Best Reciprocating Saw – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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Bosch RS7

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Have you been wondering how to pick the best reciprocating saw? In today’s technological world, things are changing rapidly with power tools and what was once the popular tool, is no longer. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the reciprocating saw reviews to find the one that works best for you.

Reciprocating saws enable you to make multi-purpose cuts and are a great addition to any tool arsenal if you buy the right one. That’s because they have a blade that works in a pushing and pulling movement. They are even known as saber saws because of their effectiveness.

This mechanical version of a hand saw is a must have if you need to make rough cuts at a demo location or during your DIY projects. In fact, with the best reciprocating saw, you can easily cut through other materials than just wood. There are blades that help you cut right through fiberglass and metal as well as plaster and masonry.

Because of their power, they are normally used by professionals like construction workers, plumbers and electricians. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have one in your home workshop. They aren’t known for their accuracy, but sheer power is what they’ve got.

When you want to search through the list of the best reciprocating saws, you need some help navigating. That’s why we’ve listed our choices for the best reciprocating saw on the market right now. We’ve got the best options for cordless or corded; it’s your call.

Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Best High-End Reciprocating Saw (Usually Over $150)

If you want the most powerful reciprocating saw on the market, you’ll have to go with a high-end model. These are going to complete your jobs quickly and offer you more features than a budget model would. Here’s our pick for the best reciprocating saw on the higher end.


1. Makita JR3070CT AVT Recipro Saw – 15 AMP

Makita JR3070CT

Built-in clutch reduces gear damage by disengaging gears if blade binds

When you need the best reciprocating saw with intense power, you’ll love this 15-amp motor from Makita. This helps you accomplish the toughest cutting jobs with ease. You can cut fast with the 1 ½-inch stroke and electronic speed compensation.

This tool also comes with variable speeds which allow you to customize your power for each job. If the blade should bind, the blade clutch this tool has protects its gear assembly. This in itself improves the tool life.

For user comfort, Makita added an anti-vibration technology in order to reduce fatigue. This cuts the vibration in half, which is quite a feat. With the electronic speed control, you also have the ability to maintain a constant speed even under load.

This saw has four-position orbital and straight cutting actions. In addition, this saw runs at 0-2,800 SPM (strokes per minute), so you know any job will be completed fast.

This is the most expensive saw on our list, but well worth it when durability and power are what you need. The company even offers a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty to ensure your tool works properly. The only downside to this reciprocating saw is that it weighs almost 17 pounds, which could get heavy if you’re holding it for extended periods of time.

If you need more information about this saw, you’ll want to check out this video:

What Customers Say:

This tool receives numerous accolades for its intense power. Here’s what one loyal customer had to say, “It gets a 15 on a scale of 1-10. I grew up a Milwaukee guy, Dad still has an old school Sawzall alive and kicking, but Makita won me over when my NiCad Milwaukee batts and drill died and I went to Lithium, and I felt compelled from various reviews and other powered Makita experiences to try their recip out, and have not been disappointed. Sure, Milwaukee gave birth to the sawzall but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be improved on. Now days, however- all the brands have more than enough power that it really doesn’t matter much. What matters is reliability.”


  • Dimensions: 27 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 16.98 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 15 amps
  • SPM: 0-2800
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited
  • Powerful
  • Long blade stroke
  • Blade clutch extends the life of the saw
  • Anti-vibration is better than any other saw
  • Has variable speeds and speed control

  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t perform well on delicate cuts


2. Bosch RS428 14 Amp Reciprocating Saw

Bosch RS428

Vibration Control System - Innovative counterbalance technology and anti-vibration handle reduce vibration to a minimum

Next to the Makita, the next best reciprocating saw is this one from Bosch. It’s like the Makita in many ways as far as the versatility goes. It can cut ceramic, steel, plastic and wood with ease. It has a 14-amp motor and lightweight 8-pound design.

