Best Oscillating Tool – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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Bosch Bare-Tool MXH180BL


Dremel VC60-01


Have you ever wondered about the technology behind that tool that cuts plumbing pipes, grinds out grout, removes old paint and sands wood surfaces smooth? The concept of the oscillating multi-tool came through Fein, a popular German manufacturing firm. Over time, their Multimaster technology has developed a swarm of loyal followers in the form of DIYers, woodworkers and remodeling contractors.

If you still do not own an oscillating multi-tool, you are missing a lot. This tool is safer and easier to use than a jigsaw, a circular saw or reciprocating saw. First timers often think that all oscillating tools are the same, but these tools are distinct in terms of performance, durability and power.

As you search for the best oscillating tool, you will find the fierce rivalry between DeWalt and Bosch, two of the most popular manufacturers of these tools. Though most tools are corded, manufacturers have several battery-operated tools in their portfolios. To help you get into the market with confidence, we have created reviews for three products of each one of the top five producers. We believe they are the best in their respective categories; they are worthy of consideration.

Oscillating Tool Reviews

Best DeWalt Oscillating Tool

In the US, DeWalt is one of the most popular multi-tool brands, alongside Milwaukee, at least according to the general feeling online. If there is one unmistakable thing about DeWalt oscillating tools, it has to be their innovative and performance prowess. That is why every time the company unleashes a new product in the market, their clients rejoice. They will wait for a DeWalt tool for years and rush for it after launch.

It is enthralling that we are talking about a manufacturer that was still contemplating whether to enter the oscillatory tools market in 2012. The release of the DWE315KT in 2013 was started an unprecedented growth that saw the FLEXVOLT dominate in 2016.

Their multi-tools are not only reliable and resilient, but also relative low cost compared to what Bosch, the main competitor, offers. While some users have accused these products of offering below par performance, it is good to remember that buying expensive does not necessarily guarantee results.

a) DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion 


DEWALT brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed

Top on this list is a popular cordless multi-tool that runs on a brushless motor. The most notable thing in this set is the brightly colored contractor bag. The accessory storage box has an equally fascinating look, but what will interest most users are the contents.

What would you do with up to 28 attachments and tools? You can accomplish so many tasks with the DEWALT DCS355D1 tool kit. On top of that, this set also contains grinding and sanding attachments. This eliminates extra costs for separate tools and attachments.

This tool measures 17.2 x 5.1 x 9.8 inches and weighs in at 6.6 pounds. The 20-volt electric powered kit is Energy Star rated, so save your worries about energy bills.

You have to love the dual-grip variable-speed trigger of this multi-tool kit. This feature helps the user in two ways: It gives several gripping options for different applications and allows for speed control.

Many users talk about the quick-change accessory system, which is also an important part of this set’s success in the market. It is so fun to change attachments without the complications of a wrench. This feature also comes to the rescue when you want to change the blades. Now you know why this tool kit has an edge over other options in the market. Without doubt, Bosch’s accessory lever has a serious competitor in this one.

While this system primarily works with DEWALT blades, you can still use an adapter to set it with alternative blade systems. Unfortunately, you have to be ready to use an Allen wrench in this case.

Anything not so impressive about the multi-tool? Probably an issue to do with the kit’s quick-change mechanism – only DEWALT-only accessories may be used. Overall, run-time, power and balance on this tool kit are impressive. Being cordless does not hurt the qualities on this machine in any way.

b) DEWALT DWE315K Multi Material


Powerful 3.0 amp motor provides strong cutting and sanding performance

Are you a hobbyist? If yes, then you need to consider this tool kit for your multiple projects. It has the features, power, versatility and flexibility to match your desire for serious work. You only have to look at the numerous positive customer reviews to understand the quality of this product. However, we will break it down for you so that you can make an informed choice.

