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Have you ever wondered how you could make working on the engine smoother? You may have all the tools, but without the best engine stand, you are short of one of the most important tools for the modern mechanic.

The engine stand holds the engine block in position as you work on it. Without this equipment, the motor would hover all over the place, which is neither convenient nor safe. When you are searching for an engine stand, you need to consider a few things, which we have explained in a latter section of this read.

However, for now we review some of the best engine stands today. These tools offer valuable characteristics such as solid construction, versatility, user friendliness and much more. Read on to the end before you select yours.

Engine Stand Reviews

Best Engine Stand Under 100$


1. Performance Tool W41025 1/2 Ton (1,000 lbs.) Capacity Engine Stand with 360 Degree Rotating Mount Assembly

Performance Tool W41025

Heavy duty swivel casters for easy maneuvering

The first product on our list is this 1,000 lbs. engine stand from Performance Tools, a highly rated manufacturer of all sorts of tools. It does not matter whether you have an engine stand already or not. This equipment brings versatility like no other. While it may not look that strong, this engine stand lives to its brand name by providing an excellent performance.

We cannot say enough about the flexibility of this product. Do you want to access the engine from different positions? If you have never used a stand that can lock in six different positions and rotates 360 degrees, then you need to try this product. With its heavy-duty head assembly, the Performance Tool W41025 securely holds most engine blocks and other foreign objects. Maneuvering is guaranteed thanks to the superb design of the sturdy swivel casters. Even when carrying a large load, the four caster wheels run extremely smoothly.

When you want to work on different vehicles, you do not have to worry where to get several engine stands. This product is designed to work with wide range of local and foreign engines. The high weight capacity and flexibility featured by this engine stand should be enough.

Without good construction, an engine stand will crumble under the weight of some motors. Square shaped steel tubes connected through welds or durable steel screws would elicit confidence in any mechanic. The stand is not foldable; it arrives dismounted so you will need to assemble the pieces. There have been complaints about missing bolts, but this is an issue with the shipping company. It should not be a big problem either because you can easily find a few screws and bolts to complete the assembly.

While the welds did not appear so sturdy, users can at least rest their confidence on the steel construction for all engine blocks weighing about ½-ton. If you can retouch the welds for more performance, well and good, but we suggest you find a stronger stand if your engines are very heavy.

If you wish to upgrade to something slightly more powerful than the 1,000 lbs. W41025, the W41031 is a nice option as it offers 1,250 lbs., but with a few dollars on top. For less capacity, try the simple but effective Rolling Engine Stand with Straps. Hoisting options are also available in the form of W4005DB Manual Hoist and a couple of levelers.


2. JEGS Performance Products 80040 Engine Stand

JEGS Performance Products 80040

The heavy gauge square tube steel frame disassembles easily for storage or transport.

The JEGS Performance Products 80040 engine stand is part of the amazing line of automotive service equipment coming out of JEGS High Performance. This engine stand is one of the best performers in the 1000 lbs. (½ ton) weight category.

Users have been highly impressed about the heavy-duty construction that is characterized by the square shaped steel tubes. Apart from withstanding the maximum capacity, this design is long lasting. Since the equipment comes with well-detailed instructions for assembly, you should not have trouble using it. Setup takes just a few minutes.

Once ready, the equipment is impressively stable even when loaded. In this regard, we take note of the sturdy yet flexible leg. Beneath the leg are four smooth running casters that enhance maneuvering and turning. The front casters are rotatable, while the rear ones are fixed. With their durable and high quality bearings, you can expect this stand to work smoothly for a long time. If you have noted, some stands in this capacity category come with three casters. Four casters enhance stability greatly.

Impressive movement and stability would make no sense if the mounting plate were not as good. The JEGS Performance Products 80040 engine stand has received many positive reviews for its rotatable head. The fact that the engine or any other item mounted on the stand can rotate for 360 degrees is exciting.

Adding to the excitement are the four adjustable mounting arms, each with the capability to move to the best position for holding the engine firmly. We must mention that the product does not come with engine attachment bolts, so you need to plan for this. Moving on, the rubber gripped handle at the back of the mounting arms is crucial. It helps you rotate the engine smoothly and safely.

Few reports of mounting holes not lining up properly have emerged, which is a manufacturing flaw as for any other automotive service product. If you report it to JEGS, we are sure they will replace the defective part, as they have had excellent customer service over the years.

One more feature that we consider undesirable to some extent- the locking pin. It is loose, but you can remedy that with simple improvisation.

