everything from DIY builds to crafting, sewing, home improvement and home decorating.

Favorite post: My DIY Farmhouse Table

See Jane Drill



Leah and Karen are the owners of See Jane Drill, an online resource center offering free video tutorials on home repair specifically for beginner DIY enthusiasts.

Favorite post: Do You Know The 5 Tools In A 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool?

East Coast Creative Blog



East Coast Creative is a digital media company founded in 2011 by Monica Mangin. With divisions in production, product creation, brand ambassadorship + collaborations, and direct homeowner DIY resources, she likes to think that as long as you’re looking for something creative and inspirational, she’s got you covered.

Favorite post: DIY Shingle Accent Wall




Rachel loves power tools, fashion, vegan food, jewelry, sawdust and paint. She writes, photograph and make pretty much everything you will see on her blog – she shares DIY projects, recipe, style and design that inspires her from her home.

Favorite post: 10 Essential Tools For New Homeowners (and DIYers)

She Builds Blog



Suzanne Commerford is the creator of SheBuilds, Australia’s Home Improvement community for women. In her spare time she is also Director and General Manager of Australia’s largest building inspection business, Jim’s Building Inspections.

Favorite post: How Women Can Learn To Use Power Tools Safely

Pink Toes And Power Tools



Kristen is the owner of Pink Toes and Power Tools. As a reader of her blog, you will get DIY instruction and inspiration in home remodeling and decorating with an ephasis on woodworking. The projects on the blog are all done by Kristen.

Favorite post: One Big Reason I Chose a Dewalt Cordless Drill Again

Michele’s Woodworking



Michele is the face behind the blog. Here you will find all of Michele’s woodworking projects. She loves to build and she wanted to share what she has done. She and her family live in the Northwest and she works out of her garage.

Favorite post: Bench Work

Homestead Heroine



This blog was created with the hopes to inspire women to do more on their homestead. Rusticity is a stay at home mother of two and she hopes that by following her experiences as a first time homesteader, viewers will feel more confident in their own adventures.

Favorite post: Power Tools For Women. Review; Ryobi Tool Set

Sara Bendrick



Sara Bendrick is a landscape designer by trade. She always had a passion for doing as opposed to watching. She loves to interact and help homeowner realize the opportunity in their exterior spaces.

Favorite post: DIY Outdoor Storage Coffee Table with National Hardware

Real Girl’s Realm



Mary is a wife and mom who loves social media, fashion and DIY. She loves to share her easy crafts, mom-approved outfits and crazy DIY adventures.

Favorite post: Transform Your Stairs Using Paint

A Proverbs 31 Wife



Kendra is the owner of A Proverbs 31 Wife. Here you will find posts on homemaking, natural living, marriageand motherhood. Her goal is to uplift and inspire Christian wives and mothers.

Favorite post: Why Women Should Know How to Use a Power Drill

Flirty Fleurs



The purpose of this blog is to encourage, educate, and inspire Floral Designers. In 2018, their goal will be to bring you posts 3x per week. On Mondays they will bring you stories of those in the industry, Wednesday is known as “Wedding Wednesday” around there, and on Friday more industry news and/or updates on Alicia’s upcoming Floral Design Classes.

Favorite post: Women With Tools: Featuring Emily Anderson

Comet Camper



Mariah is a maker, builder, designer, teacher, writer and aventurer. She wants to help you choose your own adventures. She has a degree in sustainable design and architecture along with some related certifications. She also restores vintage campers. She likes tiny homes and she’s always been able to see the potential in old camper trailers.

Favorite post: The Power Tools To Built Your Tiny Home of Trailer

The Created Home



Sarah is the face behing The Created Home. She is a wife and mother, a project addict, a remodeler and an aspiring designer and fine woodworker. Her passion is creating and sharing what she is learning with others.

Favorite post: Woodworking Starter Pack: Essential Must Haves

I Am a Homemaker



Jillian loves to make her home beautiful by using her DIY skills, her eye for design and her love of a bargain. She tells everyone and anyone who will listen about her latest projects.

Favorite post: A Perfect Gift Guide For The DIYer On Your List

She Works Wood



Marilyn believes that the best thing about woodworking is the community she’s found. She has woodworking friends all over the country. She uses a mix of hand tools and some power tools in her new garage shop, most of her work is for her family’s house and shop.

Favorite post: Roorkey Chair – Part One

Sawdust Sisters



Janice is the owner of Sawdust Sisters.She likes to make cheap things look expensive and turn scrap wood pile into something she can be proud of. You can find all of her projects on her blog, along with tutorials.

Favorite post: Hang Pegboard The Easy Way

Country Design Style



If you want to learn and find the DIY in you, this blog is the right place. Jeanett’s goal for this website and blog is to share DIY projects, decorating ideas and build a community of DIYers.

Favorite post: How To Use A Jigsaw

Little Red Brick House



Sarah is the voice behind all of the happenings here at Little Red Brick House. She is a homeschooling mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a child of God. She loves all things DIY, home decor, crafting, and blogging- pretty much anything where she gets to stretch her creativity muscles.

Favorite post: Roman Numeral Pallet Clock

Table And Hearth



Emily is a biologist by day but her blog is her outlet for her DIY projects, decor musings, craftiness, and cooking. Have a turn about the site and follow along as she fixes up your little coastal home!