Forget about all power and control issues you experienced with your previous oscillation tools. Despite having a 3.0A motor, this device still feels good on the grip. The nice grip control will see you accomplish errorless cutting on plastic, wood and other materials.

The appliance seems to have improved versatility, compared to what the pioneering competitors have. For instance, it comes with a tool guide system, which the competitors did not have. On power, this tool is a match to the likes of FEIN MultiMaster and Bosch MX30E. These competitors may not cut a straighter line than the DWE315K. The flexibility of the roller guide is crucial for general contractors and any other user for that matter.

The QUICK-CHANGE™ Accessory system may not be that new in the industry, but it is still adds a lot of value to this tool. Changing blades is a swift action that lasts about three seconds, thus saving the user valuable time. Only when you want to fix different brand of blades will you need an Allen wrench.

The attachments that come with the package are enough to get you going, and you can add others with time. Some of the attachments are fast-cut wood blade, oscillating tool guide system, accessory adaptor and accessory storage box. Others are contractor bag, semi-circle blade and 25 sheets of sand paper.

As the first ever multi-tool from DeWalt, the DWE315K did excellently with its blade interface, user comfort and flexibility. The price maybe a little overstretched though, as many online reviewers have pointed out.

c) DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool


QUICK-CHANGE Accessory System allows changes quickly without wrenches

Having unrestrained freedom with a powerful oscillating multi-tool is blissful. The DEWALT DCS355B gives the user that kind of feeling. First, the device derives its power from a Lithium Ion battery. Add this to light weightiness and you get the perfect tool. Weighing a partly 2.8 pounds, the tool is suitable for projects at any corner of the property. Handling is top notch owing to the ergonomic grip design. This tool is 12.3 inches long, which enhances its solid compact design.

Dewalt tools are known for their speed and control combinations, so as expected, this multi-tool does not disappoint in this regard. It can deliver up to 20,000 oscillations per minute with an oscillation angle of 1.6 degrees. The item’s DUAL-GRIP handle gives the user maximum control even at the highest speeds.

It comes with another common feature for DeWalt tools- a QUICK-CHANGE Accessory System. Using this feature, you can switch from one blade to another at the twinkle of the eye without using extra tools. You only need to turn a lever, change the blade and continue working. I do not think there is a better accessory changing mechanism in the industry today, at least if you were to consider swiftness. Unfortunately, this system only supports Dewalt attachments. If you are interested in more variety, you can use the universal accessory adapter though-it works with most oscillating tool brands. It will just take you a little longer, but it is worthy the struggle if you to do some more with your tool.

Is that all about this tool? We have not even checked out its motor. Powerful and long lasting (57% extra run time than brushed type), this brushless motor will impress both newbie and pros. This means that you can complete your project faster. You will also get a fast-cut wood blade and wood with nails blade on purchasing this tool. The tool maybe a little noisy, but wearing ear muffs takes care of the problem.

Best Bosch Oscillating Tool

Bosch has always gone head to head with the best oscillating tools makers ever since they brought the 10.8V GOP. With the arrival of DeWalt a few years ago, a new rivalry was created and it is still simmering. The question of which brand is better is akin to what we have experienced with Samsung and Apple over the years-one claims to offer flawless performance while the other boasts of unbeatable quality.

Bosch oscillating tools display unbelievable quality, whether you are talking about user-friendliness, blade change mechanism or general design. The company has a wide range of tools for both DIY and heavy use. These tools come with high-level accessories including grout removers, multi material blades, wood blades and scraper blades. All these are aimed at making your sanding, scraping, cutting and sawing experiences fast and efficient. Below are three products from this manufacturer that have captured the market’s imagination.

a) Bosch Bare-Tool MXH180BL 18-Volt Brushless Oscillating Tool

Bosch Bare-Tool MXH180BL

Powerful and Fast: Corded performance without the cord

What brand comes to mind when you think of buying an oscillating tool? It is highly probable that a tool from Bosch is at the top of your list. Such a conclusion does not just happen; a brand must have proven beyond reasonable doubt that it has the clients’ needs at heart.

