Best Ratchet Set – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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Best Over 100$

Crescent CTK170CMP2

Best Under 100$

69 Pieces - EPAuto

Best Under $50

Determining the best ratchet set should boil down to the types of duties you expect to fulfill with each, the necessary measurements such as Metric and SAE, as well as what millimeters each job may require, points (6, 8, or 12) along with the most popular ratchet type.

For example, something as simple as a multi-tool ratchet like the 4 in 1 Socket Ratchet and Bit Driver Multi-Tool ARES 70076 may very well be the most simple, affordable solution for you. For others, the CRAFTSMAN 85-PC Universal MAX AXESS Mechanics Tool Set (Inch/Metric) might be perfect if you do a lot of DIY projects, or are looking for the ‘ultimate toolbox solution.’

Below, we’ve listed ratchet sets in particular and excludes torque ratchets, wrenches, and ratcheting wrenches as this was not the focus of our reviews. However, this is not to say that some of these ratchets cannot function with torquing motion, and the DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is a perfect example of a ratchet that has verifiable stood up to high-impact torque, is durable, and even includes a lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind, as you sift through these various, top-rated ratcheting sets separated by price category that while most include sockets, some do not, and are just ‘pure ratchet sets.’ However, no matter the price range, rest assured that we’ve only listed ratcheting sets that have multi-point functionality, ‘fine teeth’ to ensure precision, and of only the highest quality and material possible. These ratchets also include specialized polish finishes, chrome, and include laser-etching on each piece to note the exact size, making it easier to read, remove from the case, and organize your ratchet and socket sets.

Remember, price does not have to mean sacrificing quality, and with these lifetime warranties, multi-facet ratchet and socket sets listed below you’re sure to learn that and be on your way with the perfect starter, novice, or expert ratcheting fixed in no time!

Ratchet Sets Reviews

Best Ratchet Set over $100

These best ratchet sets over $100 were selected based on the highest of quality possible, durability, warranty, and customer feedback. This list includes both full ratchet and socket sets, as well as ratchet-only sets.

Based on customer experiences, we’re confident that these tree top choices will reflect an ideal ratchet and socket sets necessary for most automotive work, DIY (do it yourself) projects, bicycles, boats, and more! With multiple points of functionality, joints, angles, and “fine” teeth you can expect these ratchet sets to hold up superior to any tools you’ve experienced before.

The steel, and chrome or other based coating on each of these ensures extended longevity, and customers were so happy with these ratchet sets that they came back to purchase a second, or additional sets for friends and loved ones. Each of these ratchet sets also stood up very well to stress tests and everyday use, are trusted by various professional types and had little to no negative feedback from customers.

A) DEWALT DWMT72165 204


Knurled beauty rings provide a non-slip gripping surface

The DEWALT DWMT72165 204 is a great ratchet set that includes quality laser-etched markings for easily reading the size on each ratchet. They are also made with a 72-tooth gear system which makes them perfect for higher torque ratcheting, especially when you’ve got to change parts out on your vehicle. A lot of customers also found this to be the perfect ratchet set for regular home maintenance projects including construction, replacing light fixtures, and other appliances.

Customers like this DEWALT ratchet set because it includes a thin head for easy maneuvering in tight places is durable, and the handle is thick enough yet large so that it fits most hands comfortably. It also includes a limited-lifetime-warranty which is a nice bonus, and it’s no secret that DEWALT has a solid reputation for manufacturing some of the best power tools on the market.

This ratchet set is also great if you’re tired of sets that don’t hold up well and are with cheap Chinese metal. In fact, even some of the most popular brands now rely on cheaper Chinese metal, which means all the more reason to trust and go with DEWALT ratchets as they are made with Taiwan AU8 steel which is reported to be virtually unbreakable, remarkably sturdy, and perfect for professional, everyday use. The included case also holds all the sockets sustainably, and all sockets are six points which are rather rare.

