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100 Woodworking Projects For Beginners

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Woodworking seems like a real hassle, in theory – it seems like something that takes a ton of time and effort. But the the truth is you can get started comfortably over a weekend.

The best part of being a DIY lover is that you get to be as creative as you wish. You can build everything you put your mind to, any color you want it, any size and any shape while being on a budget, too.

Check out these awesome and great ideas you can build for your next project. The best part is that they don’t require a complete workshop and years of woodworking experience, only a few common tools and some old-fashioned elbow grease.

1. DIY Industrial Step Stool

A step tool is useful in every home, either for your kids or for yourself. There will always be that place in the kitchen that you just can’t reach. Dragging a dining room chair into the kitchen constantly when you need to reach something is definitely annoying. Chris and Julia have a step by step tutorial on how to create this beautiful little steep stool. The whole thing only costs about $25 in materials and takes only a couple of hours.

Full Project: DIY Industrial Step Tool

2. Quirky Candleholder

If you have a scrap board and a drill, then you can easily make this candleholder in less than an hour. The scrap piece in this project is 2×4, about 12 1/2 inches long, but you can make yours any length you want. It’s a really simple project that will turn out beautiful. You can use it to dress up your dinner table or in the bathroom, while taking a relaxing bath, without worrying about candles slipping.

Full Project: A Quick And Quirky Candleholder

3. DIY $15 Bistro Table

Building a bistro table is one of the easiest DIY projects you can take on if you’re a beginner level builder. It only takes a couple of tools and bonus: it’s made entirely from 2x4s. For only $15 and about an hour, you can make this cute little table, perfect for a patio or porch or even a small breakfast nook.

Full Project: $15 Bistro Table Building Plans

4. DIY Wood Bookshelf

You’ve probably seen these scaffolding style bookshelves popping up everywhere lately. They are really in style and look beautiful in every home, because of their simple design. They are also adjustable which is a big bonus. Building a bookshelf from scratch seems a bit hard in theory, but if you follow this step by step tutorial, you’ll find yourself building it in no time. Another great thing is that you can easily customize it however you want so it matches your home.

Full Project: DIY Wood Bookshelf

5. Patio Cooler and Grill Cart Combo

A patio cooler and a grill cart combo is the perfect woodworking project for summer, since the grilling season and outdoor parties are here. In this step by step tutorial, Brad is showing us how to kill two birds with one stand and make a DIY patio cooler box and BBQ cart in one. The project is made from cedar to withstand the elements and give it a nice classy look.

Full Project: Build Your Own Patio Cooler & Grill Cart

6.  Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer

In a small bathroom, storage is pretty tight and often times there isn’t a simple solution, or at least not one that actually looks good. So, in order to save on floor space, you can be creative and build this modern DIY bathroom organizer than you can hang on the wall. Bonus: it looks pretty, too.

Full Project: A Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer (With Mirror)

7. DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

This simple wood box it’s super versatile and can be used in all kinds of different ways while also being really easy to make. It looks really classy and can complement and cozy up the space without being too big so that it would clutter the whole table. You can accessorize it just like Liz did in her project, with some pretty seasonal flowers or other decorative items whenever the mood strikes.

Full Project: DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

8. Beer Tote

Making this beer tote won’t cost you more than $25, and that is a pretty good deal considering similar totes sell for up to $50. With only six tools needed, you will build this in less than one hour, and it makes for a perfect DIY gift ideas for a beer lover. Follow this step by step tutorial and you’ll have a beer tote in no time.

Full Project: Beer Tote

9. DIY Birdhouse

If you are looking for an easy DIY woodworking project that you can make with your kid, this is it. It’s a really cute and fun project to make, and it will also look nice in your backyard. Birds like to have clean homes, just as humans do. The great part about this birdhouse is that the PVC pipe is perforated to provide air flow and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Full Project: DIY Birdhouse

10. DIY Wooden Wall Planter

This fun project is perfect for spring and summer, when you want to make your home look as pretty as it can – it’s perfect for holding a few colorful flowers and faux greenery. This is very easy to put together, especially if you’re using a pre-made wooden pallet. It’s a perfect afternoon project for you and your family.