The Bosch Bare-Tool MXH180BL is a testament that Bosch is a force to reckon with in the brushless tools industry. As it is the norm with Bosch tools, this tool kit promises incredible run time, high power and long life. It is clear that the manufacturer listened to clients’ request for these improvements in subsequent releases.

It is unbelievable that this tool can achieve up to 20,000 OPM, considering that it is only 12.6 inches long and 3 pounds heavy. In addition, this tool boasts of a Variable-Speed Dial that allows users to use the relevant speeds for every application. Experts will say that the tool has a constant response circuitry that ensures constant speed even when the tool is under load.

We also like the accessory change system, which is a tool-free feature that excites a legion of users. Changing attachments has never been easier and quicker. With this set, you also get to enjoy a wide variety of accessories thanks to the OIS Interface System, which is a Bosch patented feature.

Not to forget ergonomics, the tool has a strong and compact build, with a soft gripped handle. It is just amazing how the designers managed to combine 10.8 pounds with so much power and agility. The design also ensures vibrations are minimal with its fortified gearing and metal gear housing. This also enhances durability and force transmission.

Do you want to know what else comes with the tool? Sorry, you have to buy the Li-Ion 4.0-Ah battery separately. Overall, this is must-consider device if an ideal oscillating tool to you means versatility, power and durability.

b) Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Bosch GOP40-30C

StarlockPlus 3-D tool-accessory interface – best-in-class grip means more torque transfer

Bosch oscillating tools tend to have two characteristics-power and smooth operation. The GOP40-30C StarlockPlus offers the same qualities, perhaps even to a higher level compared to its predecessors. If you are a keen follower of Bosch releases, you may be aware that they also have GOP40-30B. Well, the C version comes with more accessories and a more sturdy case.

Obviously, the highlight of this multi-tool kit is the StarLock Plus system. This system ensures that there is more contact surface between tool and blade, hence more efficient transfer of power. Specifically, credit goes to the 3-D tool-accessory interface, which is better than the traditional flat OIS interface found on many tools. This interface provides greater stabilization, higher torque transfer and stronger grip.

On power, we are talking about a 4A motor capable of producing 20,000 OPM. Now, does this power translate into real work? The GOP40-30C StarlockPlus is a performer. It cuts excellently, surpassing the expectations of many users, if reviews are anything to go by. With this power, this tool can handle a wide range of jobs including grout removal, scraping, plunge cutting and flush cutting. Adding the 3.0° oscillating to the flair translates into maximum accessory application and better productivity.

This is a comfortably operable tool-it weighs only 3.3 lbs and has a slim body. Despite its visibly small size, the tool does not vibrate, as most tools in this category would do. The engineers must have done extremely well on damping, and the StarLock Plus system somehow minimizes vibrations too.

Who would possibly detest the no-touch accessory change feature on the GOP40-30C StarlockPlus, even the staunchest critic of the brand? With a simple snap, you will have the on or off. The multi-tool has a special lever that makes this operation possible.

As is the norm with any appliance, there are genuine concerns too. Some users are unhappy that the variable speed dial is placed awkwardly. However, the counterargument that placing this dial at the back of the tool is for safety reasons seems to carry the day.

c) Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Oscillating Tool

Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN

Multi-X Oscillating Tool with Exact-Fit L-BOXX Tool Insert Tray

The battle of supremacy between Fein and Bosch has brought to us some of the most exciting oscillating tools, including the Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN. It is almost unbelievable that just a few years ago, Fein was the dominant force in this industry. However, the entrance of Bosch products has made everyone up their game, and consumers reap big from the competitive state of the market.