Overall, this is one of the best complete ratchet sets over $100, and with 204 pieces total it’s a must-have for construction workers, professional mechanics, and do-it-yourselfers alike! These ratchets are also reported to function very ‘smoothly,’ which speaks a lot to its overall quality, build, and craftsmanship. Few customers have complained of some sockets moving around or falling out of the case. But, overall we’re confident this is a great set, with very positive feedback, and happy customers have even returned to buy another DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set for family and friends.

B) CRAFTSMAN 85-PC Universal

CRAFTSMAN 85-PC Universal

This set includes ratchets in both 1/4

The CRAFTSMAN 85-PC Universal MAX AXESS Mechanics Tool Set includes extensions for each ratchet which customers find both very practical and convenient. This ratchet set also includes four adapters and all sockets in common sizes for both metric and SAE.

This ratchet set is manufactured with all heat-treated allow steel which creates an excellent quality, and the included a molded case ensures a convenient and efficient organization of all your ratchets and sockets. The case is reported by customers to be very secure, and will not easily open or shuffle around the pieces during normal transport.

Customers like this CRAFTSMAN 85-PC Universal MAX AXESS Mechanics Tool Set because it’s also made with a polished finish to prevent corrosion, and even includes a lifetime warranty! (Which says a lot about the manufacturer’s willingness to stand behind its products) This ratchet set in particular also comes highly recommended by customers, and although few have stated it could use a longer handle on the ½ for more torque, they were overall delighted with their purchase.

This CRAFTSMAN ratchet set undoubtedly makes a great gift for loved ones or friends and is hailed as an ‘elegant solution to vexing toolbox problems” by customers. It is also easy to convert to regular non-pass-through drives with the adapters included, making this an excellent set for home repairs, plumbing, and maintenance on both automobiles and even bicycles.

With little to no imperfections on the ratchet set’s black coating and a very durable quality that will withstand years of use, this is undoubtedly one of the best ratchet solutions on the market. The ratchet is highly functional, and ideal for both beginners and novice toolbox users as well as do-it-yourselfers (DIY) alike. This ratchet set is convenient and is one of the most competitive in comparison to other portable sets currently available on the market.

C) GearWrench 81230P

GearWrench 81230P

Access - Adjustable flex head has six positions and gives additional clearance where needed for increased access

Customers were thrilled with the GearWrench 81230P 120XP Full Polish Flex Teardrop Ratchet Set because it holds up to the job, is excellent for torquing and is a solid ratchet set. One customer even reported being a military mechanic, and another a marina technician and both noted good, consistent experience and performance with these GearWrench ratchets.

For both DIYers and professional technicians, these hold up extremely well and are noted to be virtually indestructible. The smooth and quiet gears is also a huge plus, and customers reported using this set as an alternative to a competitor brand’s 3/8 and ¼ drives which means they were also able to save money.  These ratchets make great use of a small swing angle for getting into hard to reach places and are perfect for changing spark plugs, removing serpentine belts, and other close-quarter mechanical work.

Customers give the GearWrench 81230P 120XP ratchet set excellent feedback all across the board for fit, finish, functionality, balance, usability, and feel. They’ve also reported in more than one instance coming back for a second set!

Anyone looking for the most functional, durable, and reliable ratchet set for everyday use would do well with this GearWrench set, and it also includes a nice long handle which is nice to produce leverage when removing nuts and bolts. Each is made with nice ‘fine’ teeth which enhance precision, and the head stays in the desired position without much-unwanted movement during use which is also a plus.

One customer noted minor wear on the chrome, and another stated having a release feature for the socket might have added to its value. But, overall this is a very nice 120XP ratchet and is easily competitive against other top-tier ratcheting sets. The tear-drop head is a little larger, so this is, of course, something that should always be considered first before purchase depending on what your intended uses are.

Best Ratchet Set under $100

Each of the three ratchet sets below by Crescent and Stanley received excellent feedback for use around the house, as well as at your mechanic shop for common application. Customers were also very pleased that these ratchet sets had more than just ratchets and sockets included, such as other tools like screwdrivers, a knife, tape measure, and pliers. (If you are interested in a stand-alone, cordless screwdriver though, check out our dedicated guide.)

These ratchet sets are each marked to be ‘complete’ sets, which means nearly every size and socket necessary for any job – big or small. Because even beginners reported positive feedback with these ratchet sets, including lifetime warranties, we are comfortable recommending it to you.