Full Project: DIY Wooden Wall Planter

11. DIY Easy Wood Bench

If you’ve suddenly decided your home (or garden) is in need of a bench, why not try making one yourself. In this tutorial, Medina is showing us how to build a bench – the easy way. If you are fairly new to woodworking and the fear of losing an eye or finger scares you, building this wood bench is a safe project for you.

Full Project: Build A Bench – The Super Easy Way

12. DIY Floating Shelf

This floating shelf looks amazing, and even the most amazing part is that you can’t even imagine how easy is to make it. With a modern, minimalist lines and a little bohemian twist, this quick floating shelf display for plants, succulents or other home decor items is too beautiful not to have it in your home!

Full Project: DIY Floating Shelf

13. DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders

These DIY rustic wood candle holders will add simple beauty to your home for any season. Group them with greenery and berries for perfect Christmas decor.

Full Project: DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders

14. DIY Slim Color Block Blanket Stand

As functional as it is chic, this blanket stand can hold several blankets while only taking up minimal floor space. The fun color block pattern adds some visual interest to your walls, and depending on the blankets, you can create a variety of interchangeable styles for your living room or bathroom. Not only is this stand highly functional, but it’s also in line with the latest fashion trends according to industry experts, so it’s really a win-win.

Full Project: DIY Slim Color Block Blanket Stand

15. DIY Wood Arrows

You’ve probably already seen the abundance of arrows online lately. Pinterest, Instagram, online stores, interior design sites, basically everywhere. If you don’t want to be left in the cold, follow this step by step tutorial and create these amazing wooden arrows that will style up your living room, dressing room or bedroom in an instant.

Full Project: DIY Wood Arrows

16. DIY Serving Tray

Homemade gifts are the best gifts, and this DIY farmhouse serving tray project is not only easy, it’s also affordable and fun to make. It’s also a very practical gift and would be appreciated by anyone. This project can also be fun to do with your kids, as it’s simple and introduces some basic crafting skills and techniques.

Full Project: Easy DIY Farmhouse Serving Tray Project

17. DIY Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Side Table

This side table is the perfect example of procrastination, as Francesca likes to say. It looks very classy and will give your bedroom a rustic touch, while also being very affordable and easy to make. You only need a few materials and no fancy equipment – all you need is probably already just standing in your garage, so why not give it a try?

Full Project: DIY Copper Pipe And Wood Slice Side Table

19. DIY Outdoor Bench

This cinder  block bench is an awesome weekend project and it will give your porch a nice colorful touch! You can easily customize it any way you want, with a few big pillows or a lot of colorful ones, just like Jamie did in her project. This project is really easy to make once you have the cinder blocks. They are like building blocks for big kids!

Full Project: How To Make A Cinder Block Bench

20. DIY Hammock Stand

A hammock is the perfect outdoor relaxation spot.  It calls to you to come lay down and read a book, take snooze or enjoy the clouds floating by. Everyone could use more relaxation in their lives. But what do you do if you have no trees in your yard to hang a hammock? You build your own hammock stand for only 40 bucks.

Full Project: How To Make A DIY Hammock Stand For $40

21. DIY Sturdy Planted Posts

These DIY sturdy planted posts go together easily and are perfect for every yard. We can already think of a thousand uses for them! These types of planted posts are perfect for mailboxes, hanging baskets and so much more, too, you just have to be creative. This is also a fun project to do with your kids!

Full Project:  How To Create Sturdy, Multi-Purpose Planted Posts

22. Easy DIY Earring Stand

This easy DIY earring stand is the perfect project for a hot afternoon because you only need to be outside for about 30 minutes. The whole process takes only about an hour in total. An earring stand is a perfect gift for a loved one but very useful for yourself also. Be honest, how many earring have you lost around the house already?

Full Project: Easy DIY Earring Stand

23. DIY Floating Shelves

If you have a small laundry room or bathroom, these DIY floating shelves  out of plywood and pine are the perfect solution to give the illusion that the space is larger. This is a super easy project that will be ready in less than two hours and you only need about six materials in total, which you probably already have them.

