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Nails, pins, staples or any other metal debris are not restricted to the inside of the home. They can also get lost in the grass and pose dangers to tires, pets, and kids and so on. If you recently had a renovation project or the neighbor just erected a structure taller than your fence, a thorough cleanup is necessary. Several decades ago, you would have needed a group of people to comb the lawn for any leftover metal pieces. Today, we present to you a tool that uses an olden mechanism-magnetism.

The magnetic sweeper is applicable in a wide range of environments including commercial spaces, offices and homes. After the home renovation project is over and you sweep the area using a regular broom, chances are that some metal pieces will remain on the ground. Acquire a good magnetic sweeper to do the job for you safely and effortlessly.

The design of a magnetic sweeper is simple but very effective-a magnetized push broom with some buttons (and wheels in most cases). One of the buttons is for releasing the captured pieces. Nowadays, many homeowners are buying the best magnetic sweeper for grass to clear the mess when the contractor is done.

We are excited to share with you some of the best magnetic sweepers for grass available in the market. This rundown shows that magnetic sweepers for grass come from different manufacturers. Consequently, slight differences in design are expected. We tried as much as possible to group these products in terms of design characteristics to make the comparisons easier. That means that your most suitable magnetic sweeper could as well be the last on this list. You want to read the review up to the end.

Magnetic Sweeper Reviews

Best Handheld Magnetic Sweepers For Grass


1. AJC 070-MS 10-Inch Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper

AJC 070-MS

140lbs pulling power length: 10 inch

Whether you are a lawn care specialist or homeowner seeking to rid the grass of metallic debris left by the contractor or otherwise, it is important to get a powerful and comfortable magnetic sweeper. What you need is a tool like the AJC 070-MS 10-Inch Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper. It has all the attributes needed for a clean and professional job, yet it is simple in design.

As you can expect of a tool from a reputable manufacturer, the AJC 070-MS features a functional design that promises years of service. The biggest selling point of this product from AJC has to be the high quality magnet embedded inside the strong housing. It will easily collect brackets, tools and pieces of metal from the tallest grass. It comes with a heavy stainless steel box that holds all the debris as you move across the surface. It is large so it will probably clean up a typical lawn in a couple of sweeps.   

A product like the AJC 070-MS 10-Inch Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper can reach under items and other places that a normal broom cant, making your clean up job better. The slender design is not just for low weight; it lets you get into all corners of the compound. Do not forget that this sweeper features a large surface area defined by 32*5*17 inches; cleaning large areas on the grass has never been easier.

Although we did not see any wear pads on the bottom of the device, we still believe that this device has what it takes to clean up your lawn for many years, even if you use it daily. The stainless steel magnetic box looks sturdy and ready to withstand elements such as snow and the summer heat.

You do not need to shake the magnet loose or worry about intricate release system. Keep the shards and screws on the machine until you are ready to drop them in the bin. This magnetic sweeper for grass comes with a quick release feature. Once you have collected the metal pieces, releasing them is made easy by just releasing the spring-loaded quick release to dislodge quickly.


2. Fabcell Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool


Be able to sweeps driveways, garage floors and other large areas quickly, and holds tight onto items weighing up to 33 lbs capacity

This aluminum made magnetic sweeper features a tiny round face, but it is extremely powerful when it comes to sweeping your yard clean of all metallic debris to prevent injuries and punctures. Do not be mistaken, it has a long enough handle to ensure your back does not strain after the task. After you are done, you can reduce this length to 21 inches for easy storage.

The telescopic handle allows for this amazing flexibility on the Fabcell Telescoping Magnetic Pickup tool. Telescopic means that sections of the tool are designed to slide into each other. Note also that the product comes with a 180-degree rotatable magnet base, a feature that allows you to collect debris at different angles without reducing effectiveness.

If the debris on your grass is less than 33 pounds in weight, this tool will clear it in one round. Interestingly, this tool is a lightweight at a mere 1.04 pounds. You can work with it all day without breaking a sweat, but still achieve so much more than a vacuum can. Even more, the powerful magnet and the slender design mean that you can retrieve debris or tools from hard to reach ends of the yard.

As if the lightweight is not enough, this magnetic sweeper for grass features a telescopic handle with a comfortable rubber grip. You will not even wish the tool had wheels. In addition, the tool was designed to last.