You will find these ratchet sets to include qualities like laser-etched size labels, 6 and 8 point sockets, 12 point sockets, specially designed deep sockets, extended, and more!

A) Crescent CTK170CMP2 Ratchet Set

Crescent CTK170CMP2

Updated version of the best selling CTK170CMP, this new set has a new & sturdier blow mold case as well as new & improved Crescent screwdrivers

Crescent is a highly trusted, well-reputed brand that’s been around for over a century providing customers with quality manufactured mechanics hand tools and wrenches. The Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set is 170 pieces of nearly everything a beginner mechanic, construction worker, or do-it-yourselfer might need to get started on their next project.

This ratchet set includes almost all the essentials. However, the included adjustable wrench, in particular, has been rated as unfortunately sub-par. That is, as all the parts involved are indeed manufactured by Crescent, and its quality is matching what customers have come to expect – except the Crescent tool itself.

Overall, the quality of this ratchet set is good, and with a lifetime warranty customers can take confidence in knowing they’re making a sound investment. One happy customer even pointed out being able to flush his vehicle fluids, change the oil, and even brake pads and rotors flawlessly – noting how durable and well made these ratchets and tools each are.

All included sockets with this set are 12-point, except the 6-point deep socket. However, customers are pleased with the performance of all the above and did also note that the drive extensions are ideal for reaching tougher spots. Other satisfied customers worked on drilling rigs, were traveling labor contractors, or simply purchased this ratchet set for emergency use in their vehicles while on the road.

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 ratchet set is robust, will not strip sockets and the ratchets will not snap with regular use like competing ratchets and wrench sets. Also, the hex wrenches work very well, and the fact that the manufacturer also included channel locks, needle nose pliers, and full-size screwdrivers (not just the bits) shows that Crescent went above and beyond to set its customers up for success with this product no matter what the job entails.

B) STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set


Chrome vanadium forged body for torque, strength and durability

For anyone needing a “starter” ratchet and wrench tool kit, the STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece is an excellent product that seems to be perfect for most household fixes, as well as the demands of repairing or replacing automotive car parts – making this a must-have for any garage.

Customers also noted that the case of this ratchet set is relatively more firm than others, although still a little loose and flimsy when opened – causing unwanted spills or a lack of logical organization.

However, on the bright side, all the tools you could need seem to be included, with an excellent variety and quality for the price paid to make this a top choice of best ratchet sets under $100. It’s worth pointing out that some of the screwdrivers included are thin, but ratchets are the focus here! Some have reported that the drivers don’t have a ratcheting head, so it’s necessary to twist manually, and that all movements are internal which can be difficult or time-consuming in some instances or projects.

The STANLEY STMT73795 ratchet set also includes an excellent combination of both standard and metric ratchets and wrenches- and the extenders seem to be a life saver for a lot of customers as they do help save a lot of time and work in getting to hard to reach places, nuts, and bolts. The wrenches, however, are not the ratcheting box-end types, so some customers did not like this.

However, this set does include three different sized ratchets which are helpful, and the ¼ sockets are a great fit for most jobs, making the set relatively complete. It’s worth mentioning that no ¾ socket or 3/8 drive is included, so for very small or everyday situations, there may be difficulties. The 11/16th is excellent, as is the 13/16, but there is no 3/4th. Each of the sockets is organized by size, which means that SAE and MM are mixed – slightly inconvenient for some.

Overall, these are good quality tools, including a nice full polish chrome finish, and given the extenders, the durability of the ratchets, wrenches, and extras, customers were very happy with this purchase.

C) Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome

Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome

99-piece black chrome and laser etched socket set meets or exceeds ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets

Trusted by fleet mechanics, the Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set is perfect for easy visibility of socket and wrench sizes, and each wrench is also slim which makes them ideal for harder to squeeze or reach places.

It should be noted that – as the instructions say not to use with power drills – these do not impact sockets. With that being said, the fact that two 3/8th and two 7/16th sockets were included is nice, one being 6 points and the other being 8 points each so you can tackle diverse project types.