Full Project: DIY Floating Shelves (Laundry Room)

24. DIY Sofa Side Table

Sofa tables are a great way to complement your sofa while also being very useful. They really don’t take too much space and you need them almost anytime. And if you can build them for only $15, the better. Those are sold for at least $200 so you are saving a lot of money by doing it yourself. You can easily customize it to go with the rest of the furniture.

Full Project: How To Build A Sofa Side Table For About $15

25. DIY Wood Headboard

This simple project will make your whole bedroom look amazing and will definitely make your bed look fancier. It looks like old wood, but it’s not, it costs less than $50 make and you only need minimal DIY skills. It uses all new wood, because, let’s face it, reclaimed wood can’t always be found and may not be desirable to use on a headboard.

Full Project: How To Make A Reclaimed Wood Headboard With New Wood 

26. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

This project is perfect if you already have a vintage drawer you can use – yes, you can make a cabinet out of an old drawer, how awesome is that? If everything has a place, why the place always has to be the bathroom counter? This is a really fun and easy project that will also turn out to be very useful, while also making the bathroom look prettier.

Full Project: Hello Bathroom Drawer Cabinet

27. DIY Produce Stand

This DIY produce stand costs less than $30 and it only takes a couple hours to throw together. This stand is approximately 18 inches wide, 9 inches wide and 32 inches tall. It goes very well at the end of your kitchen counter, especially if you don’t have much storage space.

Full Project: DIY Produce Stand For Under $30

28.  DIY Cornhole Boards

The hardest people to buy gifts for have one thing in common – they are all guys. Cornhole boards can be ridiculously expensive, so why not doing it yourself? This project makes for a perfect gift, while also being fun to make. You can also customize it any way you want in order to make it more personal.

Full Project: Gifts For Guys – Cornhole Game

29. DIY Pallet Daybed

This pallet daybed looks so amazingly beautiful that you’d be convinced it was either way too expensive or way too hard to make. But don’t get scared, if you’re a crafty person and comfortable with tools, you can do it. You don’t need to be an advanced woodworker by any stretch of the imagination. All you have to do is follow the step by step tutorial below and you’ll build you own pallet daybed right away.

Full Project: How To Build A Pallet Daybed

30. DIY Enhanced Pallet Shelf

For DIYers, organizing is everything. Organizing your tools, even more important. This enhanced pallet shelf is perfect for non builders, it’s really easy to put together and if you follow the step by step tutorial, you’ll end up with a pretty fancy pallet shelf as well.

Full Project: Organize Your Tools On An Enhanced Pallet Shelf

31. DIY Wooden Arrow

Another wooden arrow tutorial, this time from Cherished Bliss, in a more modern version.  You will be amazed how easy these are – if you’ve never done much with saws, this is a great beginner project to teach you 45 degree angles. The only hard thing about this project is deciding what kind of wood you want to use.

Full Project: DIY Wooden Arrow Tutorial

32. Wooden Welcome Mat

A DIY wooden welcome mat is a super easy and fun project that you can do with your kids. All you need is some wood, a drill and a rope. And for all the wooden mat makers, your holes may not be even, don’t worry, the rope is flexible. You just have to lace the planks together with the rope, tying a knot between each plank. You can paint  the planks whatever color you prefer!

Full Project: Wooden Welcome Mat

33. Kids Farmhouse Play Table

Kid furniture doesn’t always have to look like kid furniture, right? In fact, it is even more adorable when it is just a miniature version of the real deal. And since the farmhouse trend is still going strong, this kids farmhouse play table from Jen looks amazing. The table is made out of real wood, it’s roomier than a standard play table and there’s storage for art supplies.

Full Project: Kids Farmhouse Play Table

34. DIY Industrial Wood Coffee Table

Building a professional looking industrial style coffee table is much easier and cheaper than you think. Think about how much money you save if you decide to do a coffee table by yourself, instead of buying it. This project is inspired by Ana White, but you can adjust the plans in order to make your table smaller or just the right size to better fit your space.

Full Project: An Easy way To Build An Industrial Wood Coffee Table

35. DIY Business Card Holder

The most fun part about DIY projects is that you get to be as creative as you want. And what’s more creative than a house-shaped business card holder? Of course, this is a super quick and easy DIY project. So either grab your scrap wood or go pick up a cheap 1×2 and do this thing!

