Best Magnetic Drill Press – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

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A decade ago, the number of brands or varieties of magnetic drill presses in the market was countable. Today, the reverse is true. The tools are now some of the most popular in the power tools category. What has caused this shift? Two things: The best magnetic drill presses boast of modern technology coupled with manufacturers’ desire to improve user experience.

Who needs a magnetic drill press? If you own a garage or workshop, you probably are having it rough if you do not have this device. A power tool is ideal for drilling applications in industrial sites, workshops and even home environment should not be missing from your cabinet.  

With the full knowledge of the versatility presented by these tools, we have presented an exciting guideline on a wide range of the best magnetic drill presses. These products are largely compact and lightweight.  

We picked this lineup from the best providers in the market so far. Therefore, you can expect to find products from Bosch, Dewalt and a few other manufacturers that have proven their quality over the years.

Concisely, the typical drill press makes holes in wood, metal and several other materials. A magnetic drill press is special because it is synonymous with metalwork pieces. It uses magnetic strength to hold the material in place. This machine has a drilling tool whose main weapon is the cutting edge.

A Morse taper or chuck holds the cutting tool in place. You can accomplish so much with the best magnetic drill press- tapping, reaming, counter-boring, boring etc. As you will see from the products reviewed, most of the best magnetic drill presses have the versatility to do many operations.

The name of the device should not intimidate you. The machine’s design is straightforward, and setting it up the equipment and work piece is equally simple regardless of the model or type of magnetic drill press.

When you are looking for the best magnetic drill press for your application, you will be looking at a few things, most importantly the capacity. While we will focus on these factors a little later in this discussion, you might want to note that the piece of stock that the drill can accommodate is a crucial parameter.

Magnetic Drill Press Reviews

High End Magnetic Drill Presses


1. Milwaukee 4270-21 9 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit

Milwaukee 4270-21

Weighs 26-1/2 pounds, comfortable carrying handle, cutter wrenches stored on-board

It does not matter what your drilling needs are; the Milwaukee 4270-21 9-Amp will be an awesome addition in your workshop. Armed with a 9.0 amp motor and a capability to deliver 1.1 maximum horsepower, this machine can drill as many holes as you want. Combining this power with flexibility makes the drill press ideal for tool for making sizeable diameter holes using both twist drill bits and annular cutters. With the twist drill bits, the machine can make holes as deep as 4-1/4-inches while the annular cutters it can dig holes 2-inch deep with annular cutters.

Apart from the power, what other reasons is Milwaukee 4270-21 9-Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit is regarded one of the best magnetic drill presses for remote drilling? Weighing in at a very low 26-1/2 pounds, this device is perfect for drilling overhead steel. Add this to the extremely comfortable handle and you have a tool that will not disappoint you in any project that needs a combination of power and maneuvering. Even more, you can relocate this handle the side tool-free.

Simplicity is also part of this exciting magnetic drill press. The tool has to be one of the easiest to operate in its class. The feed handle and the simple two-button control panel are placed far from each other to prevent interference. Users will also fall in love with the compact design as it suits tight spaces and household applications.

Since the tool comes with both twist drill bits and normal standard cutter, the user has several options. Use the twist drill bits for deep holes and the normal cutter for small 2-inch holes.

On safety, the Milwaukee 4270-21 9-Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit scores highly. The manufacturer’s eye for safety is evidenced by the inclusion of the nicely designed turn-off component, which keeps the user in control in case of the need to stop the machine abruptly.

When you consider the low weight, then you understand why some people may complain about problems handling some heavy-duty work. Adding more power, as some users may desire, may not really offer any value as the tool is already too light for cutting thicker metal.

Who needs this drill press? If you are short of space or need to drill metal at weird locations, this is the tool for you. The compact design of this electromagnetic drill press kit makes it very suitable for households. What really makes the tool stand out is the small weight and compact design, alongside the flexibility of using either the twist drill bits or standard cutter.

If you ask me, nothing should stop you from adding this fantastic electromagnetic drill press in your tools collection. Safety, versatility, user-friendliness; name them. This product has the qualities and features to justify its price.

2. DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch


Magnetic coolant bottle can be placed on either side of tool or on a work surface

What counts in the best magnetic drill press is how well power and versatility are combined. The DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch should be on top of the shopping list for any person who values overall quality.

Starting with the motor, this machine can deliver up to 10 amps. Combining this with the 2-speed setting allows the tool to be applied diversely. With this kind of power, the magnetic drill press can cut through thick steel effortlessly. What more, the motor power is also an assurance that such work will be complete in a blink of an eye.

No one wants to take his or her tools to repair every now and then, not just from the economics viewpoint, but also because it wastes a lot of valuable time. For some time now, using different magnetic drill press models has been a nightmare. The likelihood of internal components overheating is a justified concern among users. Fortunately, the DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press has such fears put to rest. Its overload protection is the secret. It protects the motor from damage and wear/tear.

On versatility, you cannot just fault this magnetic drill press. It is obvious that with a tool so powerful, you will want to work on different projects without problems. The 2-Speed Settings sorts any concerns in this area. Setting at either 450 or 350 RPM may appear limiting, but this versatility has been a welcome relief for many users who have had to contend with singular settings before. Of course, several other tools feature more settings, but they do not necessarily offer the quality of the DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch.

One of the features no one can afford to ignore is the Quick Change chuck system. For mag drill press of this nature, ease of use ranks very highly. This system allows you to use the powerful machine as if it was a simple one. Even a new user will find it extremely easy to handle.

Are you looking for flexibility when using the machine? You have some through the Magnetic coolant bottle, which can sit on either side of the tool. The magnetic self-feed cooling tank is also a plus in this regard.

If you were to settle on one take-home about this high-end magnetic drill press, then it should be the 4-inch drill travel alongside the motor height adjustment. These features make the DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press capable of offering optimum performance.

On budget, this tool may appear unreachable to some users, but the many impressive features suggest the price may be even fairer than thought. Heavy-duty build, powerful motor, ability to complete a wide range of tasks and so on, are just some of the positives we find in the machine. Invest in this magnetic drill press and thank us later.

3. Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill

Hougen HMD904

NEW -Two stage magnet - 30% power increase when motor is turned on

Common knowledge among power tool users is that a brand name can mean the difference between a successful and shoddy project. Only products from a reputable brand, for the example the Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill, can guarantee value for money.

Hougen has hundreds of magnetic drill press, but the HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill stands out for its power, versatility and compactness. It is one of the best magnetic drill presses in its class.

To start, please note that the manufacturer recently did some upgrade to the tool, adding a two-stage magnet. The technology behind this new component ensures that only when the motor is switched on that the magnet reaches full power. The idea behind this design is to increase the life of the magnet.

According to Power Tool safety rules as provided by the Power Tool Institute, the work area should always be shadow-free and bright. That leaves users with two options: light the room or get a tool that provides light. Hougen has chosen the latter with this magnetic drill press. The new HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill comes with a Pilot light, which makes working in poorly lit conditions enjoyable.

This Hougen product weighs in at 34.9 pounds and measures 20.5 x 18 x 9 inches. It is obviously lightweight and compact, features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications-countersink, tapping, drill chucks etc.

The hallmark of the best magnetic drill presses is the ability to drill accurate holes effortlessly. Apart from the drill bit being made from a tough material, the drill press should also be designed for accuracy. Through innovative designs and constant developments, Hougen has been able to produce one of the most accurate products in its class. The main feature that enhances accuracy on this magnetic drill press is the Slot Drive arbor. This new feature also enhances the change-out mechanism.

There is honestly not much fight to pick with a tool that not only guarantees safety, but also presents a wide range of modern accessories at a very fair price. You will love it.

Medium-Priced Magnetic Drill Presses


1. Champion Cutting Tool RotoBrute AC35 MiniBrute Lightweight, Portable Magnetic Drill Press: Up to 1-3/8″ Diameter, 2″ Depth of Cut

Champion Cutting Tool RotoBrute AC35

Powerful, Lightweight: 23 lbs, Magnetic Strenth: 2200 lbs, Motor Speed: 600 RPM

Champion Cutting Tool Corp is a popular manufacturer of many power tools, so we expected to get at least one amazing magnetic drill press from their portfolio. We must say that the RotoBrute AC35 MiniBrute Lightweight, Portable Magnetic Drill Press exceeds expectation of even the most thorough of shoppers.