During use, the ratchets hold sockets into place nicely and are ‘locked in’ which means you cannot accidentally disconnect them without pressing down on the button first. Customers also really love the beautifully powder coated texture and noted that they stand out among other tools which make them easier to find.

This ratchet set is perfect for homeowners, maintenance specialists, and overall has an excellent price to quality ratio. The torque action is also very consistent, and customers report using these ratchets for up to two years with zero issues or concerns. It seems nearly every socket size you could need for automotive work has been included, and best of all it’s a ratchet set under $100.

Few customers complained of the wrenches or tools having grease on them upon arrival, but this is a minor issue at best. Overall, they work extremely well under pressure, and one customer even accidentally left them outside in the rain overnight, and they did not have rust. These socket wrenches also grab with little rotation, which means you get more turn for your efforts, and with a lifetime replacement policy, you can’t go wrong with this set of Stanley ratchets.

This set does not include hex or Torx drivers, which was fine for most, and these ratchets still proved worthy of completing hard jobs like pulling down on an axle bolt with no trouble. The handles are also beautiful and sturdy, and the sockets consistently remain tight with a high-quality feel and desirable performance during use.

Best Ratchet Set under $80

Our list below of best ratchet sets under $80 includes long-trusted brands of ratchet set manufacturers that are equally if not superior in reliability, durability, and strength in comparison competing brands.

In fact, one set as you’ll see outlined below is even a ‘pure ratchet set,’ which is perfect for getting right down to work and not having any distractions or unwanted accessories and “junk” in your toolbox or ratchet set case – and will also save you money.

We selected each of these ratchet sets based on torque performance, strength, long-term durability, and flexibility for a variety of at-home, on the job, and hobbyist projects alike. Such as, fixing your car, motorcycle or even installing t.v. Mounts and other projects around your home or garage.

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect ratchet set under $80 because other customers have found such satisfaction in each of these products, and recommended them to their family and friends – much like we are to you today.



Knurled beauty rings provide a non-slip gripping surface

This DEWALT DWMT72163 118 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is a beautiful product and rated as one of our best ratchet set under $80 because it excludes a lot of unwanted ‘junk’ found in other ratchet or tool sets. Some of these often include random screwdriver bits, or even cheap branded extra scissors, knives, and rulers.

The ratchet extensions included with this DEWALT set are handy for various projects and is an attractive selling point for this product. Mechanics love the DEWALT ratchet set because the sockets are consistent, and offer a broad range of different deep-socket sizes. Each socket size is also easier to read thanks to practical stamping, and the fit and finish of each ratchet and socket are excellent quality as well.

Customers wrote that this ratchet set performs very smoothly, and although heavy carries most of its weight in the handle. These are made of quality, durable material for everyday or frequent use. The handles are also well balanced and practical for both light and heavy-duty jobs.

One customer reported that although there was no 3/8” Allen or 10mm included, that the proportionality of the ratchet selection, as well as long handled wrenches makes up for it. You know if people are trusting this ratchet set to work on their military surplus HMMWV that you’re dealing with a great product.

As seen with a lot of ratchet sets on the market, even of top tier quality, the sockets don’t always stay in place in the case, but such is often the case with such plastic materials. However, the most important thing is that the ratchets are of excellent quality, Taiwan AU8 steel to be precise, and include nicely crafted six point sockets which provide a more diverse, consistently efficient experience.

The DEWALT DWMT72163 ratchet set makes it easy to access your ratchets, and the ratchet heads are also heavy duty. The set includes a 72-tooth gear system for high torque, and with an excellent Arc swing and slim head design, you’ll be able to reach more difficult spaces, bolts, and nuts with ease.

B) TEKTON 91804 Quick-Release

TEKTON 91804 Quick-Release

Round heads swivel 270-degree to any drive angle

Customers know and trust the TEKTON brand, and this TEKTON 91804 ratchet set seems to have set the bar high for customers.

The TEKTON 91804 Quick-Release is a must have set for those that frequently work on cars, or do work around the house or home installations professionally.