While some users have had some negative experience with stainless steel items, this sweeper is ideal for collecting small metal objects on grass. If you recently worked with screws and nails on the grass, this tool will come in handy. Simply walk through the surface with the device and then hold it over a dustbin. Wipe it off in seconds and you are done.

Powerful magnet, easy to use, versatile and durable- this is definitely a must-have magnetic sweeper for grass. For the excellent features and the performance it gives, we give this machine at least a 4.5-star rating. Does it impress you too?


3. SE 8036TM-NEW Telescopic Magnet Pick-Up, 30″

SE 8036TM

Ideal for finding metal nuts, bolts, screws, and other metal pieces

This magnetic sweeper from SE also impressed us because of its low weight, sleek design and excellent performance. It is an ideal tool to have for all those metallic pieces lost in the grass or other areas inaccessible to eyes and hands, including under equipment on your lawn. How does it fit grass surface applications?

First, it weighs in at only 0.48 ounces, so you can use it for throughout the day and still have some energy left for a session in the gym. We see convenience in its extendable shaft that ranges from 7 inches collapsed to 30 inches extended. This gives you freedom to use the tool at different positions.

The extendable feature comes with an incredible 15 pounds. Pick up capacity so you can sweep a sizeable amount of surface. You do not have to worry about the weather outside because the stainless steel body will withstand that. The black handle features a comfortable grip that also ensures complete control of the tool even when using it in those hard to reach areas.

Though small, this SE Magnetic Sweeper takes care of stray metal screws and nails after your DIY project on the grass. However, you need to take care if you have internal medical devices or pacemakers. Magnets tend to interfere with these components. We feel we must mention this because the device is so small in the collapsed state that you can put it in the jacket pocket, thus bringing it close to the mentioned metallic components.

As a small tool, you can expect the SE 8036TM-NEW-2 30″ Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool to be vulnerable to damage if mishandled. For example, you want to restrict it to metals within its capacity. If you do, you will enjoy its usefulness not only on grass, but also in the office, garage among other places.

This product is affordable and available in different stores. Consider getting the one-pack or two-pack size for the best value for your money in the magnetic sweeper market.


Best Wheeled Push Broom Magnetic Sweeper For Grass


1. Magnetic Floor Sweeper Push-Type

Magnetic Floor Sweeper Push-Type

Wheels are 3

Your search for an easy to use, efficient and highly reliable push-type magnetic sweeper ends here. Topping this category is this product loved for its powerful magnet and wide magnetic surface. It boasts of a 14.5” SWEEPING PATH that allows you to cover large areas of grass at one go.

This coverage would not make sense were it not for the powerful magnet at the bottom of the machine. At about 30 pounds of pull, the magnet can comfortably carry up to 225 8-penny nails according to a nail pick-up test conducted by the manufacturer. In other words, you can sweep large areas of the ground without the need to release the debris.

Also contributing to the superb performance of the magnetic floor sweeper push-type with wheels are the 3-inch diameter wheels that come with tough rubber tread. Even on slippery grass, the device will still have good control. Steel bushings on the wheels make the product one of the most maneuverable ones.

Like other Master Magnetics push-style sweepers, this product features a long and sturdy handle. A comfortable grip is placed at the top, allowing you to control as you would a push broom or carpet sweeper. Interestingly, this product is easier to use than a vacuum cleaner. While this handle is strong, mishandling can break it before you even know it. Usually, the screw gives in for such handles. So check on that as you use this wonderful product.

Sometimes the weather can be tough yet you want to rid of metal shreds from the grass. This product does not limit you because it has an aluminum housing that protects the magnet from elements. Even if there are machinery or furniture on the lawn, the 1” x 1” x 14.5” frame will reach under without problems.

Some users may be concerned about the distance between magnet and ground, but they just have to put this product to test. Remember that Master Magnetics, Inc. is a globally renowned magnet manufacturer and retailer so whatever is under that housing must be of the highest quality.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with this Master Magnetics product, whether you are a professional or do-it-yourselfer. Its price is also very attractive.


2. Magnetic Sweeper Heavy Duty Push-Type

Magnetic Sweeper Heavy Duty Push-Type

Master Magnetics push-style sweepers have long handles with rubber grips, allowing you to push this rolling magnet like a carpet sweeper or push broom. Yet, it's easier to use than a vacuum or broom.

It is not a surprise that Master Magnetics have another product on this list of the best magnetic sweepers for grass. Like the one we have just reviewed, this product suits both commercial and home use. It is not only easy to use, but also comes with some very relevant features.