The best magnetic drill presses offer the highest levels of accuracy. We can comfortably say that this product from Champion Cutting Tool Corp fits this list for this reason. It is your best bet for cutting the cleanest holes. This capability is attributed to the popular RotoBrute cutting system. Alongside accuracy, the tool also does the cutting very efficiently, thus increasing productivity in your garage or workshop.

Power is obviously the selling point of this fine magnetic drill press. Weighing in at 23 lbs, the RotoBrute AC35 MiniBrute Lightweight would be easily dismissed as just another lightweight tool by the casual looker. However, it is only when you check its specifications that you realize it is a powerhouse.

No metal is too tough for this magnetic drill press. Why is this so? First, it comes with a motor speed of 600 RPM. Then, there is the combination of Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters and Carbide Tipped Stack Cutters. These features optimize performance of the drill press and enable it to cut through multiple metal plates. They specifically make the tool a darling for users in automotive, refinery and construction industries. It is the ideal tool for any application where accuracy is important. You can achieve so much in these industries with this tool that can make a 2″ deep cut.

When it comes to user experience, the tool is one of the best performers in this category.  No user wants to spend all the time in the world setting the equipment or even switching from one job to another. That is why reviewers rate the Quick Change arbor so highly. It will take you a few seconds to remove a cutter and install a new one, thus making it possible to switch through jobs effortlessly.

Do you intend to be using the best magnetic drill press at different angles? This is very possible, especially if you are in the fields we mentioned already. One thing that should give you confidence: the magnetic strength of 2200 lbs. you can hold the tool in any direction without any effect on its performance.

So far, reviewers have given this product thumbs up and we join them in confirming this superiority.

2. Jancy JHM Series ShortSlugger Magnetic Base Drilling Unit, 750W, 2″ Cutting Depth

Jancy JHM Series ShortSlugger

Extremely compact and portable magnetic-base drill.

From the products that we have checked out in recent times, you probably cannot go wrong with any magnetic drill press from Jancy Engineering Company.  Looking at this product and its price tag reminds of an all too common scenario: You want the best magnetic drill press but you are on a budget. This kind of situation has put the Jancy JHM Series ShortSlugger Magnetic Base Drilling Unit in this list.

Power is one of the reasons we insist this product is fairly priced. Its consistent torque with 750 watts power consumption show just how much you can expect. A load speed of 430 rpm and no-load speed of 680 rpm make this one of the most powerful drill presses reviewed so far.

Another nice feature on this Jancy product is the 2-inch cutting depth and 1-3/16-inch maximum cutting diameter, which allows you to drill sizeable holes. As you drill through any material, the state-of-the-art design of this machine guarantees secure, stable and accurate performance. You could liken its mechanical stability to that of JHM magnetic drill models.

A sure thing to put the Jancy JHM Series ShortSlugger Magnetic Base Drilling Unit a pedestal above many other drill presses in its class is the Smart Magnet® circuitry. It is a modern security feature that prevents injury from this powerful machine. In case the drill slips from the work piece and settles on your body or a non-ferrous material, the circuitry stops the motor. This also happens if the magnet and the work piece separate. To add to this amazing safety feature, this magnetic drill press comes with a safety guard and a safety strap.

Safety of the magnetic drill press does not stop here. For example, the wiring is concealed to minimize any chances of electric shock. The manufacturer also included a patented motor cord, which not only prevents damage to the power cord, but also prevents electric shock. The drill also takes care of self-start through a special lock. Finally, there is a chip guard.

The 9.65 inches long and 11.2 inches high item is one of the most compact in this category.  Designed for use even in tight spaces, this product weighs in at only 22 pounds. Take advantage of the drill’s versatile design by mounting its spoke handle on any side. To crown everything, the product is highly durable thanks to its Solid die-cast aluminum construction and interior cooling.

If there were anything to complain about this product, then it would be the price, which could be out of range for some people. However, if you are looking to invest in a compact, powerful, precise and safe mag drill, this one is worth considering.