With its 1 1/8-inch stroke and 2900 SPM, you can ensure a job quickly done. The orbital design also optimizes the speed and performance. In addition, this unit has Constant Response Electronics that allows the tool to continue running at a consistent speed with a full load.

Another thing that makes this tool handy is the keyless blade changeability. It also has an adjustable shoe which adapts to each job. The vibration control system offers innovative counterbalance technology to achieve a longer work session with reduced fatigue. This is paired with the anti-vibration handle.

The price of this reciprocating saw is higher than most, but a great tool for any professional arsenal. For the cost, however, I would’ve expected some kind of protective carrying case, but it only comes with a carrying bag.

With that said, it is protected by the company’s 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

See this Bosch in action, right from the company:

What Customers Say:

This saw appears to be good for just about everything. Check out what one woman said about her time with a tree stump. “I have had a 3 foot tree stump in my yard for 2 years now. After not wanting to ask yet again for my husband to please remove it, I finally got over my fear of this reciprocating saw. I am not muscular by any stretch of the imagination but I was able to handle the power of this without being afraid of losing any body parts. I purchaed the 12″ pruning blade and it took an hour this morning but finally my tree stump is down to the ground level. It went through my old rose bush like butter. Anyone who needs to do dome light pruning or remove a short tree stump this product is perfect.”


  • Dimensions: 22.2 x 9.5 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 14 amps
  • SPM: 0-2900
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited
  • Lots of available power
  • Offers orbital action
  • Has constant speed under load
  • Superior power to weight ratio
  • Comes with a long 12-foot cord

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case; just a bag


3. Hitachi CR13VBY 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw

Hitachi CR13VBY

When you look for the best reciprocating saw, there are some features you’ll want that this Hitachi has. First, the User Vibration Protection (UVP) uses a counterweight mechanism which reduces the full-load triaxial vibration by more than 65% so you feel less trembling during your work.

With the variable speed dial and trigger, you have the power to adjust your cutting speed for optimal application, less waste and more control. There’s also a two-mode cutting mechanism; choose from either the swing mode or straight mode. The swing model allows for less rebound when compared with your traditional orbital movement, which also makes it more effective at cutting.

The triple-seal construction of this saw protects it from debris and dust. That also allows for some additional protection from water waste when you cut deep into pipes. With the ergonomic shape combined with the slip and heat-resistant grip, you’ll have no trouble holding onto this tool, even during a long work day.

It features 12-amps, so you have the power you need to slice through the job with ease. The 1 ¼-inch stroke is also longer than most other saws. Pair that with the astounding 3,000 SPM, and you have an easy task ahead of you. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty.

At 9.7 pounds, it is verging on being heavy, so that’s something to be aware of. Plus, you must be prepared to pay the higher price on this high-end saw.

Check out this reciprocating saw in action:

What Customers Say:

This saw has been a hit with most users. In fact, one person stated, “This bad boy will cut through some material! Great power! The shock reducer is a must have if you’re going to be using for any length of time.”


  • Dimensions: 24.8 x 11.1 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 12 amps
  • SPM: 0-3000
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited
  • Blade clamps in two varying positions
  • Offers a push-button shoe adjustment
  • Unique blade swing mode
  • Exceptional vibration control
  • Has a triple seal construction

  • Pricey
  • Leaning on the heavy side


4. DEWALT DW311K 13-Amp Reciprocating-Saw


13 Amp motor delivers increased power for heavy-duty applications

DeWALT users stand by their tools and think this is the company’s best reciprocating saw. It’s thin and sharp with a 13-amp motor that works well during heavy-duty applications. The orbital action allows you to cut through wood with lightning fast speeds. That’s because of the 0-2,700 SPM combined with the 1 1/8-inch stroke length.

The keyless stainless steel blade clamp allows for a quick blade change plus increased reliability. With the keyless adjustable shoe, you can also adjust the depth of your cut. This also extends the life of your blade.