Like other tools from Bosch, the Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN is incredibly good in sanding, plunge cutting, grout removal, grinding and wood cutting. It works smoothly and efficiently, thanks to its narrow oscillation angle. A variable-speed dial, 12 Volts and up to 20,000 revolutions per minute make this machine applicable for many projects. For this combination of features is the reason this machine is renowned for consistent and controllable power. The tool is today am inseparable friend to many woodworkers and remodelers.

By now you may have noted that Bosch do not like their clients having to find accessories from other manufacturers. This bare-tool is mostly for doorjamb jobs, so accessories are expectedly few. They have included the Exact-Fit insert tray, whose role is to store tools. Needful as they are, the charger and battery interestingly come as separate accessories. There is also a screw and washer for mounting the accessory.

Going by the 1.7 Lbs weight and 13.2 inches length, the Bosch Bare-Tool PS50BN is a user-oriented tool. It is capable of handling a multitude of jobs without subjecting the user to fatigue. Its ergonomic design includes a small circumference handle with a soft grip. With its shape and weight, reaching tight corners should be easy. Moreover, the device is compatible with accessories from both Bosch and rivals. It is therefore applicable for most renovations and repair works around the home. Its power to weight ratio is OK.

Best Dremel Oscillating Tool

Dremel is a relatively late entrant into the field, but it has grown into a globally renowned brand for making reliable tools for everyone-crafters, DIYers, hobbyists, etc. Their tools are characteristically easy and comfortable to use. Every year the company is growing and producing some of the best tools in the market. Examples of their popular products are Velocity VC60 and Multi-Max MM45.

Whether you are talking about the MM40-05 or MM40-03, the result is the same- versatility and durability. Dremel has been able to win a big chunk of the market, not only for the quality of their products, but also the friendly prices.

It is for such traits that the Dremel oscillatory tool present in almost every corner of the globe. Competition from the older providers is stiff, that is for sure but the brand has cut a niche for itself. We can only watch the space to see if the manufacturer maintains its strong showing so far in future.

a) Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating

Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0

High performance 7.0 Amp motor to power through the most demanding application

How can one possibly discuss oscillating tools with the exception of one from the Dremel family? That would be an unacceptable omission. The trustworthiness of this manufacturing giant has created a global audience that keeps asking for more. That is why everyone wanted to sample the VC60-01 immediately the tool launched. Is the tool kit that good? Let’s check it out.

When you look at the 7A powerful motor and compare with the market alternatives, you realize how high this kit has raised the standards. Most competitors stop at 3A and boast of their “incomparable” power. From the motor alone, this set shows the Dremel’s seriousness in bridging the gap between rough cutting tools and ordinary oscillating tools.

A bigger motor comes with bigger responsibilities. The VC60-01 is sure to tackle bigger jobs with confidence and finesse. Most professionals will find it reliable, for not only the immense power, but also the stability foot. This feature is unique-I do not remember seeing another oscillating tool with the attachments and tools on its side. The control foot is essential for controlled and accurate cutting. The 5 degrees of oscillation is similar to what Rockwell produced a while back and left everyone dumfounded. The tool also comes with a new drive system to give faster cutting.

A tool-less accessory change is always a fascinating feature, and this set did not want to be left behind. It makes switching tools such an enjoyable task. Do you even need to forage for other accessories with all that is in the kit? The VC60-01comes with a VC490 panel blade, three MM70P paint sanding papers, three MM70W wood sanding papers and a MM450 Wood & Drywall Blade among others. Users who cut drywall, plywood and cement board will particularly like the VC490 panel blade, while the VC494 pipe suits pipe cutting.

b) Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel MM40-05

High-performance 3.8 Amp motor for the most demanding applications

We can say without batting an eyelid that this is one of the best tools in its class, both in terms of price and performance. The machine carries a 3.8A motor, which is able handle a wide array of DIY and professional jobs. Some tasks it can perform effortlessly include sanding, scraping, cutting and grout removal. Most 3.8A tools perform only a handful of tasks, unlike this versatile monster.