The swivel head design makes it easier and less obnoxious to get to areas that might have otherwise been impossible with a regular ratchet. Even better, customers report spectacular customer service from this company, one even stating that they received an entirely new ratchet replacement when one began to show a tiny bit of rust just from regular use. The TEKTON also offers a lifetime warranty which is extraordinary, and unlike most “cheap” ratcheting sets this one does not seem cheap in its quality or build.

One customer stated that the ratchets were a little top-heavy, but overall it feels durable, functions efficiently, and the grip adds to comfort for prolonged use. It has a very beautiful design and construction, and with a no-slip mechanism, you can see that TEKTON went above and beyond to satisfy its customers.

You can also use these TEKTON wrenches like a screwdriver by swiveling straight up to ratchet loose nuts and bolts. It also gives a generous amount of knuckle clearance which will keep you comfortable and scotch free from any unwanted injuries while working in tight or confined spaces.

Happy customers just can’t seem to get enough of the swivel feature, and the ratchets pivoting action remains tight with prolonged use. This ratchet it also very easy to clean and considered one of the most adjustable, versatile ratchet sets available on the market. Customers stated that they just couldn’t imagine using any other product!

So for us, this one is a no-brainer and remains at the top of our list for the best ratchet set under $80.

C) Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome

Stanley 92-824

69-piece black chrome and laser etched socket set meets or exceeds ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets

The Stanley brand is a time and time again tried and trusted manufacturer of high-quality ratchet sets that easily match and supersede premium grade quality and competing products. Customers especially like this Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set because there’s no unwanted accessories or ‘fillers’ included. The sockets are flawless, although a little thin, and holds up well to regular use – with one customer stating almost four years of continuous, frequent use with zero issues.

There were a few complaints about the case quality and arrangement, but overall this is a comparably minor issue, and the pros far outweigh any ‘cons’ for this product. The easier to read socket sizes is a huge plus, and the laser etched sizes seem to last nearly up to a year or more without fading. This is truly a “pure ratchet,” extensions, and socket set that includes SAE & metric, as well as deep and shallow sockets for nearly any around the home or automotive jobs.

Highly recommended among happy customers, the black chrome is also a great finishing touch, which helps to prevent unwanted fingerprints, grease or grime build-up. As for high impact use, this seems undetermined, as one customer stated that the ‘nubs’ holding the socket together wore down over time with constant, aggressive and heavy-duty use – which is fair considering these are not advertised as ‘heavy duty’ ratchets.

Overall, this is a great quality ratchet set, that won’t skip, and can handle quite a bit of torque with regular use – and also fits easily into your tool box. There is also a locking mechanism to help keep the socket from falling out during torquing.

Most customers did report these to be “heavy duty” strength ratchets that are perfect for any sizes you might need in a ratcheting set for a mechanic, hobbyist, or other light duty work on your car. The Stanley 92-824 ratchets are also ideal for AG mechanics, and overall has an excellent, comfortable, durable yet stable feel and functionality to them.

Best Ratchet Set under $50

Purchasing a ratchet set under $50 doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for value. Each of these ratchet sets is still made by very reputable, trusted manufacturers that offer lifetime guarantees, a wide variety of helpful sockets, pass-through ratchets, and more.

Customers find practicality in purchasing these smaller sets of ratchets because they don’t include unwanted or unnecessary extra accessories, bolts, bits, or other pieces and tools that you’re simply unlikely to use. Each of these three highly recommended ratchet sets are also most ideal for automotive work and are trusted for home maintenance vehicles, ATV’s, and even boats.

Not only as “starter kits”, but happy customers found the majority of these ratchet sets to include all the essentials for everyday or emergency use. Many have also come back to buy a second set or as a gift for others – which says a lot about the quality, product, and flexibility of each of these ratchet sets.

A) 69 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set

69 Pieces - EPAuto

Durability: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)

This EPAuto 69 piece driver socket and ratchet set is perfect for master technicians, as well as those do-it-yourselfers (DIY) out there that like to take on home and vehicle projects on their own.

Customers were especially pleased with the durability of the included case for the EPAuto Ratchet set, as it’s easy to tell the top from the bottom to prevent spills, and has been reported to be rather stable and consistent in organizing and holding its sockets and other parts.