Use the variable speed control dial to match your speed to your application. This gives you the most control and versatility over your project. With this saw, you can tackle your largest wood, conduit, metal tubing or pipe jobs.

It also weighs less than nine pounds and feels comfortable in your hands. With that said, there’s no vibration control system which seems odd considering the price. However, the company offers one of the best warranties in the tool world with a 90-day money back guarantee, one-year service contract and a three-year warranty.  

What Customers Say:

One of the DeWalt avid users had this to say, “What can I say, I love Dewalt tools. Dewalt may cut some corners on their more inexpensive products, but no expense was spared on this saw. You feel the quality in the heft of it, unlike some other saws I’ve used. If you”re like me, you need a serious tool for actual work, and a battery powered saw simply won’t do. Demolition and renovation requires a saw like this to quickly separate walls from adjoining floors, open up doorways, etc. Slices through groups of nails with ease, and glides through plumbing pipe. It has rubber in all the right places for a firm grip whether wearing gloves or not.”


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 4.6 x 10.9 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 13 amps
  • SPM: 0-2700
  • Warranty: 90-day money back guarantee, one-year service contract and a three-year warranty
  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Has a stainless steel shoe for durability
  • Strong orbital action
  • Offers variable speed control dial
  • Exceptional warranty and service

  • There’s no vibration control
  • Features of the saw aren’t beyond basic measures

Best Reciprocating Saw for an Average Price (Between $100 – $149)

For most homeowners, the best reciprocating saw doesn’t have to be high-end. That’s where the average-duty saws come in. They offer superior power and a decent amount of features, but they are at a lower price.


1. Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK 1-1/8-Inch 11-Amp Reciprocating Saw

Bosch RS7 + RAP10PK

Variable-speed trigger improves cutting control in multiple materials

With 11 amps of power, this choice for the best reciprocating saw is a great option if you want a good mix of power and affordability. There’s lots of oomph, capable of cutting into most materials including metal, dimensional lumber, roofing, cement board and plywood.

This saw has dual-LED lights which are long-lasting and bright enough to illuminate your cutting area. This is perfect for low-light situations; enabling you to still achieve the perfect cut.

Its variable-speed trigger makes it easy to maintain control over the multiple materials you plan to cut. This tool also features an ergonomic handle and soft-grip to provide you with maximum gripping capability and comfort while cutting.

It only weighs about 8.5 pounds, so it doesn’t get too heavy, even after long hours. This tool also features a tool-less blade change system that makes swapping out the blades quick and painless. With this set, you’ll receive 10 blades so you can cut into almost any material.

While there is a one-year warranty on the saw, it’s slightly disappointing to see that it doesn’t have a vibration control system. The cost is lower than our higher-end options, but it still would’ve been nice to get this, considering that the price is still on the high side.

Want to see someone destroy their dishwasher with this saw? Check out this video:

What Customers Say:

Most people have nothing but kudos to give this saw. Check out what this user said, “If you need a saw that takes no prisoners and basically handles sawing like Rambo handles guns, then you should get one. This one’s not all that expensive, so honestly, I’d recommend just buying it and finding yourself some stuff to cut. You’ll have a blast, even if you feel like you’re barely holding onto a bottle of lightning.”


  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 11 amps
  • SPM: 0-2700
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Strong power
  • Dual LED lights
  • Ergonomic design
  • Offers variable speed control
  • Comes with a 10-blade system

  • There’s no vibration control
  • Doesn’t come with a case, just a bag


2. Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Sawzall

Milwaukee 6519-31

CARRYING CASE: A high-impact rated polyurethane case is included for easy storage for your reciprocating saw

When you need the complete package at a reasonable price, this is clearly the best reciprocating saw around. Providing 12 amps of power, 3,000 SPM and a 1-1/8″ blade stroke, you can get through most materials in no time.

They also offer a quick lock technology that makes adding and removing blades simple. You don’t even need extra tools to accomplish this. Just use the latch located on the side of the saw.