We also like the fact that you can operate this tool with one hand, thanks to the Up-front on/off switch. Of course, this is also enhanced by the fact that the tool weighs only 2.9 lbs. This kind of flexibility would not have been possible were it not for the Quick-Lock feature. You can change accessories effortlessly without the need for a tool. The added benefit is that with this feature, you can use numerous accessories, albeit only from Dremel.

The tool kit also has a quick hold feature that holds accessories magnetically to prevent falling off. There are a whopping 36 accessories in this kit remember, so you must have a large-scale project to need an extra accessory. Some of the accessories you find in the kit are a MM502 1/16 inch grout blade, a MM610 flexible scraper, 15 MM70W sandpaper sheets and 14 MM70P sandpaper sheets for paint.

It is rare to find an oscillating tool without issues. We do not have many drawbacks to identify in the MM40-05 though. It is just to remind you take precaution when using the blade holder-a number of users have complained of jamming.

Overall, the MM40-05 has the technology to match today’s needs for cutting, sanding and grout removal. It has a wide variety of features, which make daily tasks simple and enjoyable. Most importantly, it can help you perform at least 36 tasks! Whether you are a DIYer or top professional contractor, this kit can take your work to a higher level.

c) Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max 3.3-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max

Quick release on-tool integrated wrench: users no longer have to worry about losing their wrench

Dremel has been the leader in the oscillating tools industry for many years, so the appearance of this tool kit in this list is not a surprise. It is a totally deserved appearance because first, Dremel MM30-04 has power to blast through most jobs easily. The tool’s 3.3 amps give it the bragging rights as the most powerful tool in its category. It comes with an electronic feedback for more maintenance of powerful speeds.

This takes us to functionality of the device, which is highly enhanced by the quick hold and quick release features. Quick hold is comprises of a magnetic flange that holds an attachment in place during tightening. The quick release feature makes accessory changes extremely easy.

The Dremel MM30-04 is ideal for cutting, grinding, grout removal and sanding. Whether you are working on new flooring, cutting drywall, clearing rust from metal or installing bath, this tool gives wonderful results. Its flawless performance is attributed to a variable speed feature, which can range the oscillation speed from 10,000 to 23,000 OPM.

As the motor provides power to cut through even the toughest materials, the 3.2-degree oscillation angle ensures better performance and faster cutting. Equally important is the separate On/Off Switch whose purpose is to retain speed setting.

Comfort and control of the tool was evidently given seriousness during design. The tool is of manageable a weight of 4.3 pounds. It has a soft handle that gives the user peace of mind when working.

The number of accessories included evidences the versatility of this tool kit. There are three MM70P Sanding sheets, three MM70W Sandpaper sheets, a 1/16 inch Grout Blade and Drywall Jab Saw blade, just to name a few.

Overall, the Dremel MM30-04 is a lovable tool that encapsulates the strength and power we have seen in the manufacturer for a long time. It is compact, lightweight and applicable in numerous projects.

Best Porter Cable Oscillating Tool

Porter Cable makes reliable tools, designed to serve users for many years. Although the company has been making power tools since the 1960s, their forays into oscillating tools have not been convincing. Their oscillating tools are not necessarily suitable for pros, but they have features worth considering.

Remodeling and construction projects subject power tools to impacts and hits, but Porter Cable tools may not withstand such situations. If you need a tool to tinker with in simple projects around the home, most Porter Cable oscillating tools come in handy. The same case applies to batteries.

A comparative look at a higher-level brand, for instance DeWalt, and Porter Cable tools reveals the huge difference in quality. Transmissions and motors from Porter Cable tend to have inferior materials. The bottom line: try a Porter Cable tool if you are less concerned about professional quality and longevity than you are about the budget.

a) PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


3-amp motor delivers power to complete applications fast

Porter Cable may not be in same league with the likes of DeWalt and Bosch, but occasionally they release a competitive tool to give the big guns a run for their money. The PCE605K52 is one such tool.