Overall, this engine stand has many excellent characteristics- sturdy, easy to disassemble, heavy gauge construction etc. – that the minimal flaws make little or no impact.


3. Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand with Foldable Frame: 3/4 Ton (1,500 lb) Capacity

Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand

Front swivel castors allow you to move and position engine exactly where you need it.

The third item in this category of best engine stands is the Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand with Foldable Frame, also depicted as the T26801. It may cost slightly high, but it has some amazing qualities that you want to check out. It is an excellent choice for garage owner not worried about spending more than $100.

We are confident this product will come in handy for your car repairs because first, it features a 1500-pound capacity. This is equal to ¾ ton, which is within the 3/8 ton- 1-ton capacity for most engine stands. Unless you will be handling the heaviest engines most of the time, this is the stand for you.

This stand is recommendable if you are looking for a strongly built product that is not only long lasting, but also stable on load. Coming with 33.9 x 15.8 x 6.3 inches dimensions and weighing in at 78 pounds, this Torin Big Red steel rotating engine stand is wide enough to prevent tipping when on load. This design coupled with front swivel castors make the machine flexible and safe to use.

We love the adjustable arms and rotating mounting head as they add a great deal of functionality to the stand. Combined with the smooth operating castors, this feature ensures convenient and versatile usability. Fixed to the main frame is a strong support frame, which makes the engine stand as sturdy as an oak even when on maximum load.

Even with the wide base, this engine stand features a foldable design, which gives it an edge over many rivals. Being foldable is a big space and time saver, especially for users who are constantly on the move. It weighs in at 76.7 pounds so you might need a pair of extra hands when you want to load it into a truck.

Overall, users who have approved this product acknowledge its durability and ability to hold heavy objects. We think you should try it too.

Best Engine Stand Between 100$-200$


1. Orion Motor Tech Engine Stand Motor Hoist 2000 LBS

Orion Motor Tech Engine Stand

Durability, Lead-Free Paint to Ensure a Long-Lasting and Anti-Rust Finish, Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup

OrionMotorTech manufactures the OMTESJ-2K engine stand, which features incredible flexibility and quality construction. They are an Amazon based brand that deals with automotive accessories, tools and parts. This equipment comes with a capacity of 2000 LBS, which is large enough to hold a wide range of engine sizes, including v8 and v6 engines. Looking at the design alone you might mistake this product for any other in the market, yet very few (if any) stands in this category can rival it.

Starting with construction, the solid steel material is the chief reason this equipment is receiving numerous positive reviews. A sturdy construction gives the engine stand ability to hold such heavy loads without any problems. Two main legs offer the stability and strength for top performance. Simple assembly is assured because of the few components and simple design.

Fixed to the legs are five caster wheels. If you are looking for maximum mobility combined with control, you will be happy to own this product because all five wheels are swivel through 360º and are lockable. The wheels are heavy duty so they can move easily in the workshop even when on load. For the best results, restrict the stand to level hard surfaces.

To store the load how you wish, this engine stand offers universal fit, 4-point universal mounting brackets that suit most engines. All the arms are adjustable to allow for holding of different engines. You can also rotate the mounting plate through 360 degrees and fix into any position using the provided boltholes. This is important because you need to access all corners of the engine.

For your safety and that of the engine, never add the engine to the stand before locking the rotating mechanism. You will find it easy to rotate the mechanism because the device features a rubber-gripped moving handle at the back.

Apart from being safe to use, the OMTESJ-2K is super easy to maintain. It features lead-free paint that promotes both anti-rust and longevity properties. A thorough chemical wash precedes the application of the paint. This is definitely the tool for the conditions in an amateur or professional auto garage.

If you need a hoist alongside this engine stand, Orion Motor Tech had you in mind because they added a 2 Ton (4000lbs) Engine Hoist/Shop Crane/Cherry Picker Load Leveler with Chains to the package. However, take care while using the provided chains, as some users have received weak ones. A manual is also included.


2. 1000 lb. Capacity Engine Stand –USATM from Harbor Freight Tools Automotive

Harbor Freight Tools Automotive

Fully adjustable support rotates 360º and locks in place

Harbor Freight Tools Automotive brings to use the engine stand that has 1000 lb. capacity and can store medium heavy engine blocks. It has a heavy-duty steel construction, which is quite strong compared to other stands in this capacity category. It features a wide base, which is useful for both stability and durability. You will note that the base forms the “I” shape, which is big stability booster. On the flipside, this means that the engine stand will not fit within some engine hoists.

