Pancake Compressor Cart – DIY or buy? Do you need one?

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A discussion about compressor carts does not raise a rush of adrenaline in the majority of air compressor buyers. Let’s be honest: it’s not that exciting! Carts are simple components in a home or workshop, but are essential to being well organized.

If you ask me, a carefully selected cart is instrumental in the optimum application of a pancake compressor. With a substandard cart or none at all, users risk their health and damage to the unit. It is not always easy to tell what a quality cart entails for someone (there are personal preferences) but people always want something that carries the load smoothly and does not subject the user to discomfort. 

There are two options here. You can order a cart or you can build one yourself. It’s purely personal preference. If you have the time and don’t mind getting your hands dirty you might want to try making one.

Below I will outline what a quality pancake compressor cart entails, and give one recommendation. 

Features to Consider When Buying a Pancake Compressor Cart

Consider the following factors when buying a pancake compressor cart: 

Load Capacity 

Most pancake compressors weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. Check the weight of your compressor first and compare it with the loading capacity of the cart you intend to buy. 

Ergonomic Design

The best pancake compressor carts are designed with ergonomics in mind. The handles have a firm but comfortable grip. The obvious importance of such handles is that the cart is easy to move. Occurrences of back pain are minimized and you are able to achieve more in terms of productivity. 

Quiet Operation 

A quiet working environment is a boost for productivity, as this study conducted by Interface® and Radius Global Market Research reiterates. Working in a persistently noisy environment not only affects focus, but also exposes workers to a risk of hearing damage. Choose a pancake compressor cart with casters constructed for minimal noise. 


A pancake compressor cart is also considered great if it is constructed from durable sturdy materials. The strength of various materials varies so you need to be careful when picking the item for your business. ABS plastic and metal are the two most popular materials.  


When buying the cart, consider your storage space and item weight. You need sufficient space for maneuverability when you are taking the item for storage and removing it. Strive to place the air compressor cart in an easily accessible place (no basements or upstairs) so you only need to make sure it fits the corridors or aisles. 

Best Pancake Compressor Cart- Push Cart Dolly by Wellmax, Moving Platform Hand Truck, Foldable for Easy Storage and 360 Degree Swivel Wheels with 330lb Weight Capacity, Yellow Color

If you are looking for a sturdy, durable, ergonomic and affordable pancake compressor cart, I suggest you look at this foldable design by Wellmax. Although it is compact and weighs in at just 27.6 pounds, this cart can carry up to 660lbs weight.

Wellmax have used highest-grade materials in the construction, so durability is guaranteed. Beneath the tough platform are four wheels- 2 back wheels with 360-degrees swivel capability and two front fixed ones. 

Designed for maximum maneuverability and stability, this cart features a non-slip platform that will stand the test of time. Move your compressor with confidence, knowing that it cannot slip backwards.

As for storage, this pushcart is foldable so you can place at a workshop corner or trunk of the car easily. 


Carts are essential for carrying pancake compressors, especially when a lot of movement happens around the jobsite or your home throughout the day. With a little effort, you can place the 30-pound item on the cart and take it wherever you need. 

The market offers countless options, so you can be sure to land a cart that suits your needs and preferences. For me, the Wellmax cart is so far giving excellent service. 

What pancake compressor cart is most impressive for you? Please share your experience in the comments section. 

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