It’s refreshing to see a unit with vibration reduction because as the prices started getting lower, many saws weren’t offering this. On the Milwaukee, there’s an internal counterweight that makes the tool comfortable and allows you to be more accurate with your cutting.

There’s even a gear-protecting clutch that helps your tool last longer. Unlike the last few reviewed, this saw also comes with a carrying case made from high-impact polyurethane. That makes it easy to protect and store your saw when it’s not in use. It’s important to note that there isn’t room for any extra blades in this case.

There also isn’t any warranty information listed for this saw. That’s slightly confusing considering the price you need to pay to get this home.

See this saw in the hands of a real person:

What Customers Say:

Most people are amazed at the power of this saw considering the price is lower than heavy-duty models. In fact, one person had a unique idea, “I am confident I could cut the entire house in half with it given enough time.”


  • Dimensions: 22.3 x 11.2 x 5.2 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 12 amps
  • SPM: 0-3000
  • Warranty: unknown
  • Strong like the top of the line saws
  • Has a gear assembly clutch
  • Offers vibration control
  • Comes with a tough case
  • Price is reasonable

  • No extra blades are provided
  • The case doesn’t have room to hold more blades

Best Budget Reciprocating Saw (Usually Under $100)

If you only use a saw occasionally, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get what you need. Instead, opt to find the best reciprocating saw on a budget. Many models that are under $100 still offer a decent amount of power and features, especially for common household tasks.


1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B

Anti-slip comfort grip provides increased comfort and control; pivoting adjustable shoe with open top for maximum visibility

Before you get too excited that this DeWalt is listed in the best reciprocating saws for a budget, you need to keep in mind that there’s no battery included. This isn’t a big deal for die-hard fans that already have the DeWalt 18V battery to operate it; but for others, you need to make that purchase separately.

This saw runs at up to 3,000 SPM for maximum cutting power, plus it has a long 1 1/8-inch stroke length. It also features a four-position blade clamp that allows for increased versatility and flush cutting power. This saw does come with a variable speed trigger and adjustable shoe as well.

With its lever-action keyless blade clamp, it’s easy to make quick blade changes, which gets you back to work faster. In addition, it has an anti-slip comfort grip for maximum comfort and control. Without the battery, it weighs 5.8 pounds, but even when you add the battery in, the weight only goes up 2.6 pounds.

That makes it a portable option that you can take anywhere. This is the ideal tool for ductwork, trimming sheathing, cutting into wall openings, slicing up the pipes or tearing out your kitchen. It also comes with DeWalt’s amazing warranty featuring a 90-day money-back guarantee, 1-year service agreement and 3-year limited warranty.

Watch this tool in action:

What Customers Say:

DeWalt customers continue to be faithful to their tools. Here’s what one person said about buying a second one of these saws, “The old one gave me 8 good years of occasional homeowner use. It’s plenty strong and cuts through anything you put in front of it. When I took the old one apart, I was impressed with the robust construction of it. I own a lot of Dewalt tools and will continue to buy more in the future.”


  • Dimensions: 6.2 x 18.6 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Power Source: battery
  • Power: 18-volt
  • SPM: 0-3000
  • Warranty: 90-day money back guarantee, 1-year service agreement and 3-year limited warranty
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle
  • High power
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • Exceptional warranty coverage

  • No battery is provided
  • Doesn’t have an orbital mode


2. DEWALT DWE304 10-Amp Reciprocating Saw


Variable speed trigger allows user to instantly control speed at the trigger

Here’s another DeWalt option for the best reciprocating saw, but this one comes corded. The 10-amp motor behind this saw is powerful and gets through most materials easily. It does max out at 2800 strokes per minute, which is about all you are going to find in such a compact unit.

You’ll have no trouble getting through nail-studded wood, metal, fiberglass, drywall or plastic materials with this saw. The cord is only about seven feet long, so that’s something to consider. For the price, it’s not a bad design, though.