Many users are looking for this multi-tool, not only for its outrageous number of accessories, but also because it is such a sturdy set. Many oscillating tools disappoint when they meet heavy projects, so the rush for this tool is expected.

We know what the number of accessories means to a professional contractor. Being able to do all the scraping, sanding, cutting and grinding using a single tool is always a plus. This multi-tool can do virtually everything in the jobsite. Although the bulk (35) of these accessories is sand papers, there are also several Precision woodcutting blades, Grout removal blades, rigid scrapers and flexible scrapers.

An oscillating tool kit without a Tool Free System for changing blades is unlikely to make any inroads in the competitive market, so it is not surprising to find this feature on this kit. This system allows users to change and adjust accessories easily.

Jobsites demand more than average power like what the 3-amp motor gives. Quality design is evident because this tool has a nice control of its vibrations. Unfortunately, it is a bit noisy so ear protection is a necessity.

This tool enhances convenience in the jobsite through its popular depth/cutting guide. The feature is comes in handy when you are making plunge cuts and long cuts. Even with the guide, the tool is easy to handle. You can hold it at the middle, back or front and still get satisfactory results. With the tool’s 10-foot cable, users can handle a wide range of projects. For more flexibility, there is a cordless variety, but you need to dig deeper into your pocket for it.

In summary, anyone needs a tool for occasional light projects can use the PCE605K52 with minimal complaints. There are issues with the body overheating and limited availability of blades.

b) PORTER CABLE PCC710B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool


2 Finger TOOL-FREE SYSTEM makes adjusting and changing accessories quick and easy

This cordless oscillating tool may not be the best ever to have come from Porter Cable, but it has still proven its mettle through its features and capabilities. It comes with a 20-volt Lithium Ion battery whose power will help you complete most projects without problems. However, the PCC710B is a bare tool item so you need to buy the battery separately.

The most recognizable feature of the PCC710B is the 2 Finger TOOL-FREE SYSTEM. It adds immense convenience to the tool, by making accessories changes and adjustments extremely easy. Do you usually work in darkened environments? This tool has an inbuilt LED work light that increases visibility. On comfort, the 3-position overmold grip does excellently to reduce vibrations.

Variable speed dial feature means that you can set the tool to any speed between 8000 and 18000, depending on work. With 18,000 oscillations per minute, this tool is well over the average for oscillating tools (16,000 OPM) – it will drill sizeable holes with no problem whatsoever.

Lightweight and relatively compact, this device is ergonomic enough to give user comfort on the job. Although it looks a little elongated, this machine has a balanced weight. The 20-V bottle sits on one end, while the blade and its holding features cancel out this weight on the opposite end.

You have to love the generosity demonstrated by Porter Cable by including 20 accessories in this set. These include 14 sanding papers, Sanding Platen, Rigid Scraper, Bi-Metal Blade and Carbide Grout Blade.

You can throw this small cordless tool into your backpack. It can reach those tight spots that many other tools struggle to. Users have a lot of praise for the tool, mostly for its convenience and performance. So, if you need a portable tool that could work anywhere in the house, this tool is worth considering.

c) PORTER-CABLE PCE606K 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 11 Accessories


3 Amp Motor delivers power to complete applications fast

This 11-piece multi-tool kit contains most of the tools you would need to sand, cut, grind and scrape. You never know which task might come up in the home; this is a nice tool to add to your store.

One thing we find appealing about the tool is light weightiness-Some oscillating tools can be quite heavy and burdensome to the user. The PCE606K weighs 5.4 pounds, which is generally acceptable considering the market standards. With this kind of weight, reaching to those far corners has never been easier.

The main unit, the PORTER-CABLE PCE606K boasts of a 3.0A motor, which is capable of producing quality power in fast cutting jobs. Together with the main tool are eight sand papers, a wood/metal blade, a sanding plate, a wood blade and a kit bag. This is good for a start, and remember you can always add more attachments if need be.