The device has the power to sweep the grass clean with a few runs. Its heavy-duty rolling magnet can carry a load of up to 233 pounds weight. To put this in perspective, the manufacturer performed a nail pick-up test where the machine returned 300 pieces of 8-penny nails. Definitely, this is the tool to grab if you do not want to spend the whole day collecting debris on the grass.

Users will value the 14″ sweeping path that allows the device to cover a wide area at one go. To help you work without straining the back, the Magnetic Sweeper Heavy Duty Push comes with s 48-inch handle. On it is a very comfortable rubber grip to enhance control. Once you are done collecting the metal debris, releasing into the dustbin is easy. Simply pull the load-release handle. Even if you do not have gloves, you will not be exposing your hands to sharp debris as with other products.

The wheels were designed for tough conditions so they should work on grass regardless of outdoor conditions. They feature rubber treads for increased control and a sturdy rim for longevity. What strikes the eyes the most are the size- 6″ inches diameter with steel rims. This offers enough clearance and strength to cover even the uneven sections of the yard, while still being able to go under any item.

As with other products from Master Magnetics, the magnet is of the highest quality. Furthermore, it is placed in a very reliable housing that keeps off effects of elements. Therefore, you can be confident of using this product for many years.

Overall, the reliability, ease of use, longevity and affordable price make the Master Magnetics 14-inch Magnet Sweeper ideal for clearing grass of debris. It is highly recommendable for both home and commercial use.


3. go2buy Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper with Release Handle and Wheels

go2buy Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper

36’’ Rolling magnetic sweeper made of high quality aluminum, plastic, magnet and iron

This heavy-duty magnetic sweeper from go2buy is also a worthy entrant to this list. From the outlook alone, you can tell that the product can sweep large areas within a short time. At 36 inches width, the product is ideal for sweeping large lawns.

Do not worry about those minor bumps on ground. This magnetic sweeper for grass comes with enough clearance that is aided by the pair of 17.5cm wheels. This design is so versatile that you can use it on other surfaces including carpet, floor and concrete with the same admirable results. Moreover, user effort is minimal.

Users will also thank for the Telescopic handle, whose length range of 75.5cm- 101.5cm helps avoid unnecessary straining and back bending. We love the quick release feature; it makes easy and quick work the release of collected debris.

Construction wise, this machine is very impressive. As you use it, you get a feeling of durability and strength that only a device made from high quality iron, aluminum, plastic and magnet can offer. To add to the materials, the manufacturer coated the tool with silver powder paint for a classy finish. This combination has made the go2buy Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper with Release Handle and Wheels, 36 Inches very effective for collecting metal debris, washers, nails, screws and other particles in grass.

Are you asking about the capacity of the device? We have outlined several awesome characteristics of the go2buy Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper, but none beats the fact that a product weighing in at 17.9 pounds can manage a capacity of 40POUNDS-more than double its weight.

Does the product fail to impress in any way? Perhaps, the only drawback would be ground clearance on extremely bumpy lawns. But you can always adjust the height and get going. You may want to ask a technician for help, though this should not cost much.


Best Mount Magnetic Sweeper For Grass


1. Shields Company T-36 Load Release 3-in-1

Shields Company T-36

Construction is heavy gauge steel and aircraft-grade aluminum housing

When you want to collect debris from a large stretch of grass, a large magnetic sweeper comes in handy. This sweeper from Shields Company is ideal not only for its size, but also for its all-weather nature, different configurations and perfect performance. It is evident that the manufacturer put some serious thought into the design.

It does not matter what kind of vehicle you intend to use. Though the Shields Company T-36 Load Release 3-in-1 Tow behind Magnetic Sweeper is primarily meant for vehicle towing, it’s accommodating to all towing machines. What makes it even more enticing is the fact that it suits all types of terrain or weather condition. Use this device to remove dangerous debris even in grooved sections of the lawn.

If there were any limit to what you can achieve, then it has to be from the towing vehicle. We say this because even the wheels of this magnetic sweeper are puncture-proof as they are made from extremely tough Solid Rubber. They also feature sealed-bearing to prevent any damage. The large sized housing is of aircraft-grade aluminum while the rest of the components are heavy gauge steel.

We love the versatility exhibited by this device. Sometimes, you want to use it as a suspension. The handle can give way so you can use the sturdy hooks to suspend the sweeper. To help use the device in different applications, an impressive 3-inch ground clearance characterizes this product.