A notable feature is the fully adjustable support that both rotates 360º and locks in place. You can do this operation using a special handle with rubber grips. On the opposite side of the handle are the four unique arms fitted on a strong mounting plate. Most modern engine blocks will fit into these arms without problems.

By fixing the faceplate into position, you can operate on any part of the engine easily. Because of the immense force subjected to all parts of the structure, we recommend regular oiling of the rotating head system not only for easier operation, but also for longevity of the engine stand.

Construction of this 1000 lb. capacity engine stand should not give you any worries as long as you do not exceed the load capacity. The heavy-duty steel construction is backed by a reliable design that ensures stability and user safety. The welding spots look perfect and are placed in the right places. The support plates, though short, are thick and cover the respective components nicely.

This engine stand comes with four casters, two in front and two at the back. Only the front ones are rotatable, but the overall flexibility of the equipment is impressive. They are also made from tough steel, so they can withstand heavy loads. The swivels do not have a locking mechanism, which might be a drawback in the eyes of some users, especially those that need to use the equipment on uneven ground.

For its ease of assembly, ease of use, sturdy construction and overall high quality design, we consider this one of the best engine stands and therefore recommendable.


3. Heavy Duty 2,000 LB FOLDABLE Engine Stand Mobile Engine Cart Motor Lift

Heavy Duty 2,000 LB FOLDABLE

Fully Adjustable Mounting Head Secures Rear of Engine to the Stand

Next, we present one of the most flexible engine stands, the Heavy Duty 2,000 LB FOLDABLE Engine Stand Mobile Engine Cart Motor Lift from Generic. This product is already causing ripples in the market. it features a sturdy design, is versatile nature and most importantly, its cost is affordable.

The first thing you notice about the engine stand is the reliable construction that is characterized by heavy gauge metal tubing all through. We highly doubt if any common engine can cause even the slightest effect to these metal tubes. Looking at this reliable construction and the expertly done paint, we can confidently conclude that the manufacturer thought a lot about elements and harsh job conditions.

Since this engine stand is designed for heavy items, its huge size is understandable. When in working position, it measures approximately 44x31x41.25 inches (111x79x105 cm). Of course, these dimensions are going to be an issue for some engine hoists. The good news is that you can fold this machine for storage or transport. The 44 inches long pair of legs is foldable up to just 35.5 inches, with the disassembly being done using two bolts on each side.

You will just love the way this product is able to move smoothly across a wide range of surfaces. The five casters comprise of highly reliable bearings and tough material for longevity and smooth operation. Unfortunately, you cannot lock the casters so working on flat grounds will probably cause issues. We can also say the same about working in a static position.

Do not forget that just as other products reviewed here, this engine stand features the crucial adjustable mounting head. Using the ergonomic handle at the rear of head, you can secure the engine and rotate up to 360 degrees. Since the handle is ergonomic, this operation is also flawless. With the four arms on the faceplate, we do not see any engine that you cannot place here.

Best Engine Stand Above 200$


1. Jackco 1000 lb. Capacity Rotating Engine Stand with Tool Tray

Jackco 1000 lb. capacity

Tool Tray. Keeps tools and parts easily accessible while working on an engine.

Jackco has a rich history producing high quality automotive repair equipment, mostly hydraulic tools and equipment. Their prowess in this area is well demonstrated by the features and capability of the Jackco 1000 lb. Capacity Rotating Engine Stand with Tool Tray. Rated at 1000 lb. (0.5 ton) this product can handle a wide range of engines save those in the range of the v6s and the v4s.

Stability is one feature you will notice on this eye-catching engine stand. Featuring a one-leg design, this engine is wide at the back and slightly narrower at the front. The leg is well supported and spread to carry the weight.

The stand rolls on four sturdy caster wheels, with the front ones being rotatable. The front swivel casters are also lockable to help keeping work steady. The steel bearings on the wheels are another reason this stand should serve you for many years without demanding replacements or repairs.

As we have seen in other highly regarded engine stands, the frame of the Jackco 71000R is made of high-grade steel square tube. The red paint on the surface simply supplements the durability that this kind of construction offers. As part of the design, steady steel plates offer the necessary support to the main frame. Equally crucial for machine steadiness are steel bolts and nuts. You do not have to worry about the entire thing collapsing under the weight of the engine.

Dismounting for easier transportation and storage is not such a big deal. As long as you have your spanner on standby, this process should take you less than 15 minutes. If well fixed, the stand is as sturdy as the permanently assembled ones.

Something that we have not noted so far in this guide is a tool tray. For this product, this component is attached to the upright post, just opposite the faceplate. As you repair the engine block, you will definitely love the convenience that comes with having those little tools next to you. The tray is also ideal for storing the smaller parts of the engine.

