Can a heat gun remove wallpaper?

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One of the first things people like to do when they buy a house is changing the wallpaper. Often, it is from another era. Wallpaper from the 60s or 70s makes your house look unstylish, uncool and so outdated. 

Can a heat gun remove wallpaper?

Yes, a heat gun can be used to remove wallpaper. It melts the adhesive which allows for easy removal. Yes, this is yet another thing your trusted heat gun can do. This job can be tedious and messy, so follow these tips to make the task a lot easier

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  1. You’re going to have a lot of random scraps of wallpaper, which could easily make a mess. Grab a trash can and put it into the room for easy access. 
  2. If you can, ventilate the room. There might be unpleasant smells once you start melting.
  3. If the house is very old, the wallpaper might already be peeling. Using a paint scraper, see if you can start scraping immediately. The less you utilize the heat gun, the quicker the job will go. 
  4. Turn up the temperature of the heat gun to 250-325 Fahrenheit. This is high enough to melt the glue.
  5. In your less-dominant hand, hold the heat gun at a 45-degree angle a few inches from the wall. Make circular movements over a small area. Don’t hover over an area for too long or it might burn.
  6. After roughly 10-15 seconds, scrape with the paint scraper with your dominant hand.
  7. If there are areas you are having trouble with, try turning up the temperature.
  8. If that still doesn’t work, you can try soaking the area with water. Then scrape it.
  9. Your last option is wallpaper remover.  
  10. Once you are finished, take care of the storage of your heat gun. Allow it to stand and cool. Don’t lay it on an area that can catch fire.


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