Since this kind of tool requires careful maintenance, the manufacturer has put close attention to components that need cleaning and care. You will not find any cleaning tray or exposed part. Cleaning the device is easy thanks to the internal load release feature.

Because vehicular and lawn requirements can differ, Shields Company has a few options for you. Apart from the 36″ magnetic sweepers, others are sizes 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches. Of course, the larger magnetic sweepers cost more, but they offer excellent value for money. The manufacturer offers unconditional performance guarantee for the 55 pounds heavy T-36 and all the other products.


2. Auto Release 3-Way Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper

Auto Release 3-Way

Towable magnet can be towed from a variety of vehicles

To rid metal debris on your grass in the most thorough manner, you could also use this serious looking tow-behind magnetic sweeper from MagSweeper. We love the fact that the product can be towed by any type of vehicle that can move on your grass. It is designed to make sweeping large stretches of grass easy work.

Made from the very reliable heavy-gauge steel and featuring aircraft-grade aluminum housing, this product can withstand harsh sweeping environments. The tough aluminum construction ensures that the housing resists corrosion and offers an excellent high strength to weight ratio. As you can guess, the heavy gauge steel offers the product the necessary longevity and sturdiness.

The product comes with sizeable wheels meaning that it will handle heavy-duty work easily. Tough rims and rubber treads on the wheels make the Auto Release 3-Way Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper ideal for a wide range of ground conditions, including slippery surface. They are also suitable for delicate grass.

Another advantage presented by this product is an extra wide sweeping- 36 inches. Sweeping larger areas of the lawn could not be faster and easier. With a comfortable ground clearance, picking large pieces of metal is also easier than one can imagine. The handle works all right, but you can remove it to use suspension mounting on your tractor or forklift.

Then there is the Internal Auto-Release feature. Once you have picked the metal objects and debris from the grass, releasing them is easy.  Just release the handle at the top and everything every piece of metal will come down tumbling. This means your cleanup will be faster and easier too.

Pick lost items, both large and small, on your grass with confidence offered by the powerful magnets inside the housing.  Because of the quality cover, the magnets retain their quality for decades.


3. Terminator 2-in-1 Dual Purpose

Terminator 2-in-1 Dual Purpose

Industrial Magnet Constructed of heavy gauge steel and aluminum

Another Shields Company Magnetics product comes in the form of this large and effective magnetic sweeper christened as the “Terminator”. Ideal for different applications, this entry-level sweeper features industry-grade components, a reason we believe it will become popular among users in both commercial and home settings.

Perhaps, the most impressive feature on this device is immense capability. With its powerful 48″-width magnet, this product collects loads of steel debris from grass and other surfaces. It gives great performance even on rough surfaces thanks to the large smooth-running 8″ wheels. You can mount this machine to different vehicles, most preferably a forklift for best performance.

This product is not named the “Terminator” for nothing. Its performance lives to this name in every aspect. It will outlast many items in your garage if the construction is anything to go by. Its heavy-duty construction will stand different weather conditions and harsh job conditions. The goodness is that you can convert it to forklift sweeper magnet in a flash. This is probably why the manufacturer calls this product “2-in-1 Dual Purpose”.

Like other sweepers from Shields Company Magnetics, the Terminator 2-in-1 Dual Purpose comes with a very effective debris removal mechanism. Once you are done sweeping the lawn, simply push down the release lever. Never mind that you will need to bend to pull the release lever. The handle is long so you do most of the cleaning in an upright position.

We definitely love the ease of use of this tow-behind magnetic sweeper. Alongside the release lever, features that will impress any use include the sturdy handle and relatively low weight. The 2 inches ground clearance makes it all possible to utilize the exciting features fully.

As you drive through the lawn at a speed of up to 8 mph, you might not be overly pleased to know that the product you are using has a one-year warranty, but we are convinced that it is worth taking.


How To Choose The Best Magnetic Sweeper For Grass

It is fair to say that the most important component in a magnetic sweeper is the magnet. Magnets within the sweeper generate a pull force that makes ferromagnetic materials to embed on surface.  “Ferromagnetic material” refers to any material that reacts to a magnetic force. Such a material contains gadolinium, nickel, iron, or cobalt element. The larger this force is, the more materials that the magnetic sweeper for grass attracts. This takes us back to the holding power of a magnet, which is one of the considerations of the best magnetic sweeper for grass.