Affordable Magnetic Drill Presses


1. Steel Dragon Tools MD45 Magnetic Drill Press with 1-3/4″ Boring Diameter & 2700 LBS Magnetic Force

Steel Dragon Tools MD45

Steel Dragon Tools® MD45 Magnetic Drill Press with 2700 lbs. maximum force.

Steel Dragon Tools has grown immensely since its inception more than two decades ago to become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of power tools and components. If you are looking for the best magnetic drill presses from this American based company, you will most likely bump into the Steel Dragon Tools MD45 Magnetic Drill Press.

This product presents efficiency and safety that is associated with everything from Steel Dragon Tools. A maximum force of 2700 lbs ensures that even thick metals will remain intact during drilling.  Its ability to drill up to 45 mm diameters cements our view that this one of the best budget magnetic drill presses available today.

Most budget drill presses have given up either control or performance, but not with this one. It has not even sacrificed the variable speed feature, which ranges from 0 RPM to 500 RPM. Its 1200 W motor will provide clean performance on a wide range of jobs.

It is notable that this product is built with portability in mind. The product’s cast iron base features four predrilled holes for mounting securely on any worktable for a stable performance. The machine may not have a beveling table like the WEN 4208, but it does come with an adjustable base, which allows for precision drilling.

With the low price, you will not believe the level of flexibility that this machine presents. Ok, it weighs in at 47 pounds, which is nowhere close to the lightness of a hand drill. Nevertheless, the versatility it offers rivals that of some smaller tools. For example, you can operate this machine upside down. This feature may appeal to many users in the marine and auto industries.

From the straightforward design, operating the Steel Dragon Tools MD45 Magnetic Drill Press should be easy work. The switches are placed appropriately in the user’s view for ultimate control.

This product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, but we doubt it will break down that fast, unless misused. Do not worry about any defects related to packaging and shipment, as Amazon has an effective return policy.

2. Evolution Power Tools 849713054050 EVO28 Magnetic Drilling System

Evolution Power Tools 849713054050

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Holding Power

If you are in the market for a lightweight and compact, yet very reliable magnetic drilling press, then we suggest you consider the EVOMAG28. Many things have been said about low-priced products, but one that tends to cut across is that they are only good in selected aspects. How often do you find a tool this nice for a little over $400?

A mere glance at the EVOMAG28 can be deceptive. You can dismiss it as just another magnetic drill press only suitable for the home. Although miniature in size, this magnetic drill press has found extensive application in fabrication and industrial applications. In this regard, we serious think this magnetic drill press can be a fit in the building industry for steelwork applications. You will probably not get a better mag drill press for this price.

Like other excellent magnetic drill presses, this product is corded-electric. This does not augur well if you do not want to tag along a generator everywhere you go, but the tool is still massively portable. At a mere weight of 38 pounds and measuring at 19 x 9 x 13 inches, you will not have much worry as long as the power source is available.

The magnetic force on this machine is strong enough for stable operation on most jobs, and the flexibility that comes with it is incredible. A good example is the way left handed and right-handed users have been considered through handles on both sides. The magnetic base has a square design, but its relatively small size means that some level of flexibility is provided.

This product can be used in many drilling applications, providing 2″ deep cuts and a maximum drilling diameter of 1-1/8″. It comes with a Stroke Length of 6 inches. Note also that the machine comes with a wide range of tools that include mini-cutters, annular cutters and step drills. To ensure that the machine provides peak performance for long, a state-of-the-art cooling system is also included. Again, not may cheap magnetic drill press designs bother to make their cooling systems as thorough as this one.

Other technical information about the product includes:

  • Key and 1/2 Inch Chuck included
  • 3 years warranty
  • 39.2 pounds shipping weight

How much do we like it? Your guess is right. We highly approve of this powerful and reliable product.

3. BLACK BLUEROCK ® Tools Model BRM-35A Typhoon Magnetic Drill Roto-Broach

BLUEROCK ® Tools Model BRM-35A

Comes with Free Chuck, Adapter, Oil Bottle, Safety Chain and Case

BLUEROCK ® Tools was established in 2005. The company has since grown into a globally respected specialty tool manufacturer. As of today, they have hundreds of tools under the brand that fall into several categories. Alongside magnetic drills, other tools include wire stripping machines, magnetic lifters, concrete core drills and floor polishing machines. We may review some of these tools in future, but our interest for now is the BLACK BLUEROCK ® Tools Model BRM-35A Typhoon Magnetic Drill Roto-Broach, an inexpensive but highly reliable drills.  