When it comes to changing or adjusting the attachments, the TOOL FREE SYSTEM blade change helps. The system, which is now common with modern oscillating tools, does not need any bolts or wrenches. Whether you are professional contractor or DIYer, this should be a favorite feature of the tool.

With its three gripping positions, this tool provides a solution against vibrations and discomfort. You can grip it on the front, rear and middle. In other words, you hold it where you feel most comfortable. To crown convenience, the PORTER-CABLE PCE606K comes with an 8-foot cord, so you can as well forget about grappling with extension cables.

You can change speed according to the task, within the range of 10,000 to 22,000 OPM, using the variable speed dial. This capability makes the tool suitable for a wide range of jobs including air ducts, pipes and cables. The tool will also sand down wood, sand and plaster easily.

Best Rockwell Oscillating Tool

The success of Rockwell in the power tools industry is out there for everyone to see. After coming into the limelight in 1994, the company has maintained high standards and earned respect from friend and foe alike. Oscillating tools produced under this name reflect innovative technology suitable for both tradesmen and DIYers.

Most of the manufacturer’s tools are renowned for their value and quality. Their best oscillating tools are cordless and are highly touted for their runtime, dependability, lightweight and power. Drawing from their immense experience, the company creates oscillating tools to serve both worksite and home based users. Note that while all their tools are of the highest quality, the come with different power ratings. Go for higher-powered units for quicker results and better cuts.

Remodelers and homebuilders are fond of Rockwell oscillating tools, but workers from other trades have also started coming in as the number of accessories increases.  Rockwell has at least 30 accessories, so if your multi-tool is restricted to sanding and cutting, this is your chance to explore the endless world of oscillating tools.

a) Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter

Powerful 4.2-Amp motor with constant speed control won’t stall under heavy loads

If you have been using oscillating tools for a while, you know that a tool’s oscillation angle is highly valued-probably the only thing more important than speed and power. If you also handled the Rockwell F50 and saw the marvels of the Duotech feature, brace yourself for even more excitement. The Rockwell F80 Duotech comes two options: 5.0º and 3.4º oscillating angles. This is the first tool in the market to have such a feature. Users can now enjoy continuous control with 3.4º and aggressive performance with 5.0º oscillating angle. These wide oscillating angles could have been a serious setback for the tool if the tool did not have the counterweight that balances off the vibrations for smooth operation.

While many oscillating tools are very choosy when it comes to the blades you can use, the Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 comes with an exciting universal fit system-brand does not matter. This versatility is without doubt going to suit a huge section of users.

Blade changing is one of the most frustrating areas for oscillating tool users. The need to use Allen keys and other types of tools can delay tasks or simply render them undoable. That is why we rate the Hyperlock Blade changing system on this tool. With its 1-ton clamping force, this feature is one that the market will embrace.

Now, check out the accessories that accompany this tool. They have six blade types, sanding disk and sanding sheet. In total, there are 10 accessories to add to the carry bag and tool. The toolbox is awesome with its large compartments.

To conclude, the Rockwell 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 is an impressive tool that is suitable for many DIY and home projects. While the highlights of this corded tool are the quick tool changing mechanism and two oscillating angles, there are attractive features such as variable speed control and compact design.

b) Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50

Universal Fit System accepts all major brands of blades, sanders, and other accessories to be used on the F50

We mentioned Rockwell 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 in the above review, but now is the time to focus on this fascinating tool thoroughly. Like the F80, this tool comes with an ever-reliable 4.0A motor.

Working with this tool is extremely easy thanks to the Hyperlock tool holding system. At least four models can use the system, which has an impressive 1-ton holding force. A noticeable part of this system is the lever, whose purpose is to loosen the accessory flange with the least force possible. You will be able to switch from one job to another within the shortest time if you use this tool.