Remember that overall size does not determine the holding power. Therefore, do not make the mistake of rushing for the sweeper with the largest magnet thinking that it will be the best. Many factors determine the holding power of magnet, but we will not go into those details for now. Instead, we look at a few things that define the best magnetic sweeper for grass.

A good magnetic sweeper adds value to your property in various ways. First, it simplifies your cleanup process. It also offers better service than a broom, which tends to be labor intensive. It comes in handy if you are sweeping in dimly lit areas.

The best magnetic sweeper for grass should also come with a versatile design. That is, it should not be at the mercy of weather variations. Whether you are clearing metal debris on the grass during the rainy season or in light snow, the device should be powerful enough to work excellently in all those scenarios.


Most of the best magnetic sweepers for grass in the market feature a permanent magnet, made of either rare earth or ceramic material. A stronger magnetic field is preferable so you had better go for rare earth magnet. The bottom line is to check the grade of the magnet as it affects how powerful the magnetic field is. The most popular sweeper manufacturers use permanent magnets that do not need regular charging.

Does the product have the power to lift sizeable debris from your grass? The manufacturer specs are obviously the first hint when you want to ascertain this information. If this information is not available, check out their videos. They will always give a good idea. Sometimes, these too are unavailable. If a store cannot offer the information, you probably want to send the product back. The point is that magnetic sweepers have different capabilities and you cannot always tell that from the appearance.  You do not want to end up with an unnecessarily large magnetic sweeper for grass.

“Wipe Off”

For a magnetic sweeper for grass, there is a likelihood of weeds or grass pushing debris backward on the device bottom. This is popularly referred to as “wipe-off.” This undesirable characteristic may lead to debris falling off after being pushed out of the magnetic field. It is common for sweepers that feature a housing that is too big for the magnet. Fortunately, you can evade this problem by going for sweepers that feature a “Wrap Around” component. In this case, the debris may still be pushed to the back, but when it does, it remains on position.


Visualize yourself sweeping your lawn using the best magnetic sweeper for grass.  Which is the most comfortable height for you? When you intend to clean up grass, the biggest injustice you can do to yourself is to pick a product with only 1-inch sweeping height.  Such a sweeper may not push through the lawn smoothly. Go for at least 2-inch sweeping height to compliment the “wrap around” feature.

Some people use the Magnetic Sweeper Pickup Power as a measure of the capability of the device. In fact, some manufacturers tend to use Gauss (magnetic induction unit) to gauge their products. We think this is a misuse of the parameter because the strength of a magnet depends on size/weight of the magnet and strength of the material.

Since pickup power is such a complicated topic, it is better to base capability of the best magnetic sweeper for grass on height. Ask the retailer the maximum height for the device. As suggested earlier, go for at least two inches, which you can ascertain with a nail.


As you plan to buy the best magnetic sweeper for grass, it is important to take some time and think about how you will be cleaning off the debris. What do you have to do? Do you need to use the hand? Does the sweeper feature a removable sleeve or lever? How does the product discard debris? All these are important operation questions that you cannot afford to ignore. If you can find out what other users have said about the product, the better. The above list has covered a few of these operational aspects to help you choose.

Housing Size

Buyers tend to compare magnetic sweepers by housing depth and width. Again, this is not a good idea. The main job of the housing is to hold the magnets. However, do not think that housing size is always indicative of magnetic power carried by the product. Magnets can be very expensive, so some unethical manufacturers will use small sized magnets or simply space them within the housing.

To avoid buying a product with an empty housing, ask the manufacturer for details of the magnets they have used. The genuine ones will usually oblige. In fact, the best ones will provide the information before you even request them to. The best magnetic sweeper for grass comes with magnets lined end to end for the best performance. Some even feature multiple layers of magnets.



Woodworkers, metalworkers and homeowners are just some of the people discovering the importance of the best magnetic sweeper for grass. There is no point of being on your knees to gather those metal shavings and screws and leave others on the grass, yet stores are stocking a wide range of magnetic sweepers. These products are necessary whether you want to reduce risk of injury or just prevent tire punctures.

Our list comprises of perfectly engineered products that are easy to use and largely affordable. From this list, one or several sweepers could suit your needs. Some are designed for heavy-duty work while others are ideal for a small lawn.  The point is that there is a product for any job, big or small. Remember, using the ideal tool for the job will help you pick up the metal debris correctly and faster.

Did you find the best magnetic sweeper for grass? Let us know in the comments section how well it served you.

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