Full Project: Super Easy DIY Business Card Holder

36. DIY Barn Wood Shutters

If you crave the rustic appeal of barn wood in your home decor, but lack the barn, no worries, cause Larissa from Prodigal Pieces will show you how to take a weathered old shipping pallet and turn it into fabulous rusty, crusty shutters. No one will know they came from pallets once you’re done!

Full Project: DIY Barn Wood Shutters From Pallets

37. DIY Farmhouse Table

Building a table from scratch will always be a great accomplishment for every woodworking beginners. Jeanie built this farmhouse table by herself, without using any power tools before in her life, so it’s fair to assume that it’s an easy project, especially if you follow the step by step tutorial. All you need is some wood and a circular saw and you’re ready to start.

Full Project: My DIY Farmhouse Table

38. DIY Upholstered X-Bench

Build a simple DIY Upholstered X-bench using 2x4s. The simple 2×4 bench plans are easy to follow even for the beginner woodworker. This DIY cross leg upholstered bench makes a great addition DIY entryway bench or an end of bed bench.

Full Project: DIY Upholstered X-Bench Using 2×4 Boards With Plans

39. DIY Holder For Wine Bottle And Glasses

If you’re in mood for a super fun and easy woodworking project, this DIY wine bottle and glasses holder project comes in to play. Why fill up your hands and arms trying to carry your wine when you can just grab the neck of the bottle and have it all right there at your fingertips.

Full Project: How To Make A DIY Holder For A Wine Bottle And Glasses

40. Wood Plank Wine Rack

This wood plank wine rack is another easy woodworking project that comes in very useful and doesn’t take up much space. You don’t need a lot of tools, only a drill press and a wooden plank and you’re ready to go. This DIY project won’t take longer than 1 hour.

Full Project: Wood Plank Wine Rack

41. How To Build A Bird House

Building Bluebird bird houses is a great afternoon project that you can make with your kids. It’s an easy woodworking project that does not require any special skills. You will need a wood board that you will make a few cuts in, and then you’ll have all the pieces you need.

Full Project: How To Build A Bird House

42. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

The farmhouse look is very in style nowadays, so if you’re a fan, this DIY farmhouse coffee table is the perfect woodworking project for you. This step by step tutorial goes a different route than building it all yourself, so if you already have an old Ikea coffee table, all you’ll have to do it give it a little face lift that will only cost you $10!

Full Project: DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table (Ikea Hack)

43. Pottery Barn Inspired Entry Organizer

This pottery barn inspired entry organizer looks simple and beautiful and comes together so quickly and cheap. Follow a simple step by step tutorial and customize this organizer whatever way you want. You’ll be surprised how creative you can get.

Full Project: Pottery Barn Inspired Entry Organizer

44. Build A Simple Chair

If you want to keep it cheap, easy and totally doable, this step by step tutorial for a simple chair is the perfect easy woodworking project for you. This is a very small projects that can be done by anyone. It has a chunky, modern style and the 2×4 construction makes it very sturdy.

Full Project: Build A Simple Chair With 2x4s

45. Entryway Update

If you are looking to update your entryway with some cute DIY project, then this is the right one. This brand new coat rack has nice, big hooks that can handle all of your stuff while also has a shelf on top to hold things like sunglasses or keys, while also being easy on the eyes. It’s so simple and stylish and comes together in no time.

Full Project: Our Entryway Update

46. DIY Bookshelf Ledges

These DIY bookshelf ledges won’t cost you more than $10 and they are great for a nursery room. It’s a really simple woodworking project at such a low price and they also make a huge impact. Perfect for storing books on an empty wall in a kids room or play room.

Full Project: DIY Bookshelf Ledges For The Nursery

47. Easy DIY Wood Tray

This wood tray is a $10 worth DIY project that comes together super quickly. This tray is 4 boards in width – the perfect size for all your needs. But if you need a larger tray, you can easily customize it any way you want with the step by step instructions in the tutorial.