The arms and mounting plate are other valuable features on the Jackco 1000 lb. Capacity Rotating Engine Stand with Tool Tray. The mounting arms are adjustable so they can grab most engine blocks. Combine that with the 360 degrees rotatable plate and you have in your hands one of the most versatile engine stands. Rotation is simple and the plate will self-lock at any angle. As you can expect, the machine comes with a small but effective handle to help you operate the arms and plate.

Is this engine stand foldable? Unfortunately, you will have to carry or store the equipment in the working position unless you wish to go through the dismounting process. It measures 38 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs in at 95 pounds. Do not think twice about taking it space is not an issue in your workshop. It is such a reliable piece from a reputable manufacturer.


2. Sunex 8300GB 1/2-Ton, Foldable Engine Stand

Sunex 8300GB

Safety self-locking feature secures the engine in desired position

Also making this list is the Sunex 8300GB 1/2-Ton, Foldable Engine Stand, a product that has received massive attention from buyers so far. It is a must-have for a serious hobbyist, for school or even automotive shop. It is designed for maintenance and repair of a wide range of automotive engines.

The Sunex 8300GB comes with many essential features that rather justify the high price. While many of the features are standard, several are unique and add immense value to your operations. It comprises of four locking swivel caster wheels, high quality adjustable fingers, a worm drive gearbox and a foldable design.

This product features a heavy-duty steel construction and a tough red-coated finish. Its space saving design is proving to be a favorite for many users, especially those that need to store the equipment after use. To fold it, simply unscrew the appropriate parts in a procedure that only lasts minutes.

The Sunex 8300GB also comes with four adjustable arms attached to a tough faceplate. These components are designed to handle a wide range of engines within the weight capacity. Turning the engine to the required position is the most interesting aspect of this engine stand. A worm drive gearbox with a 63 to 1 gear ratio helps rotate the engine smoothly by a simple turn of the crank handle. The gearbox is located behind the arms and is operated using a nicely designed handle.

It is evident that the engine stand is designed with user comfort and safety in mind. To add to the gearbox feature, the product comes with a safety self-locking feature that locks the engine in position. This works in tandem with the safety locks on the swivel caster wheels, which prevent the stand from moving.

Orders for the Sunex 8300GB can be made from various sellers including the National Tool Warehouse and Northern Tool + Equipment. As long as you get it from an authorized dealer, you will get value for your money.


3. K&L Supply MC25 Metric Engine Stand

K&L Supply MC25

Pan removal, transmissions, and starter clutches are just a few of the services that will be made easier with MC25

This one of a kind versatile engineering stand should be a priority for anyone dealing with a wide range of engines, from twins to in-line fours and six cylinders. Every motorcycle owner or service person should have the product that costs slightly over $200 from the resellers. We particularly loved it for the unique design and the silver finish.

The MC25 combines versatility with strength in a way that we have not seen in many stands. It weighs in at 25.7 pounds and measures at 26 x 16 x 2 inches, but both height and width are adjustable. For example, the height can adjust from 37 to 53 cm. This is an area where it beats most products in this price category.

Its telescopic leg and upright posts come with ergonomic yet strong knobs that make adjustments fast and effective. This means you can hold virtually any engine on this stand, provided you obey the weight capacity. Unfortunately, this engine stand does not feature casters of any kind. Only tough rubber steps to ensure the table does not slide on the floor.

As much as the design appears simple, the level of flexibility is simply amazing. To add to the weight adjustment, this product features a pair of rotatable arms on both sides. These components and the upright posts leave the engine hung at the center and rotatable by 360 degrees, offering a perfect access to all the parts. Services such as transmissions, starter clutches and pan removal are much easier with this engine stand.

Handmade from stage one to the last, this engine stand features one of the most reliable construction. The 1/8 inch thick can support most engines and the plated finish not only wards off rust, but also looks nice.

Perhaps some users will feel hard done by the lack of specific handle for rotating or moving the engine horizontally. However, we believe the elongated arms on both sides serve as enough control points. The base is sizeable so this engine stand should be stable on most surfaces.

How to Choose The Best Engine Stand

As you search for the best engine stand, you need to remember that you have many options in terms of load limit, design type, finish and so forth. The best engine stands come with a rotating feature for easy access to all parts of the engine. Some stands come with mounting heads that can assume both vertical and horizontal positions. It is upon you to decide the level of complexity you need. To help you choose the best engine stand, here is a rundown of a few factors to look for in the major parts.