For anyone looking for excellent quality and a nice socket assortment, this is by far the best ratchet set for under $50. A lot of customers think that they have to buy larger or more expensive ratchet sets to get a good deal or higher quality, but the truth is this EPAuto ratchet set is comparably durable and holds up well to regular use and even high-impact jobs.

Customers have reported success in using this ratchet set to work on their ATV’s, and for those that do a lot of automotive work, you’ll find the included spark plug sockets to be a particularly nice addition to the set. The ratchets also use a “push-button” technology so that the sockets do not come out unwantedly during use.

For an affordable deep socket solution, this is a ratchet set worth considering and is both cosmetically appealing as well as durable which means it will hold up well to oil spills, drops, and gas spillage – all the while remaining stable. The EPAuto ratchet set comes highly recommended and does not feel cheap. The socket wrenches are very crisp and will provide consistent smooth ratcheting for years to come.

Happy customers have compared these sockets and ratchet sets to Craftsman quality and stated they don’t feel cheap or ‘sloppy’ during use – with a great, practical shaped head for difficult jobs.

The manufacturer also reportedly stands behind its product and will replace broken parts with no questions asked. This ratchet set is a must have for light duty work as well, and is perfect for stuffing away into the back of your trunk for a rainy day.



72 tooth count ratchet giving a 5 degree arc swing for maneuverability in constricted areas

The DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive Socket Set (34 Piece), 1/4″ and 3/8″ is easily a favorite among customers as either an at-home emergency ratchet set, or one to take on the road, as it’s compact, mobile, and includes all the essential ratchets and sockets that you’d likely ever need.

This ratchet set is also ideal for non-professional mechanics, and with a see-through case, you can see which sockets are located where for easier and swifter access which is an added convenience. With a ‘chrome dipped’ finish, the DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive Socket Set both looks and works great. Customers also reported that using this has a nice feel and that the drive shaft and length are perfect for regular, everyday use.

For anyone seeking the essentials for ratcheting work, this set is a must have and comes highly recommended for beginners to expert do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. One customer did, however, state that the 3/8th and 1/4th adapter does not fit the 3/8th ratchet, which we were unable to verify.

With this set, the socket placement holders are also clearly marked, and DEWALT threw in an additional, convenient and high-quality drill adapter as well. Customers are hailing this ratchet set as the next best thing to an electric screw and nut driver.

Overall, this is a multi-functional ratchet set that can be used in the garage for automotive work, or even in emergencies at sea while sailing on your boat. The ratchets are built well for both small and large projects, and the ‘center of gravity’ is very consistent and desirable.

Customers were surprised to be able to obtain such a quality ratchet set for such a low price, and remain both excited as well as repeat customers to DEWALT because of their experiences with this product.

C) Crescent CX6PT20 X6

Crescent CX6PT20 X6

Innovative X6 design of the socket allows you to grip 6 different types of fasteners

For a sturdy and reliable solution to a basic 20-piece ratcheting set, the Crescent CX6PT20 X6 Pass-Through set seems like the perfect match. Customers enjoy the X6 design and have found the hollow socket design likewise to be extremely useful, and serve as nearly “infinite depth” – in addition to standard sockets- which make this product both very desirable and diverse for everyday use.

The included sockets and ratchet are also coated with a black oxide that won’t rub off so easily with regular use, and the laser etching makes it both clear and convenient to read the necessary sizes each time you start a project. The sockets and 3/8” adapter connect securely to the wrench and feel comfortable during use, so you know you’re dealing with quality, durable product.

Crescent also includes a lifetime warranty which is a great way to stand behind its products. Little to no negative reviews were found for this product, and Crescent appears very responsive to any and all customer concerns or complaints.

One customer mentioned that the sockets or ratchet scratch easily, but this is not typically a concern for those that are using these for every day, dirty, tough, and hard-work projects may it be on automobiles or at home projects. The pass-through design is also a great idea and minimizes the need for having a separate set of deep sockets.