Full Project: Make An Easy DIY Wood Tray Quickly And For Cheap

48. Easy DIY Workbench

First thing on the list for a dream workshop is an awesome set of workbenches. This is an easy and fun woodworking project that will turn out to be very useful. We recommend building two or more and place them side by side for a long unit and attachable back to back for a square unit. Easy wheeled around, then locked in place to accommodate whatever the worktop needs.

Full Project: How To Build An Easy (Super Sturdy) Workbench

49. Build A Picture Shelf

A shelf that holds pictures sounds like a great idea especially because it doesn’t take up much space, actually no space at all, and also look very beautiful on the wall. This build is pretty easy and does not cost a lot. This step by step tutorial could give you multiple shelves that you can place wherever you see fit.

Full Project: Build A Picture Shelf

50. Easy Corbel Sconce Lights

You will not believe how simple and quick these corbel sconce lights are to make. This is the perfect woodworking project for any beginner. This tutorial is using a Kreg Jig kit that makes the work very simple. You literally put in on the wood where you want it,, clamp it and use your drill with the drill bit it came with and drill your holes.

Full Project: How To Make Easy Corbel Sconce Lights For Your Bedroom

51. DIY Modern Desk

Another great DIY project that uses a Kreg Jik Kit is this DYI modern desk tutorial. In the step by step tutorial you will find all the information you need, including all the plans and the materials needed. Although it looks too good to be an easy project, this modern desk is perfect for any beginner.

Full Project: DIY Modern Desk – A Beginner Woodworking Project 

52. Simple Woodworking Storage

This is a simple woodworking project that can get you working with your hands, but isn’t too fussy or complicated. The cool part is that it uses just a few basics tools and single board. When it’s done, you’ll have a stylish, versatile, stacking storage solution that will come in handy in any room in your house.

Full Project: A Simple Woodworking Storage Project

53. DIY Modern House Number Sign

DIY a modern house number sign with wood shims to improve your curb appeal. This unique address plaque is simple to make and looks great! This project is done in less than one hour and it costs about $30, depending on how many numbers there are in your house number.

Full Project: DIY Modern House Number Sign With Wood Shims

54. DIY Bathroom Vanity

This DIY bathroom vanity costs only $65 and it’s a great way to redesign your bathroom on a budget. The bathroom vanity in the tutorial is built to go with a 19” x 17” sink, for a small bathroom but you can easily adjust the measurements as necessary if you’d like to use a different size sink.

Full Project: DIY Bathroom Vanity For $65

55. DIY Bar Cart

You can make this amazing DIY bar cart for just under $50 in lumber. Check out the plans in the step by step tutorial to see the list of all the materials needed and you’ll have an amazing rustic bar cart in no time. It looks very classy and modern for sure.

Full Project: DIY Bar Cart

56. DIY Tile Tabletop

Merola tiles are such a trend in home decor right now since they are an affordable option to cement tiles and this bold black and white pattern is adding interest to every kitchen. This project is perfect if you’re looking to redo an old table. All you need is a plywood, 2 boxes merolo tiles and you’ll have a brand new table in no time.

Full Project: DIY Tile Tabletop Using Merola Tiles

57. DIY Rope Swing

A DIY rope swing is the perfect woodworking project to do with your kids – fun and cheap, and your kids will enjoy it the whole summer. You can buy everything you need for this project from the local hardware store: a packaged piece of round pine for the seat, a carabiner and about twenty feet of natural rope.

Full Project: How To Make A Rope Swing

58. Wood Pallet Deck

Creating a wood deck is one of the best project a DIYer lover can do. You save a lot of money by doing it yourself and it looks great in any side yard. Creating it out of wood pallets is even cheaper. Making your home beautiful not only for others to see, but for ourselves is important. Creating an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor is easier than you think.

Full Project: How to Build a Wood Pallet Deck

59. Rustic Wood Plank DIY Clock

The best part about DIY is being able to make a custom piece that is exactly as you need it to be. So if you need a huge clock to fill a wall, you make it. At 4ft square, this rustic DIY Clock can’t help but make a big impression. You won’t believe how inexpensive and simple it was to make.