This saw has a blade clamp which allows the blade’s teeth to sit in all directions for a flush cut. In addition, the shoe is easily adjustable and is constructed of stainless steel to hold up to any abuse. There’s no vibration control on this saw, but you do get orbital action which is a plus on such an inexpensive model.

This saw is a basic design, so don’t expect anything over the top extravagant, but it is ideal for budgets. DeWalt even throws in an additional metal cutting blade and bag. On top of that, they still offer their amazing 90-day money-back guarantee, 1-year service agreement and 3-year warranty which is just amazing.

Check out a full unboxing and test of this saw:

What Customers Say:

What’s there to say about a basic reciprocating saw being offered a low price? Plenty! Check out what this customer thinks, “Lots of power. Easy to change blade. Almost too easy – I thought I had messed it up at first. I highly recommend this. You really can’t beat it for the price.”


  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 9.4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 7.95 pounds
  • Power Source: corded – electric
  • Power: 10 amps
  • SPM: 0-2800
  • Warranty: 90-day money back guarantee, 1-year service agreement and 3-year limited warranty
  • Makes fast cuts
  • Amazing price
  • Super light
  • Has a variable speed control
  • Exceptional warranty coverage

  • Lower power than others
  • Bag isn’t protective


3. BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw


Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts; Nominal voltage is 18.

Did you see the price of this saw? That’s what makes it the best reciprocating saw on a budget, especially if you already own Black+Decker tools that use a 20V battery. This is the complete package for anyone looking to work in tight areas with superior power and cutting ability.

The stroke is a little shorter than other options at just 7/8-inch. This still gives you enough precision and control to accomplish most jobs. The speed goes up to 3,000 SPM which allows you to be aggressive and accurate. With the variable speed control, you can switch back and forth from cutting pipes and wood with ease.

Without the battery, this tool only weighs four pounds making it very comfortable to use for longer periods. It also features a pivoting shoe guide to give you the ideal angle for any cut. The downside is that there’s a good amount of vibration with this unit. It travels straight down its handle right in your hands. With a good pair of gloves, this won’t be an issue.

The big plus side to this bare-tool saw is that despite the low price, it still has a two-year warranty which is pretty amazing. This is absolutely the way to go if you already have the battery needed to use this saw.

See a video review of this saw:

What Customers Say:

People love the power behind this cordless saw. Check out what this user wrote, “I beat the heck out of this saw in the past month, trimming 5 trees and cutting up a large Leyland Cypress that was downed by heavy snow last month. I already had two batteries for it, and it works well with both the small and large one.”


  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 3.4 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Power Source: battery
  • Power: 20-volts
  • SPM: 0-3000
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Powerful motor
  • Great price
  • Versatile
  • Has a four-position blade clamp
  • Exceptional warranty coverage

  • The case isn’t protective
  • Short cord

Who Needs the Best Reciprocating Saw?

You’ll find reciprocating saws on every construction site, but that isn’t the only place they are useful. Any time that you need to make a rough cut, the reciprocating saw is your friend. It’s great whether you are a plumber, electrician or just a homeowner looking to install some new windows.

The reciprocating saw is multi-purpose, so there isn’t just one thing it’s good for. That’s what makes it great for any handy person to have it in their tool arsenal.

Just like a jigsaw, these saws are great for cutting curves in lumber ends. They are also good for thinner goods. Your reciprocating saw blade is wider, thicker and longer than a jigsaw, so it can remove material fast and to a greater depth.

How Do Reciprocating Saws Work?

The reciprocating saw converts the energy from a spinning motor into a back and forth motion. There are several types of saws that make this happen.

Crank – one side of the rotating shaft is connected to the shaft.

Scotch Yoke – this is the short arm that’s attached to the rotating shaft. It moves within the vertical slot.