Favorite post: How To Fix Broken Drawer Fronts, Easily

DIY Huntress



I’m Sam is the owner of DIY Huntress – a psychologist and do it yourselfer from Long Island, NY. She specializes in basic woodworking projects, home improvement ideas, and creative crafts. Best part is, she does it all on a strict budget! Being creative doesn’t have to break the bank.

Favorite post: DIY Mobile Island/Grill Cart

A Purdy Little House



Sue Puerdy loves to make spaces beautiful using creative and cost effective methods. She is a busy wife and mom, who also works a regular 9-5 job, but fixing up her home is her passion. She loves to entertain and host holiday events for friends and family, along with sharing ideas, tips and tricks for the hostess.

Favorite post: How To Create DIY Built In Shelving

Anne of All Trades



Six years ago, feeling lonely, bored and uninspired by her job, Anne decided to start spending her early mornings, evenings and weekends learning to work with her hands. As her skills evolved and her community grew, she was able to build a life and career she loves. She created this site as a resource for anyone interested in getting their hands dirty and doing the same.

Favorite post: A Visit From The Wood Whisperer

Pinspired to DIY



Christine is the voice behind Pinspired to DIY – a blog where she writes about her DIY projects. She loves to create, craft and build. She also loves woodworking, DIY home improvement and gome decor.

Favorite post: How To Use The Kreg Jig

Mom With Five



Barbara is the author of Mom With Five. For her, writing the blog is fun and therapy all at once. It’s a window to the world: She looks out of it, others look at her world and not a day passes without traces

Favorite post: How To Make Unique Woodworking Projects With Your Kids

Craft Love



What started as an idea during Thanksgiving gathering to turn “paint and sip” on its head, their first DIY wood sign workshop became a reality in March 2016. Since then, they’ve grown to four workshops across two states!

Favorite post: 6 Projects You Can Build In Your DIY Workshop

Saved By Scottie



Scottie is the owner of her DIY blog, Saved By Scottie. A painted chair opened up a whole new world of creativity for her, that turned into a hobby, then a business…with her 4 minions (aka children). She is slowly working on taking over the world (and couldn’t be having more fun).

Favorite post: Ryobi 2 Cycle Gas Jet Fan Blower Review

Merry Pad



Emily is a home improvement enthusiast living a very merry DIY lifestyle. Merrypad translate to Happy Home.

Favorite post: Chainsaw Know-How: Mantain, Sharpen and Replace Your Chain

Crafty Little Gnome



Adrienne loves to share all the projects she is working on around the house and believes that creativity is the key to making a house a happy home.

Favorite post: Tile Over Laminate Countertops Part 1 – How To Use A Tile Saw

Dream Green DIY



Carrie Waller is the writer, stylist and photographer behind the lifestyle and crafting blog, Dream Green DIY, which was founded in March 2011.

Favorite post: DIY Wooden Box Wall Shelf + My New Favorite Power Tool

The DIY Bungalow



Karen calls herself a recovering lawyer, because she turned in her power suits for power tools and a life of DIY. Her blog is all about DIY, home decorating, repurposing and upcycling and organization.

Favorite post: DIY Sofa Table From 2x4S

Petal + Ply



Petal + Ply is a DIY, craft and decor blog where you can find a lot of home design ideas, DIY projects and tutorials on a lot of creative things.

Favorite post: The Building Of A Bed

DIY Danielle



Danielle is a stay-at-home mom to three active doys and do-it-yourself blogger. Her hope is to help share what she has learned and teach others how to create and upcycle.

Favorite post: DIY Distressed Photo Backdrop And Cutting Table

Jenna Kate At Home



Jenna is the voice behind her blog and lover of home decorating, creating and baked goods. On her blog, she shares her best ideas to help make your house a home!

Favorite post: 10 Must-Have Tools For Every New DIYer

My Sweet Things



Pili is passionate about crafts and everything related creating things with her own hands. On her blog, you will see her everyday adventures and her DIY projects.

Favorite post: How A Headboard And A Chair Ended Up Together – The Romantic Bench

DesignDreams By Anne



Anne is the owner of DesignDreams. On her blog, you will se her stories while she is renovating and updating a 1930s cottage. Woodworking tips, gardening tips, decorating ideas and DIY projects. How to do everything for less!

Favorite post: How To Buy Tools For Less

Two Purple Couches



Emily is a Cincinnati gal on a mission to infuse color and personality into her home through crafts, DIY and decorating projects. She is passionate about sharing creativity, discovering new skills and inspiring other with do-able DIYs.

Favorite post: Best Tools For Beginner DIYers

Shop At Blu



Sue started this blog to drive traffic to her antique and consignment store in Alabaster AL. In the process, she has met some phenomenal folks at her store, in the blog world, on Facebook, at conferences, and simply on the street. On her blog you will find observations, DIY tips, and sometimes just an introduction to a cool product or a sweet person that she has encountered.

Favorite post: Simple Projects To Build With 2x4s

Dagmar’s Home



On her blog, Dagmar will show you how to have a beautiful home and a healthy lifestyle, on a budget. She also blogs about being a mom, cottage decor, thrifty interior design, vintage trasures, green living.

Favorite post: DIY Beverage Station – Step by Step Tutorial

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