Full Project: Rustic Wood Plank DIY Clock

60. Bath Tray With Book Rest

A relaxing bath is one of life’s most glorious treasures. Adding a bath tray with a book rest makes it even better. Making your own bath caddy is one of the easiest and least expensive luxuries you can do for yourself. Seriously – this is a must do weekend project!

Full Project: Bath Tray With Book Rest

61. DIY Small X End Table

You can buy a small X end table for about $100 or maybe less, if you’re lucky. Or, you can make it yourself for about $20 or less. You can build this little table in a couple hours. It fits perfect, has room for a bit of storage and looks stylish. Dimensions for table are 16” wide x 16” deep X 24” tall.

Full Project: DIY Small X End Table With Free Plans

62. DIY Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves are a smart way to store things without taking up too much space. This project is the perfect solution for a small bathroom while also giving the bathroom some color and character. Plus, it’s very easy to make and only cost about $25.

Full Project: Storage Solution For Small Bathrooms

63. DIY Storage Cabinet

This DIY storage cabinet is an easy woodworking project, especially if you already have two old cube units that you can use. With a little patience and creativity, you can turn those old cube units into a new, modern storage cabinet for a cheap price.

Full Project: DIY Storage Cabinet Using Cheap Cube Units

64. DIY Wood Lanterns

These easy DIY wood lanterns make fabulous decorations for the interior or exterior of your home and make great use of scrap wood. They fit well for several decorating styles, different themes, parties and the changing seasons and holidays.

Full Project: DIY Wood Lanterns Made From Scrap Wood

65. DIY Flower Box Centerpiece

This DIY flowers box centerpiece is a very fun project that any DIYer  can build it – it’s perfect for beginners. This tutorial for the centerpiece is fairly basic and yet still pretty and functional. You can also find a video version of the step by step tutorial, if it’s more your style.

Full Project: DIY Flower Box Centerpiece

66. Simple Serving Tray

This colorful and pretty serving tray has all the key points every DIYer love most: it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s versatile. Serve your breakfast in style, paint the serving tray whichever color you prefer and customize it any way you want to fit your style and personality.

Full Project: Simple Serving Tray – A Coastal Home Decor DIY

67. Simple DIY Wood Crate

You can create this simple DIY crate in less than four hours. The good thing is, you probably already have everything you need for this project in the garage. This works great as a centerpiece on your dinner table or as a storage solution for the coffee table.

Full Project: Simple DIY Crate

68. DIY Accessory Holder/Charging Station

This beautiful wooden accessory holder and charging stations makes for an unique gift for a loved one. Gifts are better when personalized so a DIY gift will always be in style and surprise everyone. There’s only a few materials needed for this project and you can find all the steps very well explained in the tutorial.

Full Project: How To Make A DIY Accessory Holder/Charging Station From Scrap Wood

69. DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

A wooden couch sleeve is one of the things we don’t know we need until have it, and then wonder why didn’t we know earlier. It’s like a small table right comfortable staying at your arm, so you can put your cup of coffee, place your phone without worrying it might slip. This is an easy and fun woodworking project that shouldn’t take you too much time.

Full Project: DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

70. Outdoor Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a smart solution to bring some more storage to the outdoor space, and do it in style. It’s pretty, it looks like a furniture, it has a fun color and it’s rolling. You can use it for a lot of things, keeping your gardening supplies, or for serving breakfast, or, of course, as a BBQing accessory. This fun project costs less than $70.

Full Project: How-To: Outdoor Rolling Cart

71. DIY Fence Table

This fence table costs about $30 and it shouldn’t take you more than one hour. It’s basically a large tray that you can have it outside and use it for various reasons. You only need 4 supplies for the whole project and it’s very easy to make.

Full Project: DIY Fence Table

72. DIY X-Stool Or Table

Did you notice that X End Tables or stools, or anything with an X have a very unique and beautiful look? You probably did. This DIY X-stool that can be use as a table as well it’s very easy to make and it’s going to bring a fresh and unique look to your garden or patio. Of course, it’s also very cheap and doesn’t require any special skill, so it’s perfect for a beginner.