The 3/8” drive adapter was also a very nice bonus, and for a ratchet that will fit snugly onto nuts and bolts, feel stable, and not give any ‘play’ with a decent resolution you can’t get a much better product. Customers are using this ratchet set to work on at-home maintenance, lawn mowers, boats, automotive, and more. This is also the perfect ratcheting sets for reaching bolts in locations that regular ratcheting wrenches are simply too large for.

All in all, this is like having a whole set of low profile sockets and will work substantially better and more efficiently than any box-end wrench. The sockets are light and thin, and this ratchet set is rated to be best used on small to medium level duty work. Undoubtedly a strong, reliable solution to all of your ratcheting needs.

Best Ratchet Set under $20

Each of these Best Ratchet Sets Under $20 is not only very affordable, but also durable, well-built, and will last for years to come. They hold up well to high torque, low to medium impact, and have received very positive feedback from customers.

For anyone that works in the automotive industry, these ratchet sets (and multi-tool) are a must have! Naturally, customers are happy feeling like they can get excellent quality at a bargain price, and with major brands like Stanley offering ratchet sets that do just that makes this a win-win situation for anyone looking to add to, or upgrade their current ratchet and wrench set or toolbox.

If however, you still seek a larger or more ‘complete’ ratchet set, the DEWALT DWMT72163 118 Piece Mechanics Tool Set is a top-rated, and likely more appropriate product. Even better, it’s less than $80 which makes it quite competitive and not that far of a stretch from any one of the more affordable ratchet sets listed below.

A) 40 Pieces – EPAuto 1/4-Inch

40 Pieces - EPAuto

Durability: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)

Who says you can’t get a 5-Star product on a budget? The EPAuto 1/4-Inch & 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set seems to be extremely popular among customers seeking a simple ratchet and socket solution for at-home use, or just to put in their trunk for emergency use on the road.

With a 3/8” reversible ratchet, customers like the high quality and “flank drive” design of this ratchet set. It is made of Taiwan AU8 Steel and metal chrome vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V) which customers seem pleased with, as opposed to going with China-made steel.

The ratcheting mechanism has fine teeth and functions smoothly and efficiently without a “sloppy” or unstable feeling during use. One customer did mention that the markings were difficult to see on the sockets, but that this was an easy fix with a black felt tip. This ratchet set is also ideal for handymen and other small, or lighter projects around the house. Although, before opening this ratchet set, just make sure that the Logo is on top, as to avoid spilling all of the pieces on the floor.

Overall, this is a great, simple, and easily one of the Best Ratchet Sets Under $20 because it’s compact, provides decent action, and is perfect for both automotive use all the way to fixing your bicycle. Customers report great success in changing their car battery with the EPAuto 1/4-Inch & 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set, and report that the price point is right on the money!

This ratchet set works as expected, looks, and feels of exceptional quality and the socket/ratchet alone are said to be of ‘pure value’ for the money paid. The nut driver, ratchet, and sockets all appear to be very well crafted, and EPAuto even included an excellent extension with this set, making a better quality, diverse product and ratchet that will quickly switch directions on command with its ‘lever’ feature.

B) Stanley STMT71648 40-Piece Socket Set

Stanley STMT71648

40-Piece socket set meets or exceeds ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets

Stanley makes some of the industry’s most reliable, durable, and long-lasting sockets, wrenches, and other hand tools and has been a trusted name for over 100 years! With a lifetime warranty, the Stanley STMT71648 40-Piece Socket Set is a top pick among customers as the Best Ratchet Set Under $20 – and for a good reason!

For the price paid, this is a very well made ratchet set and comes with a durable, well-made case for easy organization and regular use. Both the ratchets and sockets are built very durably, and one customer even pointed out that the ½” ratchet took abuse with a cheater pipe, and survived practically unscathed – which goes to show you how durable this ratchet really is.

This Stanley ratchet set is perfect for the everyday handyman, or simply doing household chores and garage maintenance, to something as minuscule as repairing a snow blower. Each socket is light, yet durable and very functional – comparable to more premium or top tier brands.

Customers like the Stanley STMT71648 40-Piece Socket Set because the price is low, but the quality is not. This means, even if you were to lose a piece or two it wouldn’t be the end of the world – and affording a second ‘emergency set’ is practical.

