Propane Torch vs Heat Gun

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Maybe the garage door needs to be unfrozen. Or you want to melt some epoxy bubbles in your art. There are a number of tools you can choose from. The propane torch and the electrical heat gun are both tools in the tool box for heating things. There are pros and cons to each. 

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Propane torch vs heat gun

which is better? This depends on several things, including what you want to heat and the details of the situation.

Tacklife Heavy Duty Heat GunHave both

Probably the easiest solution is to buy both and have them ready. These are not expensive pieces of equipment and if you’re doing something like art, there’s a good chance you’ll be using it frequently. So next time there’s a sale or you have some funds on a gift card, consider purchasing the item you don’t have.

Electrical heat gun

The heat gun looks like a large hair dryer. It is flameless. It’s good for things like softening old paint, taking care of asphalt tile and putty, soldering, heat shrinking plastic films and electrical tubing. 

Propane torch

The torch is good for soldering and brazing copper pipes, heating frozen pipes. It’s significantly hotter than the electrical heat gun .

Fire hazard

The heat gun is flameless while the torch has a flame. If you’re concerned about a fire, it’d be best to use the heat gun. An example could be if you’re by the windows and surrounded by bulky curtains.

Power connection

The heat gun does not require electricity because it’s powered by propane. So if you’re somewhere without electrical outlets, the propane torch will come in handy. An example could be outside repairing your kids’ swingset.

Avoid overkill

In general, use the least amount of power required. If it’s too hot it could char the surrounding material. 

Epoxy resin

For artwork involving epoxy resin, the torch is better. The heat gun doesn’t get hot enough and blows air, which could have dust. 


The heat gun is cheaper to operate. All it requires is electricity. The propane torch requires propane canisters. While not pricey, it can be a hassle to keep buying new canisters once the old ones run out. 

Propane torch vs heat gun. Take a full inventory of what your situation is and you’ll know which tool to use.

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