Full Project: DIY X-Stool Or Table

73. DIY Wooden Triangle Shelves

Those wooden triangle shelves will look beautiful and modern on your living room wall. They can be quite expensive to buy, so why not make them yourself? The internet never disappoints with a tutorial on how to make basically anything. They really add a lot of visual interest to the wall and are awesome for holing your baby succulents and cacti or other  small decorations you like.

Full Project: DIY Wooden Triangle Shelves

74. DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

This DIY wooden clothes rack can be done in under 15 minutes. This must be the quickest woodworking project ever and of course it turns out very useful. The prices for these pieces are insane, but you can make it at home super cheap and easy.

Full Project: DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

75. Stool Tutorial

So many woodworking projects start with this same basic construction – a stool. If you will master doing a stool, you will be able to build many, many things. This is a basic tutorial that will teach you the easy way to make a basic stool, that will turn out to be the basic foundation for a lot of your future projects.

Full Project: Stool Tutorial

76. DIY Secret Floating Shelf

Designed to be easy to build and have no exposed hinges or hardware, this shelf hinges from the front and leave the shelf and any display items in place while accessing shelf’s contents. Once in place no one would ever know this stylish floating shelf actually allowed for easy access to a hidden firearm.

Full Project: Secret Floating Shelf Gun Safe

77. DIY Birdhouses

This is a great project especially if you want to get the kids involved. Those adorable little birdhouses are easy to make and fun to cusomize, especially for Halloween, but for the rest of the year, too. They are very cheap to make and they make a huge difference when trying to decorate the garden.

Full Project: DIY Birdhouses – Turning Inspiration Into Reality

78. Outdoor X Table

This outdoor X table is made out of extra fence posts that you probably already have around the house. The top was constructed of three 20” fence posts with sides that were screwed into place. The angles for the X are determined by drawing a rectangle for the height and width, laying posts in an X and drawing lines for the cuts. It’s a simple project that only takes one hour and a few dollars.

Full Project: Fall Porch And Outdoor X table

79. DIY Cutting Board

You won’t believe how easy this project is going to be. In this easy peasy cutting board tutorial, Stephen is going to show you how he made a cutting board with only three simple tools. So, if you’re on a budget and don’t own or have space for many woodworking tools, you’ll love this project.

Full Project: Easy Peasy Cutting Board Tutorial

80. How To Build A Bookcase

Building things yourselves is extremely rewarding, since you get to make the exact thing you had in mind, with the exact size and specifications and for a cheap price. The dimensions for this bookcase care 36.5”H x 38.75”W x 14.25”D – but of course you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Full Project: Do You Wanna Build A Bookcase?

81. DIY Wood Letters

These DIY wood letters are a great way to decorate a school or a place for a specific event or parties. In this tutorial, Erik used 2×4 to make the letters and 1×3 furring strips as trim around the letters. You only need a few tools: a compound miter saw, kreg pocket hole jig, an air compressor and nail gun.

Full Project: DIY Wood Letters

82. DIY Nightstand

This Scandinavian nightstand is easy to make and will update your bedroom in no time. Once you’ve got all the pieces cut into the right sizes, the rest is super easy to put together, with only a screw driver, a drill and a brad nailer.

Full Project: DIY Nightstand

83. DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard

A wooden headboard is very expensive to buy, so if you decide to make it yourself you will save a lot of money. The great part is that you can also make it any size, color, material you want. Even though this rustic wooden headboard was made in 2 separate timings it still cost less than the cheapest one you could find.

Full Project: DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard

84. DIY Potting Bench

This potting bench is very easy to put together and doesn’t require any special skill or fancy equipment, so it’s perfect for any woodworking beginner. The only tools needed are a mitre saw, AirStrike and an Orbit Sander.

Full Project: DIY Potting Bench

85. DIY Travel Chess Set

This DIY travel chess is a very creative and unique project that can turn into the perfect gift for a loved one. It looks very simple and classy and you can be sure it’s very fun to make while also being extremely cheap!

Full Project: Bauhaus-inspired DIY Travel Chess Set

86. DIY Shop Stool

Make this easy DIY Shop Stool using only 3 – 2x4x8 boards. The cost is less than $10. What is even cooler about this build is that it could easily be used as a side table for your patio or house too. It would work equally great as a plant stand.