Few customers complained that the socket marking were small or hard to read, or were a little disappointed that there was no 3/4th” socket included. One also reported that some of the sockets were loose, but Stanley was fast to rectify the issue and provided a full replacement at no cost.

If you’re looking for a cheap, yet effective ratchet set that’s aircraft mechanic approved, or haven’t had good luck in the past with simple ratchet sets for hobbyists, motorcyclists, or working on bicycles then this set is a must have – and also makes the perfect birthday present! It includes a screwdriver set as well which is nice, although no flat-head.

Overall, the Stanley ratchet set is both serviceable and economical, not too heavy, and includes most of the essential SAE and Metric sockets or parts you could ever need. And, while it’s China-made, it seems to be surprisingly durable – just keep in mind that these are not ideal ratchets for heavy-duty torque, and will best serve you with smaller to medium-demand jobs like small engine work.

C) 4 in 1 Socket Ratchet and Bit Driver Multi-Tool

ARES 70076

APPLICATIONS: This ratchet will handle ¼”, 3/8, and ½” sockets while taking care of all your ¼” bits. Dishwasher, washing machine, lawn mower, motorcycle, bike, car, truck, or kitchen cabinet can all be taken apart or put together with this tool.

The 4 in 1 ARES 70076 Ratchet Multi-tool is a spectacular, unique solution to not having to look for or carry around the added weight and inconvenience of multiple ratchets or wrenches.

This is an excellent ratchet and multi-tool for garage use and will hold up to heavy duty jobs like engine-swapping, changing out a transmission, truck lift kits, and more. And, while the ratcheting head does not ‘swivel’ or flex like similar products, it does remain very well balanced, durable, and will hold up to regular use or minor abuse.

Customers like how well made this multi-tool ratchet is, as it’s manufactured from chrome vanadium steel, so you know it’ll last for a long time. The 72-tooth gears are also said to function very smoothly, making this ratchet highly recommended.

If you’re looking for an all-around ratcheting solution that’s both ‘intricate and brutish’ then this is a must have, and being under $20 makes this an absolute steal! This is also great to take with you on the go, store in your automotive, or even boat! One customer that’s a sheet metal worker said he brings this tool with him to work every day, and always receives compliments and requests from coworkers as to where they can purchase one.

Overall, the construction of this ratchet multi-tool is solid, not too heavy, but has enough weight and balance to it to be sturdy, and the directional rings for ratcheting are metal, not plastic like other, similar competing products. This is definitely an efficient solution for all of your wrenching needs and worth checking out!

Pure Ratchet Sets vs. Sockets and Ratchet Sets 

Getting a better deal on your next ratchet set, multi-use tool, or socket and wrenches does not mean you need to sacrifice quality for the price paid.

We’ve broken down lists of various, very well-reputed hand-tool manufacturers that specialize in ratchets and wrench sets that have the highest standards in the industry.

Given we’ve included major trusted brands like DEWALT, Craftsman, STANLEY, Crescent, and TEKTON you’re sure to find the perfect set for you, no matter what kinds of automotive, handyman, DIY projects, or everyday maintenance duties you’re looking to fulfill.

Each of these high-rated ratchet sets is typically made from premium Taiwan AU8 Steel and includes a lifetime warranty. A good example of this would be the EPAuto 1/4-Inch & 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set with Reversible Ratchet which is the perfect 5-Star ratchet set for those on a budget, and even includes a helpful extension for specific use in removing hard to reach nuts and bolts. Made from exceptional quality, you can expect to find more products like this under our Best Ratchet Sets Under $20 list, depending on the exact price range or budget you’re working with.

Just remember, the best ratcheting set for you is the one that makes the most sense for the types of jobs you’ll need it for, as well as its durability, compactness, quality, and of course extension or socket selections. Also, keep in mind any additional accessories or parts to each set that could be helpful, such as screwdrivers or driver bits, and any other extras that might be necessary.

Finally, please feel free to share your experiences on any of the ratchet sets above, recommendations you may have for others, or any questions you might have for us in the comments section below.

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