This mag drill features a 1200w motor that generates a 570 Revolutions per/min speed on the spindle. This speed may seem low, but it is good enough for drilling holes of up to 2″ depth relatively fast. Yet, the most impressive part is that the machine uses the standard 3/4″ Weldon Shank. This means that you can actually use it with standard twist drills bits, as most users already do. Remember that the package comes with a free chunk, which fairly enough accepts only short bits.

Performance and compatibility aside, the BLACK BLUEROCK ® Tools Model BRM-35A Typhoon Magnetic Drill Roto-Broach is also very user friendly. A weight of only 28 pounds means that transporting this tool should not be a big issue. It is also easy to maneuver when drilling in those awkward spaces. This brings us to the tool dimensions. The mag drill is only at 20 x 8 x 15 inches, making it easy to use and carry in a toolbox. We also loved the way the controls have been placed strategically close to the user position. It is evident that the manufacturer thought seriously about the safety aspect of the machine.

Every magnetic drill press, especially the inexpensive ones, will always have a negative side. Because you cannot be 100 percent sure about the 13000N magnetic adhesion working throughout, it is advisable to use a chain or safety strap when drilling overhead or horizontally. Other magnetic drill presses fall within the same price range, but you need to be careful when buying. This product has proven excellent for its price. We are not sure many others would attract the same sentiments.

4. VEVOR MD40 Magnetic Drill Press 1-1 2″ Boring and 2700 Lbs Magnet Magnetic Drilling System

VEVOR MD40 Magnetic Drill Press

Motor: High-Speed Series, Induction, 1,100 W, 110 V, 60 Hz, 16 A

VEVOR may not be giants in the magnetic drill press arena, but no one can afford to ignore this magnetic drilling system. As we have seen with most manufacturers, there is always a tendency to align features and power with price. The EVOR MD40 Magnetic Drill Press has proven doubters who merely looked at its price wrong. Its list of capabilities and applications are simply amazing, considering the low price.

The fact that this device is suitable for all nooks and crannies will appeal to many users in the restricted environments such as bridge construction, power line installations, equipment installation, and ship building and so on.

Even as you look for an affordable magnetic drill press, we are sure you do not want to jeopardize your safety. You can tell how safe a tool is from the way it is able to handle its vibrations. The EVOR MD40 Magnetic Drill Press provides a maximum magnetic force of 2,700 lbs., so your drilling processes will be free from vibrations. As the force keeps the tool in place, it also allows you to make the most accurate and consistent holes.

This tool also features a high-speed motor that is 1,100 W powerful. Also at 16 A, it is evident that this product has not traded capability for its low price.

Users will also find the drill capacity and depth very impressive. The MD40 Magnetic Drill Press can drill to an amazing depth of Depth: 7-1/2 in and 1-1/2 in. (40 mm) diameter with little effort. If you are using high-speed annular cutters, do not hesitate from getting your machine to work on 2-inch thick steel.

Let us not forget about user experience on this tool, starting with the control panel. The MD40 has its knobs on the front, just below the handle and next to the handle. It is obviously easy to use at it incorporates only two buttons- the electromagnet switch and the electric drill switch.

Unless you have never touched such a device before and do not know a bit of Chinese, there is no way you should not have it smooth with this magnetic drill press. It is highly recommendable in our opinion.

Informational Section -Details About What To Look for When Buying One

Probably up to now, you are yet to understand what exactly a magnetic drill press is or how it works. The best way to explain the basics of a magnetic drill is to review what a drill press is in the first place. A drill press is a device used to drill holes in projects. The equipment is precise and versatile, thus it is popular for boring wood, metal and other materials. The main parts of a drill press are head, spindle, column, and table, base and power transmission.