The base comprises of casters, base tubes and legs. A stand can have up to six casters, but others feature only three. The most common number (three) provides a relatively good blend of stability and space savings for an average stand.

More wheels are necessary for stands that need to carry heavier engines, say 2 tons (4000 lb.) and above. For the foldable engine stands, it means some or all wheels are foldable too. Often, the stand has to be locked in position using steel locking pins when you are working. Some users may consider the size of the casters as unnecessary, but larger casters can make a lot of difference on uneven or imperfect floors.

Usually, the rear casters are fixed while the front ones swivel. You can also find some designs will all casters on swivel mode. When buying the best engine stand, make sure it features at least one locked caster to achieve stability while you are working on the engine.

General Construction

Most of the best engine stands are made from box tubing of up to 2-1/2-inch. Every part of the structure, especially the neck tubing, should be sturdy and robust. Reinforcement (braces and posts discussed next) is necessary. Powder coating or painting is also necessary. These are simple requirements, but there are other crucial elements of the best engine stand as you will find out next.

Braces and Posts

Braces and posts offer the necessary support for the engine stand so they should be sturdy and long lasting. While a basic stand can do with just the upright post, support braces are necessary for heavier engines. This applies for stand that support engines more than 2 tons heavy. For these components to work as expected, the weld should also be of high quality.

Mounting Arms and Head Plates

Mounting arms and head plates are necessary for mounting the engine. The best engine stands have mounting arms that are designed to accommodate most engine blocks. As the mounting plates are only screwed into place, you can adjust them as much as you want. Using special bolts, you can also screw the engine to the head plate. Although these special bolts accompany some engine stands, you may need to buy them separately.

The best engine stands also come with a rotating head. The capability of the head to lock in position is crucial as it allows you to rotate the engine to any position and work comfortably. Some stands even feature reduction in their heads. This allows you to move the engine with minimal effort.


Foldable engine stands are awesome because you can tuck them out for storage and transport. Since some are compacter than others, you have numerous options when it comes to this feature. For instance, if you want a stand that would rival the compactness of a cherry picker, the Summit Racing or Ranger 2,000 pounds equipment are perfect ideas. Other engine stands require a higher level of disassembly. So choose carefully and ask questions if in doubt.

Drip Tray

As you are rotating the engine and doing all manner of fixes, its fluids are swaying along and could pour on the shop floor. It does not matter whether you have drained the engine or not. Once you start working and you are placing it at different angles, fluids will most likely start dripping. Okay, you could opt to place an oil drip tray on the floor, but how effective is that? If you want to maintain tidiness and most importantly keep the floor free of oil, you want to invest in an engine stand with a tray where possible.


A warranty is akin to the safety pin on a rifle. The manufacturer may give all the promises in the world, but only a warranty will make the purchase risk-free. A warranty will only come from a manufacturer that has faith in the product. Although we did not mention this fact in the reviews regularly does not the featured products did not come with one. Make sure you ask the dealer about it.


Many engine stands do not allow access for the engine hoist. You need to watch out for those. It is common for engine hoists to have some sort of a triangular shape. Make sure the engine stand you choose does not have a tight fit front track; otherwise, you are going to run into trouble. Wide tracked engine stands tend to avoid this problem because they have enough space to accommodate the engine hoist. Remember this point as you choose your four-leg engine stand.

Given the above features and the nature of work, the most important consideration for an engine stand is construction. Most come with box tubing of up to 2-1/2-inches. Make sure you get something of this sort and it should be robust. However, that is just the basic.

Weight capacity gives a better judgment of how well the stand can perform. You want to go for higher weight rating. At minimum, we prefer a 1,000-pound rating.

If you have ever worked on an uneven floor, then you know that caster size matters. Like the wheelchair, it is common the engine stand to feature fixed rear casters and swiveling front casters. When buying an engine stand, make sure it comes with at least one lockable caster so you can work without problems.


After going through the above overview, what comes out clearly is that construction, convenience and compatibility are all crucial factors when choosing the best engine stand. The price is obviously important (we categorized according to price), but if you can bypass it for the above factors, the better.

As for the reviews, all the products are standouts in their own ways. For example, the Torin Big Red Steel Rotating Engine Stand offers excellent build quality at a reasonable cost. That is we, but if you choose your product well according to your specific needs, none of the above should disappoint.

Where do you buy? Many retailers for these products are now available, but we really think you should check at Amazon first. The prices there are competitive considering that shipping packages, especially the large ones, can be extremely expensive.

Did this guide help you land the best engine stand? Let us know in the comments section.

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