Full Project: DIY Shop Stool

87. DIY Bowling Lane

Scratch your bowling itch by building this miniature bowling lane made from scrap lumber. This bowling lane is a little shy of being a foot wide and 4 feet long. In this tutorial you will find all the steps for making a bowling lane of your own!

Full Project: DIY Bowling Lane Tutorial

88. How To Build A Bookshelf

You can this colorful DIY bookshelf for your kid in just a few hours and with just a few dollars. Building bookshelves is like building a stool. After you master how to build those, you’ll go a long way!

Full Project: How To Build A Bookshelf

89. DIY Floating Shelf

This is another DIY project that involves using a Kreg Jig kit. In this tutorial, you will find all the steps needed for this floating shelf – which is the perfect width for books and other trinkets. This is a very easy and quick woodworking project perfect for beginners.

Full Project: Easy DIY Floating Shelf For The Newbie

90. DIY Towel Ladder

This DIY towel ladder works great in your bathroom making a huge impact without taking up too much space. This is the perfect project for those of you who own a relatively small bathroom and hanging all the towels on the door make the bathroom look even more crowded than it really is.

Full Project: Bathroom Refresh And DIY Towel Ladder

91. DIY Farmhouse Patio Table

This table is very sturdy and it will definitely last for a long time. It’s also a good woodworking project for any beginner and it’s relatively cheap. The fun part is painting it any color you want.

Full Project: DIY Farmhouse Patio Table

92. DIY Airplane Floathing Shelf

If you want to surprise your kid with a nice DIY gift, here’s the solution: a red bi-plane wall shelf that takes a couple of hours to build. It’s so lovely that every kid should have one in his own room. It looks great on the wall and also works for storage.

Full Project: How To DIY An Airplane Floating Shelf For Your Kid

93. DIY Light Sconce

Lately, a lot of people started to use IKEA’s bracket shelf to make light sconces, so why not give it a try yourself? Those light sconces are very easy and cheap to make, and you only need a few materials and some basic tools which you probably already have.

Full Project: DIY Light Sconce Corbel Style

94. Patchwork Plank Bench

This incredibly good looking patchwork plank bench it’s the perfect woodworking project for any beginner with the help of Adam, who posted a video tutorial as well, which is very helpful. You can see all the materials needed listed in the tutorial as well as the tools used.

Full Project: Patchwork Plank Bench Tutorial

95. DIY Couch Cup Holder

A super fun DIY project that you can do in just a few hours with just a few materials – DIY couch cup holder and remote caddy. You’ll find this little project very useful as well. This is one of those things you didn’t know you need it until you see one.

Full Project: DIY Couch Cup Holder And Remote Caddy

96. Easiest Stools Ever

Follow along with these simple plans to build your very own set of two bar stools. These plans are for two bar stools but you could get 3 seats top out of the 1x12x48″ board and with two more 2x2x8′ boards you could easily get make a total of 3 stools.

Full Project: Easiest Stools Ever

97. DIY Metal Accent Barstools

These stools are a super easy DIY project and very inexpensive as well. The plans  are for a 24″ bar stool, but if you need a taller version, just add length to the legs. Follow the step by step tutorial and then paint the stools any color you want and you’ll have a colorful kitchen in no time.

Full Project: DIY Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

98. DIY Wood Table

If you have ever wanted to know how to make a wood table this DIY wood table is easier than you think. Using a furniture kit you can create homemade wooden tables with ease and precision. See how to make a wooden table the easy way and then paint it gorgeous in green, or any color you want.

Full Project: How To Build A DIY Wood Table And Paint It Perfectly Pretty

99. DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

Living room coffee tables in small spaces wear many hats. They function as drink perches, game tables, casual dining tables, craft tables, etc. and this coffee table is no exception. This DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table looks so simple and elegant and will be a huge asset to your living room.

Full Project: DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

100. Narrow Console Table

This DIY IKEA hack console table is the perfect budget small-space storage solution. You can make it for less than $22!

Full Project: Simple Ikea Hack: Narrow Console Table








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