Now, in comes a specialty version of the drill press by the name of magnetic drill press. The unique thing about this machine is that it has a magnetic base, which is important for drilling holes in metal, especially steel. It is easy to use and transport, yet more powerful than many floor-standing and bench-top units.

Because of the magnetic base and low weight, the best magnetic drill presses can be used in a variety of positions, including upside down, horizontally and vertically. To suit their many cutting needs, most of these products feature a wide range of tooling that comprises of counter sinks, twist drills, annular cutters and reamers among others.

The four main parts that support this versatility are:

  • arbor (chuck)
  • motor
  • drill stand
  • magnetic base

Just to avoid confusion, the magnetic drill press is also referred to as “portable drill press”, “core drill” or “mag drill”.

To take us closer home, we need to check out the different categories of mag drills based on design. The initial design intention of these devices was to offer a tool that bore holes in steel in any place. The magnetic drill press has undoubtedly been very successful in steel structure projects.

Because of the availability of electric power in most jobsites, electric magnetic drill presses seem to the most common. They sport powerful and reliable motors designed using modern technology. Other reasons why many users like these devices include low weight, compactness and availability in different sizes.

For underwater applications, you obviously cannot dare use the electric mag drill. Some manufacturers provide the hydraulic mag drills for these kinds of jobs. It has a motor yes, but it incorporates a closed loop system that keeps the motor free from water contact.

You also have the option of going for a pneumatic magnetic drill press. Since its source of power is compressed air, this device can work in extremely wet and hazardous environments. They rarely cause shock and could even be applicable in potentially combustible/flammable environments.

Is this the only information you need to choose the best magnetic drill press? No, there is a lot more. When it comes to power tools, the brand you choose can make all the difference, whether good or bad. Since the market is flooded with all types of brands, the only option for you is to conduct a thorough research before buying. Fortunately, we have done all the work for you and listed the best magnetic drill presses available today. We have checked the reviews and even handled some of these machines.  

Users who have never handled a magnetic drill press would do a lot of injustice to themselves if they just walked into a store and bought the first tool they met. We hear many of such cases from Do-it-yourselfers all the time. It is important to look at the specifications of the machine and consider how they suit your needs.

Yes, basic magnetic drill presses are still available, but again, you may be looking for something classier. Something with more features does not hurt at all. That is the goodness of technological advancement. For a higher price, you can get a more powerful magnetic drill press. More dollars will also fetch more versatility, safety, ergonomics, and so on.

The following factors will also affect your selection:

  • usage requirement- heavy-duty and light work
  • space limitations
  • work environment –heavier tools may not be suitable for working at heights
  • drilling speed- are you interested in multi-speed or one speed device

As you can see, the selection of the best magnetic drill press can be a long intricate process. Because you are making an expensive investment, there is no harm in taking your time even after reading this guide.

Finally, you want to engage the assistance of an expert if you have any doubts when buying a magnetic drill press. Remember that notwithstanding all the factors, the type of mag drill you choose depends on the type of work you want to do. That is why features such as speed, weight and horsepower are so crucial.


As you have seen, landing the best magnetic drill press is a result of intricate balance of many factors including price, features, usability etc. In the past, not many people were using mag drills on a daily basis, but that is changing now. These devices are no longer just restricted to I-beams.

Are you looking to upgrade or start using magnetic drill press? One thing you will appreciate is that Milwaukee and Hougen are probably still the top two best manufacturers of magnetic drill presses globally. The other fact is that magnetic drill presses vary immensely in terms of amp, RPM, depth of cut, weight, dimensions and so on. Some manufacturers specialize in small-sized products, while others have a blend of all sizes. Small sized drills are ideal for awkwardly small spaces and in most cases, small jobs.

The Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill is undoubtedly a favorite for many people, not just us. It is lightweight, powerful and to crown it all, extremely easy to use. Those who are interested in the most accurate tool positioning can even go for the HMD904S variety and take advantage of the swivel base.

Please share your views on these products and let us know which one impresses you the most.

We can point out many other products for their unique qualities, but we have to leave it at that for you to decide. The point is that determining the most suitable magnetic drill press is not an easy matter that you can conclude from going through a quick article. We would recommend discussing your needs with a professional, even as you look at your budget and all the other factors.


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