In the same breadth, the universal fit system makes this tool flexible. The universal interface in is all you need to take advantage of the 25 accessories offered by Rockwell for all your sanding, scraping and a host of other jobs.

When it came out, the RK5141K F50 Sonicrafter was the pioneer in the 5-dgrees of oscillation phenomenon. Though the F80 has since taken the mantle, this does not negate what the F50 is capable of doing in this regard. If you are looking for a fast cutting tool with easy control, this oscillating tool fits the bill.

Oscillating tools vibrate attachments on their tips as they reach tight areas. Unfortunately, these vibrations can be a hindrance; they may even border on hazardous. Ergo, countering the vibrations on the user is crucial. The F50 Kit comes with a Vibrafree Counterweight Technology that keeps these vibrations and accompanying noise in check to provide a smooth cutting experience.

How well does the tool fit the hands? Well, users say that the tool is generally comfortable. One can use it hours on end without getting fatigued. For its price tag and looking for similar tools in the market, it is good value for money.

c) Rockwell 3.0 Amp Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool

Rockwell 3.0 Amp Sonicrafter

Universal Fit System accepts other brand accessories

Positec USA have released yet another performance minded multi-tool for all home improvers and DIYs. This tool is designed to tackle a myriad of projects including the common shaping, sanding and cutting. Its versatility and quality saw it make to top ten of many oscillation tool reviews in 2016.

Are you frustrated when you have to change from one blade or attachment to another? The designers seem to have thrown that problem into the dustbin. The universal fit system is so effective that it can accommodate at least 25 accessories. It is extremely easy to use regardless of the angle.

With its 3.2-degrees oscillating angle, the RK5121 is close to the 3.4-degrees offered by newer models from Fein. Oscillation angle is essential for a tool’s performance, so you can expect this equipment to meet expectations.

Another essential and popular part of the kit is the Hyperlock and universal fit system. The universal interface will become your friend when you need to use an oscillating tool on any Rockwell blade. You can imagine all that you can accomplish, considering there are 25 accessories from Rockwell.

The manufacturer seems to have thought about the power needed by a tool of this caliber too. The tool comes with a 3.0A motor, which is believed to be capable of providing an amazing 10kg of force.

We did not see any feature for offsetting vibrations on the tool, but light weightiness will obviously in favor of the user. The item weighs only 5.7 pounds, meaning it is controllable and comfortable. As the manufacturer would say, a combination of high power and 3.2-degrees oscillating angle only makes the tool faster and more efficient, rather than making it uncomfortable to the hands.

To crown everything, this tool comes with a variable speed dial, 26 sanding sheets, a carry bag, rigid scraper blade and other accessories. Overall, this is a great tool for DIYers and any other person who does projects casually. It is affordable, easy to use and performs many functions.

Are Bosch and DeWalt Really the Only Oscillating Tools You Should Consider?

Conventional power tools are unable to do plunge cuts and many other maneuvers, so oscillating tools came to fill this gap. Oscillating tools are capable of penetrating any imaginable space give convincing results. Today, there are a numerous brands of oscillating tools, with Bosch, Dewalt and Dremel among the companies running the show.

While these brands rely on the basic oscillating technology, there can be marked disparity when it comes to specs-cord length, oscillation angle, revolutions per minute etc. Whichever way you look at the industry, there seems to be three distinct categories of manufacturers. There are the highly reputable players who lead in innovation and product sales, specifically the companies we mentioned in the paragraph above. Then there are the alternatives, which do not lag far much behind. Finally, we have basic tools that are good enough to accomplish the job, but not as excellently as the first two. Basic tools have few tools and are usually less powerful.

While some brands are far ahead of others in certain respects, there is nothing as one size fits all in this industry. There is an oscillating tool for every budget and for every user, whether professional or the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. For instance, Dremel was previously renowned for rotary tools, but they have since introduced powerful and likeable tools. Personally, I am drawn to the Rockwell tools because of their compact designs and universality. What’s your preference?

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