Swashplate – this disc sits at a slight angle when compared to the rotating axle. If the shaft is mounted on a right angle, the disc moves back and forth while it rotates.

Eccentric – where the reciprocating shaft is attached on the other side of the circular disc. While the axle disc rotates, the reciprocating motion begins.

Most of the modern saws use the eccentric technique to operate. All of them other than the swashplate movement need balanced components to offset the vibration. That’s why some come with vibration damping for operator comfort.

Best Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

Now that you understand how it works and why you need one, let’s look at how to find the best reciprocating saw for your needs. There are some major aspects you must consider before making that purchase.


Just like a jigsaw, there is a wide variety of blades you can choose from. You need to ensure that the blades you want works with the job you have in mind. Pick the right blade to cut through brickwork, wood, metal or plastic.

For heavy-duty uses, you’ll find blades that can cut cement and concrete too. Just ensure that the unit you want has saw blades that are compatible with what you need to do. If you want to prune branches, you’ll need a different blade than dealing with brick.

It’s also important that you change out the blades often, so make sure you can swap out the blades without the need for tools. This makes your life a little easier.

Stroke Length

The longer the stroke is that you make, the quicker you can cut. Most reciprocating saws have a stroke length between ¾-inch and 1 ¼-inch. With a few saws, there are ways to adjust this and allow for more adaptability.


The higher the amperage is, the more power your saw has. Most reciprocating saws feature between eight to fifteen amps. Most of the time, ten amps will be sufficient for most small or DIY projects. If you are doing commercial projects, you’ll need something in the higher range.

Variable Speed Control

This isn’t necessary to do a good job, but does help you control the blade a little easier. By manipulating how quickly you want your best reciprocating saw to work, you have more power over the outcome of your job. When you only use your saw occasionally, this doesn’t need to be a main factor in your purchase decision.

Shoe Adjustment

If you purchase the best reciprocating saw with an adjustable shoe, you’ll have additional control. Just make sure that the blade adjustment works accurately and smoothly. This allows you to use various positions and enjoy some extra functionality without the use of other tools. You’ll have exceptional blade visibility and the ability to cut in multiple situations.


If you plan to hold your reciprocating saw for an extended length of time, you’ll want a lightweight option. This is also important if you plan to work overhead. You want to handle the weight without adding any strain on yourself.

Make a note of what is a good weight for you and then find the best reciprocating saw in that range. After all, you want to be comfortable while making those cuts.

Strokes Per Minute (SPM)

Speeds of the saws are calculated by the strokes per minute (SPM). Most saws with high amperages offer swifter cutting. The faster that a blade moves, the better your cut will be. It also allows more control over blade as well.

Orbital or Straight

With a standard reciprocating saw, the blade moves in an up and down pattern. With an orbital saw, it runs in an elliptical shape instead. Not only is this more aggressive, but you can make speedy cuts with it.

Best Reciprocating Saw Tips

The nice thing about having a reciprocating saw is that they are simple to use. The important part is that you choose the right blades based on what material you’re cutting. The operation is elementary and doesn’t require too much training. Simply cut and you’re done.

Of course, you want to protect yourself while cutting which is why safety gear is a must. The blade is sharp and accidents could happen without warning. It might be wise to use gloves and safety goggles when using the best reciprocating saw. You just can’t be too protected.

Maintaining the saw is just as easy. There won’t be much debris or sawdust left on the blade, so just make sure you give it a quick wipe when you are finished. That’s all you have to do before packing it away for the day.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best reciprocating saw doesn’t need to be a hassle. Whether you want to demo your kitchen, cut some trees or chop your way through some fiberglass, there’s a model available for you. Evaluate your needs and determine what your budget is. Within those constraints, you should easily find the best reciprocating saw for you in our reviews above.

Choosing an option with all the features and higher price tags is usually meant for professionals. You also have the opportunity to go with a bare-bones tool that offers a budget price. Either way, all that’s left to do is get out there and get the job done.



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